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Camille Silvy Daybooks (Albums 1-12)

A collection of twelve albums representing the output of Camille Silvy’s (1834-1910) photographic portrait studio based at 38 Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, London. Compiled by the studio, each album is arranged almost entirely chronologically and in sitter number order. Each page is divided into a grid of four sections with each section featuring one carte-de-visite sized albumen print from the sittings, pasted beneath the sitter number and a handwritten identification of the photograph’s subject.

Sitters range from royalty, peers and the landed gentry to London’s thriving migrant merchant community, and as a result, the Daybooks paint a unique view of London society and its visitors during the 1860s. In addition to studio portraits, there are a number of equestrian and post-mortem portraits. Non-portrait material includes copies of various paintings, such as the ‘Windsor Beauties’ by Sir Peter Lely, and other works of art, such as Marochetti’s sculptures, and reproductions from the Marquis d’Azeglio’s ‘Manuscrit Sforza’ and the ‘Manuscript d'Avalos’. There are also several views of the exterior of Silvy’s photographic establishment, as well as many portraits of Silvy himself, his family, and his business partner Auguste Renoult.

Mrs Brier, by Camille Silvy, 1860 - NPG Ax50451 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 1 (Daybook Volume 1): sitter numbers 1-1300 (undated, probably 1860), 281 pages containing 705 photographs. Notable sitters include: Princess Mary of Cambridge (later Duchess of Teck); 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava; Marchesi d'Azeglio; Louis d'Orléans, Duc de Nemours; 3rd Viscount and Viscountess Palmerston; Edward Cheney; Adelaide Kemble; Alexander James Beresford Beresford Hope; Horatio Powys; Wilhelm Kuhe; Rosa Csillag

Catalogued portraits

Norcliffe Norcliffe, by Camille Silvy, 16 February 1861 - NPG Ax51513 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 2 (Daybook Volume 2): sitter numbers 1301-2700 (1 September 1860 - 24 March 1861), 355 pages containing 1392 photographs. Notable sitters include: Princess Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge; 1st Baron Redesdale; 1st Viscount Gough; Sir John Fox Burgoyne, 1st Bt; Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, 1st Bt; Sir Thomas Wyse; Sir Wilbraham Oates Lennox; Sir Charles Hallé; Aubrey George Spencer; Baptist Wriothesley Noel; John Moyer Heathcote; Mary Louisa Boyle; Raffaelle Monti; Albert George Sandeman

Catalogued portraits

Eustratius ('Eustace') Ralli, by Camille Silvy, 4 April 1861 - NPG Ax52244 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 3 (Daybook Volume 3): sitter numbers 2701-4072 (25 March 1861 - 31 May 1861), 349 pages containing 1360 photographs. Notable sitters include: 3rd Earl Grey; 1st Baron Revelstoke; Baron Carlo Marochetti; Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford; Sir Morton Peto, 1st Bt; Sir Henry Frederick Ponsonby; Sir John Inglis; Mansfield Parkyns; Rudolf Lehmann; James Sant; Michael William Balfe

Catalogued portraits

Miss Boode, by Camille Silvy, 27 June 1861 - NPG Ax54683 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 4 (Daybook Volume 4): sitter numbers 4073-5500 (1 June 1861 - 13 August 1861), 363 pages containing 1411 photographs. Notable sitters include: Prince Edward of Wales (later King Edward VII); Princess Victoria, Empress of Germany; Louis IV of Hesse and by Rhine; Princess Alice of Hesse; Rosalind, Countess of Carlisle; Sir James Wigram; Lady Charlotte Schreiber; Oliver Sarony; Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps de Lisle; John Heneage Jesse; John Phillip; Edward Horsman

Catalogued portraits

Edward Blagden Hale, by Camille Silvy, 16 January 1862 - NPG Ax56701 - © National Portrait Gallery, London
Album 5 (Daybook Volume 5): sitter numbers 5501-6868 (14 August 1861 - 27 January 1862), 343 pages containing 1329 photographs. Notable sitters include: 1st Baron Rothschild; Alfred de Rothschild; Sir Leslie Stephen; Thomas William Jex-Blake; Thomas Garnier; Horatio Joseph Lucas; Antonio Gallenga; Henry Bence Jones; John Loughborough Pearson

Catalogued portraits

Herbert R. Peel, by Camille Silvy, 27 February 1862 - NPG Ax57011 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 6 (Daybook Volume 6): sitter numbers 6869-8243 (28 January 1862 - 21 May 1862), 343 pages containing 1353 photographs. Notable sitters include: Sir Edward Cust, 1st Bt; Sir Henry Edward Fox Young; Lord Ronald Sutherland-Leveson-Gower; Hon. Roden Noel; Augustus Hare; William Webb Follett Synge; Derwent Coleridge; Aaron Edwin Penley; Théophile Gautier; Caroline Carvalho-Miolan

Catalogued portraits

View of Camille Silvy's photographic studio, 38 Porchester Terrace, by Camille Silvy, circa 1862 - NPG Ax58944 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 7 (Daybook Volume 7): sitter numbers 8244-9627 (22 May 1862 - 23 July 1866), 343 pages containing 1343 photographs. Notable sitters include: Sir Robert Garrett; Sir Frederick Abbott; Adelina Patti; Ferdinand Freiligrath; Charles Fechter; Francis Fox Tuckett ; reproduction of a daguerreotype of Honoré de Balzac by Louis Auguste Bisson

