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Sixties Style: Photographs by Ward, Wharton and Seymour

Germaine Greer
by Bryan Wharton
3 June 1969
NPG x88633

October 2001

Press release

Sixties Style: Photographs by Ward, Wharton and Seymour

From 27 October 2001

Balcony Gallery

From 27 October 2001 the Balcony Gallery will display 33 previously unexhibited works by three distinguished photographers who began their careers in the Swinging Sixties, capturing Michael Caine, Barbara Windsor, Julie Christie and Germaine Greer at the outset of their careers.

Michael Ward, actor-turned-photographer, came to prominence with his work for The Show Page in the Evening Standard for which he captured the emerging talents of the era before moving in the mid-1960s to the Sunday Times where he worked until the early 1990s. This selection of his work focuses on British women from the stage and cinema who became icons of the age: Diana Dors performing at the Room at the Top nightclub, Elizabeth Seal, the photographer’s future wife, on stage in Irma La Douce and intimate “at home” shots of sixties sex symbols such as Barbara Windsor, Julie Christie, and Marianne Faithfull.

Bryan Wharton is best known as one of the star photographers of the Sunday Times under the editorship of Harold Evans. His works from the sixties include an historic group of the leading players of the Peter Cook-owned Establishment Club (including the Johns Fortune and Bird, theatre designer Sean Kenny, and fellow satirists Dudley Moore, and Alan Bennett) as well as provocative Germaine Greer study taken whilst she was writing the Female Eunuch in 1969. Wharton’s other classic photographs include George Brown dancing “the frug” on the Queen Mary, an “unpunishable” John Paul Getty and the future Marquess of Bath in his “Karma Sutra” room at Longleat.

Sarah Miles
by Michael Ward
26 June 1963
NPG x76661

Elizabeth Seal
by Michael Ward
25 May 1960
NPG x46674

Terence Stamp
by Michael Seymour
NPG x88499

Michael Caine
by Michael Seymour
NPG x88498

Michael Seymour’s career has focused mainly on his work as a film production designer, most notably on Alien for which he won a British Academy Award and was nominated for an Oscar. In the sixties he worked on Richard Lester’s The Knack, Antonioni’s Blow Up and Karel Reisz’s Isadora. Before this he had worked as a photographer for Scene magazine with the writer Derek Marlowe and chronicled many of the leading players of the time including Julie Christie, Terence Stamp, Michael Caine, actress and pop artist Pauline Boty and fashion designers Tuffin and Foale.

Bryan Wharton Photographs

1.  ‘Bryan Wharton and Friends’ By Michael McKeown, July 1972 X88888
2.  Germaine Greer By Bryan Wharton, 3 June 1969 X88633
3.  Henry Frederick Thynne, 6th Marquess of Bath By Bryan Wharton, 2 April 1976 X88634
4.  Allen Jones By Bryan Wharton, 24 January 1976 X88635
5.  Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber By Bryan Wharton, 24 October 1968 X88637
6.  Alexander Thynn, Viscount Weymouth, Later 7th Marquess of Bath By Bryan Wharton, February 1973 X88642
7.  The Establishment Club By Bryan Wharton, 29 September 1961 X88630
8.  Nubar Sarkis Gulbenkian By Bryan Wharton, 10 December 1964 X88640
9.  Laurie Lee By Bryan Wharton, 2 March 1977 X88632
10.  Cliff Richard and Mary Whitehouse By Bryan Wharton, 1972 X88887
11.  Jean Paul Getty By Bryan Wharton, 1975 X88886
12.  Anouska Hempel, Kady Weinberg By Bryan Wharton, November 1971 X88641
13.  George Brown By Bryan Wharton, 1967 X88890

Michael Ward Photographs

14.  Jill Bennett By Michael Ward, 9 December 1960 X76660
15.  Geraldine McEwan By Michael Ward, 1962 X88648
16.  Carol White By Michael Ward, 1967 X88957
17.  Sarah Miles By Michael Ward, 26 June 1963 X76661
18.  Julie Christie By Michael Ward, 1963 X88956
19.  Jenny Fabian By Michael Ward, 27 February 1969 X88842
20.  Pauline Boty By Michael Ward, 29 October 1963 X76685
21.  Glenda Jackson By Michael Ward, 1964 X125012
22.  Elizabeth Seal Seen here on stage as Irma at the Lyric Theatre, London By Michael Ward, 25 May 1960 X46674
23.  Diana Dors By Michael Ward, 26 June 1961 X46558
24.  Billie Whitelaw By Michael Ward, 16 November 1960 X46680
25.  Michael Ward By Bryan Wharton, 1977 X125024
26.  Barbara Windsor By Michael Ward, 1962
27.  Marianne Faithfull By Michael Ward, 26 July 1967

Michael Seymour Photographs

28.  Julie Christie By Michael Seymour, 1962 X88174
29.  Terence Stamp By Michael Seymour, 1962 Photographed in the flat he shared with Michael Caine X88499
30.  Judy Seymour By Michael Seymour, 1963 X125018
31.  Michael Seymour By Aubrey Dewar, 1964 X125017
32.  Vanessa Redgrave By Michael Seymour, 1968 Photographed on location at Paestum during the filming of Isadora X88164
33.  Pauline Boty By Michael Seymour, 1963 X88176
34.  Painting a portrait of author and journalist Derek Marlowe Foale and Tuffin By Michael Seymour, 1964 X88170
35.  Ann Mollo By Michael Seymour, 1969 X125019
36.  Michael Caine By Michael Seymour, 1962 X88498
37.  Michael Hastings By Michael Seymour, 1964 X88166
38.  Kenneth Haigh By Michael Seymour, 1963 X88167

Press review

The Times ‘Watching the Sixties Swing’, Joanna Pitman, 23rd October 2001

Together the three bodies of work give a sense of the enormous idealism and creativity of the age, the sense of new energies released amid great optimism.


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