Catalogued portraits

Henry Wyndham Phillips, by Camille Silvy, 10 July 1862 - NPG Ax60227 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 8 (Daybook Volume 8): sitter numbers 9628-10000 (23 July - 30 July 1867), sitter numbers 10001-10999 (23 June 1862 - 29 July 1862), 344 pages containing 1350 photographs. Notable sitters include: Henri, Prince de La Tour d'Auvergne; Louisa, Duchess of Manchester (later Duchess of Devonshire); Sir Christopher Teesdale; Sir Rutherford Alcock; Sir Clements Markham; Janey, Lady Archibald Campbell; Henry Wyndham Phillips; Rudolph Chambers Lehmann

Catalogued portraits

James Pinson Labulo Davies; Sarah Forbes Bonetta (Sarah Davies), by Camille Silvy, 15 September 1862 - NPG Ax61382 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 9 (Daybook Volume 9): sitter numbers 11000-12370 (30 July - 16 December 1862), 343 pages containing 1347 photographs. Notable sitters include: Ferdinand d'Orléans, Duke of Alençon; Jane, Marchioness of Ely; Lady Marian Alford; Sir Philip Bainbrigge; Sir Charles Darling; Sir Richard Amphlett; Henry Baker Tristram; Joshua Field

Catalogued portraits

Charles James Monk  by Camille Silvy albumen print, 11 June 1863 3 3/8 in. x 2 1/4 in. (85 mm x 56 mm) image size Purchased, 1904 Photographs Collection NPG Ax63133Album 10 (Daybook Volume 10): sitter numbers 12371-13762 (16 December 1862 - 9 July 1863), 348 pages containing 1394 photographs. Notable sitters include: 25th Earl of Crawford; 6th Marquess of Londonderry; Sir Henry Keppel; Sir Reginald Arthur James Talbot; Thomas Hare; Edmund Yates

Catalogued portraits

 Daybook Volume 11: Please note that this volume, which covers the months July 1863 - June 1864, is not in the NPG collection. Its whereabouts are unknown. 

Camille Silvy; (Louise Marie Elisabeth Lucie) Alice Silvy (née Monnier); Marie-Louise Silvy (née Pied), by Camille Silvy, 29 May 1865 - NPG Ax64303 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 11 (Daybook Volume 12): sitter numbers 15151-16538 (June 1864 - 11 July 1865), 347 pages containing 1094 photographs. Notable sitters include: Robert d'Orléans, Duke of Chartres; 1st Baron Ampthill; Sir Robert Garrett; Sir Edward Dering, 8th Bt; Sir George Broke-Middleton, 3rd Bt; Helen Faucit; Jean Ingelow; Louis Blanc

Catalogued portraits

Queen Emma of Hawaii, by Camille Silvy, 16 September 1865 - NPG Ax64561 - © National Portrait Gallery, LondonAlbum 12 (Daybook Volume 13): sitter numbers 16539-17266 (11 July 1865 - July 1866), 183 pages containing 712 photographs. Notable sitters include: Queen Emma of Hawaii; 14th Baron Inchiquin; Sir Frederick Acclom Milbank, 1st Bt

Catalogued portraits

Purchased from C. Eskell van Noorden, 1904

An exhibition of Silvy’s work entitled Camille Silvy: Photographer of Modern Life 1834-1910 was shown at the National Portrait Gallery from 15 July to 24 October 2010 and marked the centenary of Silvy’s death. Cataloguing of the photographs from the daybooks continues to be in progress.

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The Cabinet of Viscount Palmerston, 1865 (Album 13)

14 gold-toned albumen prints mounted on printed pages with sitters facsimile signatures and credit to photographer and publisher of album - William Walker of 64 Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, London.
Bound in large format green leather volume with gold lettering.
Sitters include: 3rd Viscount Palmerston, Baron Cranworth, 2nd Earl Granville, 8th Duke of Argyll, Sir George Grey, Bt, 1st Earl Russell, Viscount Cardwell, 1st Marquess of Ripon, 1st Viscount Halifax, Gladstone, 2nd Baron of Alderley, 4th Earl of Clarendon, Thomas Milner-Gibson and Charles Pelham Villiers.
Acquired 1954. Catalogued.

Catalogued portraits

James Howard Harris, 3rd Earl of Malmesbury  by and published by William Walker albumen print, published 1867 © National Portrait Gallery, London

The Cabinet of The Earl of Derby, K.C. A.D., 1867 (Album 14)

 15 gold-toned albumen prints mounted on printed pages with sitters facsimile signatures and credit to photographer and publisher of album, William Walker of 64 Margaret Street, St Cavendish Square, London.
Bound in large format green leather volume with gold lettering.
Sitters include: 14th Earl of Derby, 2nd Baron Chelmsford, 6th Duke of Marlborough, 3rd Earl of Malmesbury, 1st Earl Cranbrook, 1st Earl of Derby, 3rd Duke of Buckingham & Chandos, 1st Baron Hampton, Earl of Beaconsfield, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh, Henry Thomas Lowry Corry, 1st Duke of Richmond & Gordon, 7th Duke of Rutland, Spencer Horatio Walpole and 6th Earl of Mayo.
(Companion album to Album 13). Acquired 1954. Catalogued.

Catalogued portraits

Angus Sutherland  by James Russell & Sons copy cigarette card, 1887 © National Portrait Gallery, London

The Ministry and House of Commons (Jubilee 1887) (Album 15)

Large dark green leather-bound volume containing 15 pages of 704 very small photogravures by J. Russell and Sons (indexed onto slips in PSR)
Sitters include Balfour, Asquith, Bright, Campbell-Bannerman and Parnell.

Catalogued portraits

Our Conservative Statesmen (Album 16)

Volume I, edited by R.J. Albert.
Published by Charles Newman & Company (n.d. pre 1895)
Blue cloth and buff leather-bound album containing 20 green-toned carbon prints from photographs by Russell & Sons, Bassano, London Stereoscopic Company, Barrauds, Henry Mayson and Elliott & Fry, and accompanying letter press. 94 pages.
Sitters include: 1st Baron Ashbourne, 6th Duke of Richmond and Gordon, 1st Viscount Chilston, 1st Viscount Knutsford, Edward Stanhope, 1st Earl of Balfour, Sir John Gorst, Baron Pirbright, 7th Duke of Rutland, 1st Earl St Aldwyn, Viscount Alverstone, Lord George Hamilton, 1st Viscount Chaplin, 1st Baron Allerton, 1st Baron Ritchee of Dundee, 1st Viscount Ullswater, 5th Earl of Cadogan, Viscount Llandaff and Richard Middleton.
Acquired 1954, catalogued.

Catalogued portraits

Our Conservative Statesmen (Album 17)

Volume II, edited by R.J. Albery (n.d. pre 1895)
Blue cloth and buff leather-bound album containing 19 green-toned carbon prints from photographs by Elliott & Fry, Bassano, Barraud, Fradelle and Young, Russell & Sons, London Stereoscopic Company, Nadar, Maull & Fox, Fry & Son, and Brown, Barnes & Bell. With accompanying biographical text, 102 pages.
Sitters include: 1st Viscount Long of Wraxall, Sir Edward George Clarke, Sir James Fergusson, 6th Bt, 1st Viscount Assheton, 1st Marquess of Abergavenny, 1st Viscount Goschen, Randolph Churchill, Marquess of Curzon, Sir William Dyke, Bt, Baron Stuart of Wortley, 1st Earl of Halsbury, James Lowlker, Sir Ashmead-Bartlett, 16th Earl of Derby, Sir Arthur Forward, 1st Bt, 6th Duke of Northumberland, 9th Marquess of Lothian, and 3rd Marquess of Salisbury.
Acquired 1954, catalogued.
N.B. contains 12 pages of facsimile signatures of first list of subscribers.

Catalogued portraits

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 18)

Volume I, Division I
Published by Newman, Graham & Co, 29 Ludgate Hill
Large form pink card bound volume containing 7 carbon prints after photographs by Bassano, Maull & Fox, Russell & Sons and Barraud, with biographical text, 42 pages including plates.
Sitters include: 8th Duke of Devonshire, Sir William Hart Dyke, 7th Bt, Sir John Gorst, 6th Duke of Richmond & Gordon, 5th Earl Cadogan, Baron James of Hereford and 9th Marquess of Lothian.
[Originally published by Private Subscription, price 13 shillings]
Given by E.E. Leggatt of Leggatt Brothers, April 1914
Catalogued. (Includes some duplicates of plates in Album 16-17, 24-25.)

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 19)

Volume 1, Division 2.
Published by Private Subscription (Not obtainable from the Booksellers)
Complete in Six Divisions Price 13shillings
Published by Newman, Graham and Co, post 1895 and pre 1898
29, Ludgate Hill, London E.C.
Contains green-tinted carbon prints by the photographers Russell and Sons, Fradelle and Young, London Stereoscopic Co, Mayall and Co, Melhuish and Gale,
Ruddock, Elliott and Fry,
Sitters include Earl of Derby, Viscount Cross, James Lowther, Aretas Akers-Douglas, Lord Balfour of Burleigh, Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt and the Duke of Norfolk.
Note some photographs duplicated in albums 16-17, 24-5.
Presented by E.E. Leggatt, April 1914
Acquisition numbers Ax15954 - Ax15960

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesman (Album 20)

Volume 1, Division 3.
Companion volume and identical publishing details to Album 19
Photographs by Russell and Sons, Fry and Son, London Stereoscopic Co., A.C. Hoskins, Messrs Bassano, W. and D. Downey,
Sitters include Lord George Hamilton, Lord Halsbury, Arthur James Balfour (2), Gerald William Balfour, Duke of Rutland, Earl of Cranbrook,
Presented by E.E. Leggatt, April 1914
Acquisition numbers Ax15961 - Ax15967

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 21)

Volume 2, Division 4, post 1895 and pre 1898
Publishing details as with Album 19

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 22)

Volume 2, Division 5, post 1895 and pre 1898
Companion album to Album 19
Photographs by Messrs Bassano, Barrauds, Russell and Sons, John Macmahon, Elliott and Fry, Viscount Knutsford
Sitters include Henry Chaplin, Charles Thomson Ritchie, Marqis of Landsdowne, Sir Richard Everard Webster, Sir Edwarde Clarke, Sir Robert Bannatyne Finlay, and Walter Hume Long
Presented by E.E. Leggatt, April 1914
Acquisition numbers Ax16011 - Ax16018

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 23)

Description and publishing details as with Album 19
Volume 2, Division 6, post 1895 and pre 1898.

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 24)

Volume 1, 1907

Our Conservative and Unionist Statesmen (Album 25)

Volume 2, 1907
Large red leather bound volume (spine missing)
Contains 15 carbon prints by various photographers
Sitters include Salisbury, Balfour of Burleigh, Akers-Douglas, James of Hereford, Fellowes, Selbourne, Curzon of Kedleston, St John Brodrick, Wyndham, Linlithgow, Cawdor, Arnold-Foster, Austen Chamberlain, and Joseph Chamberlain
Facsimile autographs of subscribers at rear

Walery Great Men 1875-1900 (Album 26)

Large blue and white board portfolio originally containing "English Watercolour"
Contains 28 loose carbon prints with biographies
For Walery prints bound in original albums see "Our Celebrities"
(Albums 194-195)
Transferred to Walery Mount 5 Photographers Box

John Bright  by Herbert Rose Barraud, published by Richard Bentley & Son carbon print, published 1888 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Men and Women of the Day 1888 (Album 27)

Published Richard Bentley and Son
Large black and gold leather bound volume, acquired 1937.
Contains 35 sepia-toned carbon prints by Barraud
Sitters: 8th Duke of Devonshire, Mary Anderson, Cardinal Newman, John Ruskin, Dame Margaret and WH Kendal, John Bright, Joseph Chamberlain, Ellen Terry, Herbert Spencer, Sir Henry Irving, Sir Richard Owen, 1st Viscount Wolseley, Clara Shumann, Sir Walter Besant, Robert Browning, Marie Roze, John Charles Ryle, Sir William Hewlett, Catherine Gladstone, Hans Richter, W G Grace, Helen Mathers, Sir Henry Cotton, Duchess of Rutland, John Sims Reeves, Sir Daniel Gooch, Lord Tennyson, Antionette Sterling, Sir Charles Warren, Edmond Warre, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Hugh Reginald Haweis, John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley, Ellen Wallis, Frederic William Farrar.
*Lady Randolph Churchill is missing
All have been catalogued and photographed (Ax5404-x5438)

Catalogued portraits

Fanny Mary Bernard-Beere (née Whitehead)  by Herbert Rose Barraud, published by Eglington & Co carbon print, published 1889 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Men and Women of the Day 1889 (Album 28)

Published Richard Bentley & Son
Large red cloth bound volume, acquired 1892
Contains 36 Carbon prints by Barraud
Sitters: William Henry Smith, Fanny Bernard-Beere, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1st Baron Avebury, Rhoda Broughton, James Cowell Welldon, 7th Duke of Devonshire, Lady Hallé, Sir Charles Hallé, John Lawrence Toole, Mary Moore, Sir Edward Watkin, Adelina Patti, Thomas Hardy, William Boyd Carpenter, Georges Boulanger, Maude Valérie White, Henry Hawley Smart, 1st Baron Brampton, Alice Anne Cornwell, Sir Charles Wyndham, 1st Baron Beresford, Lady Carew, Paul Blouët, Nassr-ed-din, Shah of Persia, Countess of Warwick, 1st Baron of Killowen, Mrs John Wood, John Tyndall, Mary Augusta Ward (née Arnold), Sir James Whitehead, Edward White Benson , Julia Neilson, 1st Baron Grenfell.
All catalogued (Ax5439-Ax5474)

Catalogued portraits

Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard (née Palmer)  by Herbert Rose Barraud, published by Eglington & Co carbon print, published 1890 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Men and Women of the Day 1890 (Album 29)

Edited by Bernard Capes and Charles Eglington
Published by Eglington & Co.
Large red cloth bound volume, acquired 1892
Contains 36 Carbon prints by Barraud (including copies of portrait by John Fergus and Eveleen Myers)
Sitters: Cardinal Manning, Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava, Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, 1st Earl Lathom, Agnes Huntington, John Stuart Blackie, Sir William Vernon Harcourt, Eliza Lynn Linton, William John Knox-Little, Sir Henry Evelyn Wood, Hope Temple, Sir Edward Fry, Sir John Hare, Henrietta Stannard (John Strange Winter), Christopher Newman Hall, Sir Henry Rider Haggard, Isabel Emery, William Powell Frith, Thomas Heazle Parke, Louise Jopling Rowe, Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Sir Henry Morton Stanley (by John Fergus), Lady Stanley (by Eveleen Myers), William Grant Stairs, William Holman Hunt, Rosalind Frances Ellicott, William Black, James Moorhouse, Edith Scannell, William Edward Hartpole Lecky, Fredrich Max-Muller, Dame Geneviève Ward, Sir William Schwenk Gilbert, Charles Santley, Kate Rorke, James Payn.
All catalogued (Ax5477A-x5511)

Catalogued portraits

Lillian June (née Bailey), Lady Henschel; Sir George Henschel (Isidor Georg Henschel)  by Herbert Rose Barraud, published by Eglington & Co carbon print, published 1891 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Men and Women of the Day 1891 (Album 30)

Edited by Bernard Capes and Charles Eglington
Published by Eglington & Co.
Large red cloth bound volume, acquired 1892
Contains 36 Carbon prints by Barraud
Sitters: Charles John Ellicott, Marion Terry, Sir Charles Tupper, John Walter, Miss Fortescue (by Lafayette), Samuel Plimsoll, 1st Baron Playfair, Katharine Sarah Macquoid, Coventry Patmore, 1st Earl St Aldwyn, Margaret Mary Cooke (Dilke), Walter Crane, 9th earl of Coventry, Lady Monckton, William Day, Alfred Williams Momerie, Hilda Wilson, Hermann Vezin, 1st Baron Alcester, Charlotte Thudichum, Sir James Charles Mathew, William II of Germany, Countess of Aberdeen and Temair, Sir Graham Berry, Sir Frank Lockwood, Countess of Cardigan and Lancastre, Clifford Harrison, Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen, Godiva Marian Thorold, Sir Arthur Kekewich, Justine McCarthy, Annie Besant (transferred to Sitters Mt 5), (Henry) Austin Dobson, Prince Henry of Battenberg, Sir George and Lady Henschel, James Sexton Simonds.
All catalogued (Ax5512 - Ax5547)

Catalogued portraits

Jerome Klapka Jerome  by Herbert Rose Barraud, published by Eglington & Co carbon print, published 1893 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Men and Women of the Day 1893 (Album 31)

Published by Eglington & Co.
Large red and gold cloth bound volume
Presented by Henry C Burland, October 1986
Contains 36 Carbon prints mostly by Barraud (where photographer not indicated) and Mayall & Co.
Sitters: 2nd Baron Houghton (by Lafayette), Lady Isabella Somerset (by Mendelssohn), Robert Buchanan, John Gorell Barnes, 1st Baron Gorell of Brampton, Charlotte Yonge, 1st Baron Kelvin, Fanny Brough, Jerome Jerome, 5th Earl Cadogan, Florence Miller, George Du Maurier, 1st Baron Ritchie of Dundee, Frances Willard (by Alice Hughes), Sir Hubert Von Herkomer, Sir William Hunter, Helen Gladstone, George Grossmith, Reginald Brabazon, 12th Earl of Meath (by Mayall & Co), Constance Gordon-Cumming, Samuel Reynolds Hole (by Mayall & Co), Sir Francis McClintock (by Mayall & Co), Beatrice Campbell (née Tanner) (by Mayall & Co), John Edward Redmond (by Mayall & Co), 2nd Duke of Abercorn (by Mayall & Co), Beatrix Jane, Countess Cadogan (by Mayall & Co), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Herbert Vaughan (by Mayall & Co), Madame Belle Cole (by Mayall & Co), Sir Robert Ball (by Mayall & Co), Sir William Olpherts, Jessie Bond, Sir William Cusins, Andrew Lang (by Mayall & Co), Catharine Grace Loch (by Mayall & Co), Sir John Robinson (by Mayall & Co).
All catalogued (Ax27630 - Ax27665)

Catalogued portraits

(Katherine Helen) Maud Diver  by Walter Stoneman, for James Russell & Sons bromide print, 1910s © National Portrait Gallery, London

National Photographic Record, Volume 1 (Album 32)

Large white leather and black cloth bound volume, compiled 1915 of existing stock of John Russell and Sons, Baker Street including pre 1915 portraits.
Contains 228 platinum prints. Sitters include King George V, Balfour, G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Conan Doyle, John Galsworthy, Edmund Gosse, George Grossmith, Earl Haig, Jerome K. Jerome, W.S. Landor, Alice Meynell, Eden Phillpotts, A.W. Pinero, Lord Roberts, G.B. Shaw and Sir John French.
Catalogued by Vivien Hamley in October 1992 as Ax39000 - Ax39229
Acquired 1917

(Walter) Weedon ('Wee-Gee') Grossmith  by Walter Stoneman, for James Russell & Sons bromide print, circa 1916 © National Portrait Gallery, London

National Photographic Record, Volume 2 (Album 33)

Companion volume to Album 32 with historical pre 1915 photographs by John Russell and Sons before their collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery. Contains 55 platinum prints.
Sitters include George Alexander, Lord Baden-Powell, Weedon Grossmith, H. Rider Haggard, Thomas Hardy and Edward Poynter. Catalogued in November 1992 by Vivien Hamley as Ax46101 - Ax46155 Acquired 1917

Catalogued portraits

Ethel Anne Priscilla ('Ettie') Grenfell (née Fane), Lady Desborough as Marie de Medici; Sir William Vernon Harcourt as Simon, Lord Harcourt, Lord Chancellor 1710; Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour as a gentleman of Holland by Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd), photogravure by Walker & Boutall 1897; published 1899 NPG Ax41284

Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball Album (Album 34)

Contains 286 sepia photogravure reproductions by Walker & Boutall of photographs of a selection of guests wearing their fancy dress costumes at the Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball. The ball was hosted by Louisa, Duchess of Devonshire (1832-1911) at London's Devonshire House (demolished in 1924) and was held on 2 July 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

The album was privately printed in 1899 by the Doves Press with a Cobden-Sanderson binding.

Photographers represented include Alexander Bassano, Alfred Ellis, Alice Hughes, Elliott & Fry, Henry Bullingham, Henry Van der Weyde, John Thomson and Lafayette Ltd. The National Portrait Gallery holds the original negatives for some of the sittings by Bassano, while the Victoria & Albert Museum hold many negatives from the Lafayette sittings. Lafayette was commissioned to set up a photographic tent in the grounds of Devonshire House on the night of the ball, so that a great number of photographs were taken then, although many of the guests visited the photographers' studios in the days and months after.

Sitters include members of the British royal family, the Dukes and Duchesses of Connaught, Teck, Devonshire, Marlborough, the Countess of Warwick, Lord Rosebery, Lady Randolph Churchill, Henry Irving and Arthur James Balfour.

Purchased, 1975

Catalogued portraits

Fay Compton  by Howard Instead bromide print, early 1920s 8 in. x 6 1/4 in. (203 mm x 158 mm) overall Purchased, 1983

Howard Instead Album (Album 35)

Photographs of the 1910s and early 1920s
Mainly of actresses but also including pictorialist studies of unidentified children
Sitters include Mrs Patrick Campbell, Marie Lohr, Lillah McCarthy, Sybil Thorndike, Peggy O'Neill, Fay Compton, Athene Seyler, Edna Best, Phyllis Dare, Constance Collier and Basil Rathbone in costume for Peter Ibbotson, Meggie Albanesi, Jean Cadell, Gyles Isham, Hilda Trevelyan, Haidee Wright, Gladys Cooper, Lena Ashwell, Baroness Von Hugel, and Margot, Countess of Oxford and Asquith (Reproduced in Camera Portraits)
Catalogued as Ax20446 and Ax24970 - Ax25010
Purchased 1983

Foulsham & Banfield Ltd (Album 36)

Frank Foulsham & A.C. Banfield, Photographers
An indexed book of contracts previously owned by Foulsham & Banfield of agreements with leading actresses of the Edwardian period to sit exclusively for portraits with the photographers for fixed periods, as well as contracts with the Rotary Photographic Company to produce postcards of selected poses from the sittings.
Includes contracts with: Nell Carter, Agnes Fraser, Carrie Moore, Dorothy Dunbar, Kathleen Courtney, Ida Lytton, Ellaine Terriss, Enid Leslie, Isabel Jay, Margaret Wilson, Gabrielle Ray, Marie Studholme, Ruth Vincent, Jose Collins, Phyllis & Zena Dare, Gladys Cooper, Denise Orme, Adrienne Augarde, Violet Englefield, Hetty King, C. Hayden Coffin, Daisy Jerome, Vesta Tilley and Lord Pirrie.
Also contains loosely inserted patent claims and legal points to be considered by counsel relating to copyright infringements of postcards of Edward VII.
Purchased 1985.

Joan Marion (née Nevill), Marchioness of Camden  by Bassano Ltd photogravure, published 1909

England's Beautiful Women (Album 37)

Limited edition de luxe, published by Bassano Ltd., 1909
Contains 61 photogravures mainly of photographs by Bassano (28) and others including H.W. Barnett, Keturah Collings Lallie Charles, W. and D. Downey, Alice Hughes, Lafayette, Rita Martin, Speaight, F.A. Swaine. Sitters include Queen Alexandra, Viscountess Curzon, Duchess of Hamilton, Duchess of Norfolk, Duchess of Marlborough, Princess of Pless and Lady Randolph Churchill

Catalogued portraits

Sir Henry Irving  by Unknown photographer albumen print 3 5/8 in. x 3 1/8 in. (92 mm x 80 mm) image size

Twist Album (Album 38)

Large green cloth and brown leather album acquired from Edith M. Twist.
Contains 135 photographs, mainly carte de visites and woodburytypes, plus engravings, autographs, biographies and crests.
Subjects include: David Brewster, John Bright, Lord Brougham, Wilkie Collins, George Cruikshank, William Jenner, W.M. Thackeray, Trollope, Cobden, Tennyson, J.A. Roebuck, Lord Shaftesbury, Cardinals Newman and Manning, Paxton, Kitchener, Gladstone, Rowland Hill, Kingsley and Irving.
Acquired, 1946
Catalogued, September 1992.

Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston  by (George) Herbert Watkins albumen print, 1857 7 3/8 in. x 6 1/8 in. (187 mm x 154 mm) image size

Portraits and Autographs - Herbert Fry's Picture Gallery (Album 39)

(National Gallery of Photographic Portraits 1857-8)
Large white leather and red-marbled cloth bound volume.
Contains 28 albumen print photographs by Herbert Watkins and Maull & Polyblank, plus printed biographies with hand written biographical notes, autographed letters from sitters including refusals for sittings, etc.
Sitters include: Palmerston, Lord Brougham, Samuel Wilberforce, Douglas Jerrold, Walter Savage Landor, Millais, Macaulay and Robert Stephenson.
Facsimile signatures on mounts.
Catalogued and photographed.
see Gertrude M. Prescott Fame and Photography: Portrait Publications in Great Britain, 1856-1900, Doctoral thesis, 1985, for University of Texas, Chapter IV for full discussion of contents and importance of album.
Acquired 1965.

Catalogued portraits

Charles Darwin  by Elliott & Fry albumen carte-de-visite, 1874 3 5/8 in. x 2 1/4 in. (91 mm x 58 mm) image size Given by Phyllis Cunnington, 1962

Cunnington Collection (Album 40)

Large brown leather photograph album Given by Mrs Phyllis Cunnington.
Contains 198 albumen carte-de-visite prints by various photographers including: Elliott & Fry, H.J. Whitlock, Samuel A. Walker, John Watkins, London Stereoscopic Company, Henri Claudet, J.R. Sawyer, R.W. Thrupp, Le Jeune, L. Angerer, Bertall, Mayer & Pierson and Morgan and G.M. Lege. Also with some autograph letters from sitters.
Sitters include: Faraday, Darwin, Huxley, J.S. Mill, Tennyson, Browning, Matthew Arnold, Kingsley, Dickens, Trollope, Millais, Herschel, Holman Hunt, J.H. Newman & Mark Twain.
Catalogued. Given 1962

Wilkie Collins  by Cundall, Downes & Co albumen carte-de-visite, 1860-1865 3 5/8 in. x 2 3/8 in. (91 mm x 59 mm) image size Purchased, 1949

Album of photographs purchased 1949 (Album 41)

Large red leather album.
Contains 192 carte de visites photographs by various photographers including John Beattie, Hyman Davis, W & D Downey, Ernest Edwards, F. Joubert, Maull & Polyblank, Mayall, Moira & Haigh, J. Magill, T. Rodger, Silvy, J. Valentine, Window & Bridge.
Sitters include: Carlyle, Wilkie Collins, Dickens, Holman Hunt, Tennyson, Thackeray, Trollope, various Bishops and Generals and some American Civil War personalities.
Catalogued 1979, in poor condition
Purchased from Myers & Co, December 1949

Alexandra Ralli (née Ralli); Peter Pantia Ralli  by Disdéri albumen carte-de-visite, 1863 3 3/8 in. x 2 1/8 in. (85 mm x 53 mm) image size Purchased, 1976

Eykyn Album (Album 42)

Large dark green leather album with brass clasps. Leather panel inside cover is engraved: 'Given to Mr and the Hon Mrs Eykyn on their marriage by the pupils of the Windsor British Schools, November 28th 1868'.
Contains 184 carte de visite photographs by various photographers including Notman, Disderi, Fratelli D'Alessandri, Frank Haes, Numa Blanc, Clarkington, W. Runicles & Sons, Michele Mang, T. Cranfield Elsden, Silvy, Hennah & Kent, Naudin and Claudet
Sitters include: 7th Duke of Atholl, 1st Baron Chelmsford, Sir Daniel Gooch, 13th Viscount Gormanston, Sir Piers Mostyn, 4th or 5th Marquess of Sligo, Agnes Strickland and 6th Baron Vaux of Harrowden.
Catalogued, 8 page annotated index compiled by Vivien Hamley.
Purchased from Mr Hayward, 1976.

Walter Weld  by Southwell Brothers albumen carte-de-visite, 1862-1863 3 1/2 in. x 2 1/4 in. (89 mm x 56 mm) image size Purchased, 1976

Margaret Jane Bellasis Album (Album 43)

Bellasis family album.
Large green leather bound album inscribed with initials M.J.B. on front cover. Margaret Jane Bellasis married Dr Edward Charlton in 1864. It therefore seems likely she begun the album in the early 1860s, during the height of the carte-de-visite’s popularity. Contains 190 carte-de-visite and other small albumen prints. Sitters include: Duke of Norfolk, Joseph Toynbee, English aristocracy, Roman Catholic clergy. Photographs by Madame Brunner, Henry Danbray, Disderi, Edge, Joubert, T. Granfield, Hills & Saunders, Le Gray, Parisian School of Photography, H.P. Robinson, Southwell Brothers, Verneuil, A.S. Watson, George White and others. Family tree and 8-page annotated index of sitters compiled by Vivien Hamley.
Purchased in 1976 from Mr Hayward.

Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald  by Maull & Polyblank albumen print, arched top, mid-late 1850s 7 3/4 in. x 5 5/8 in. (196 mm x 144 mm) image size acquired unknown source, 1938

Photographs, Portraits, Vol. 1 (Album 44)

Large format dark green and gold cloth and leather album.
Contains 78 large format albumen and 1 salt print mounted on white card pages with identification in black ink below image.
Sitters include: Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, Lord Brougham, Gladstone, Livingstone, Faraday, Palmerston, Dickens, Shaftesbury, Tennyson, Thackeray, Carlyle, Millais and Cardinal Wiseman.
N.B. Livingstone and Charles Barry reproduced in Camera Portraits
Photographers include: Mayall, Maull & Polyblank.
Catalogued, 1979. Acquired before 1938.

Thomas Faed  by Maull & Polyblank albumen print, late 1850s? 7 3/4 in. x 6 1/8 in. (198 mm x 156 mm) image size acquired unknown source, 1938

Photographs, Portraits, Vol. 2 (Album 45)

Companion album to no. 44. Large format dark green and gold cloth, leather bound album.
Contains 57 albumen prints on 38 numbered pages including carte and cabinet card sizes pasted onto white card pages, remainder of pages blank.
Sitters include: Charles Kean, George Cruikshank, H.W. Longfellow, Lord Lytton, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edward VII, and George V and foreign royalty.
Catalogued. Acquired before 1938. 

Group at the Church Congress  by Unknown photographer salt print, 12 July 1862 8 1/4 in. x 10 1/4 in. (208 mm x 260 mm) image size Given by Ripon College, 1976

Wilberforce Album, Vol. 1 (Album 46)

Large format cloth and leather album titled "Photographs" on spine and cover.
Contains 1012 cartes-de-visite and other small albumen prints (also one photograph on leather) on 94 pages
Subjects include: composite photographs, sculpture, landscape, buildings, family groups, missionaries and other Churchmen, Tasmanians, native American Indians, Church Congress 1862. Plus 2 engravings.
Sitters include: Samuel Wilberforce (very many) and family, John Keble, the Liddell family, the Gladstone family, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, William Thackeray, Charles Kingsley, Queen Victoria and family, Michael Faraday, George Peabody.
Given by Ripon College, Cuddesdon, 1977
(Ax9508-Ax10099/ Ax68001-Ax68194)

Francis Thomas McDougall; Samuel Wilberforce; Ashurst Turner Gilbert; Unidentified clergyman; Walter John Trower  by Unknown photographer albumen print, circa 1867 Given by Ripon College, 1976

Wilberforce Album, Vol. 2 (Album 47)

Large format cloth and leather album titled "Photographs" on spine.
Contains 366 carte de visite and other sized mainly albumen prints.
Subjects include: family of Samuel Wilberforce, churchmen, church congresses and synods, foreign royalty, landscapes and buildings and Francis Russell Nixon's photographs of the last Tasmanians.
Other sitters include: Lord Derby, Gladstone, Ruskin, Holman Hunt, Browning and Mark Lemon.
Checklist in preparation.
Given by Ripon College, Cuddesdon, 1977.

A.A. Milne  by Howard Coster bromide print, 1926 8 5/8 in. x 10 1/8 in. (219 mm x 258 mm) image size Given by the estate of Howard Coster, 1959

Howard Coster Display Albums (Albums 48-58)

Compiled by the photographer and numbered 1-12. NPG lacks Volume 6. All catalogued.
Large black cloth bound volumes, bearing inscription on the front: "Howard Coster: Photographer of Men", with volume number on spine.
Catalogued portraits

Album 48 - Vol 1
Contains 21 large bromide prints, various processes including transferrotypes, sepia and cream-toned, semi-matt finish.
All prints from 1926, the year Coster opened his studio in London at 8-9 Essex Street, near the Strand.
Sitters include: J.B. Priestley, Gerald Bullett, Simon Elwes, A.A. Milne, and Christopher Robin, G.K. Chesterton, Sir Sefton Brancker and Joseph Thorpe

Album 49 - Vol 2
Contains 20 prints 1927-1929 including Alfred Noyes, Algernon Blackwood, Beverley Nichols, A.A. Milne, Henry Ainley, Edgar Wallace, Sir Alan Cobham and Edward McKnight Kauffer

Album 50 - Vol 3
Contains 23 prints, 1928-1937
Sitters include: Arnold Bennett, E.V. Knox, Eric Gill, John Johnson, E. Phillips Oppenheim, Arthur Wontner, A.P. Herbert, Sir Philip Sassoon, Douglas Byng, Somerset Maugham and Sir Thomas Lipton.

Album 51 - Vol 4
Contains 23 prints, 1927-1931
Sitters include: Frank Dobson, Hannen Swaffer, Fred Pegram, E. Albert Cox and Macdonald Gill

Album 52 - Vol 5
Contains 23 prints 1927-1937
Sitters include: Norman Marshall, Hugh Quigley, Hugo Massac Buist, C.H. Dudley Ward, Count Ottokar Czernin.

Album 53 - Vol 7
Contains 23 prints 1927-1935
Sitters include: Kinge George V, G.B. Shaw, T.E. Lawrence, J.A. Mollison, Chaliapin, Hugh Walpole, Sir William Orpen, John Buchen, Osbert Sitwell, H.E. Bates, Thomas Burke and Baron Hoyningen-Huene.

Album 54 - Vol 8
Contains 22 prints, 1926-1934
Sitters include: Sir Bernard Partridge, Gilbert Spencer, E.H. Shephard, James Laver, Stephen King-Hall, Godfrey Winn, Somerset Maugham, G.L. Stampa and Septimus E. Scott.

Album 55 - Vol 9
Contains 20 prints, 1930-1935
Sitters include: Robert Lynd, J.B. Morton, H.R. Tomalin, Adrian Boult, Leon Goosens, Starr Wood, C.E.M. Joad, Howard Spring and Lord Castlerosse.

Album 56 - Vol 10
Contains 23 prints, 1934-5
Sitters include: Aldous Huxley, T.F. Powys, Havelock Ellis, Compton Mackenzie, Humbert Wolfe, Arthur Bryant, J. Middleton Murry, Charles Morgan and William Plomer.

Album 57 - Vol 11
Contains 21 prints, 1931-1936
Sitters include: W.B. Yeats, J.D. Beresford, Laurence Housman, H.G. Wells, Maurice Baring, Laurence Binyon, Herbert Read, Cyril Bird (Fougasse)

Album 58 - Vol 12
Contains 28 prints mainly of lawyers and soldiers, the majority unidentified.
Identified sitters: Archibald Crawford, Richard Elwes, Harry Bickmore, M.R. James.

Robert Adamson; Sir Coutts Lindsay, 2nd Bt  by Unknown photographer carbon print, 1850s 7 7/8 in. x 6 in. (200 mm x 153 mm) image size Bequeathed by Francis Needham, 1971

The Jocelyn Album (Album 59)

Large landscape shaped brown leather family album, with gold clasp and lock.
Inscribed on front ' C.M.J.' the family album of Cecilia Mary Jocelyn (nee Elliott) who died in 1894. C.M.J. was the sister-in-law of the well-known amateur photographer Lady Jocelyn (Frances Elizabeth Cowper, Viscountess Jocelyn 1820-1880 whose work is probably included)
Contains 590 carte-sized prints and other format albumen and salt prints, some trimmed and mounted in patterns, plus 1 page of collage photographs.
Many unidentified sitters, plus family groups, animals, interiors, views, sculpture etc.
Sitters include the British Royal Family, members of the Compton, Elliott, Drummond and Russell families as well as 25th Earl and Countess Crawford and Balcarres by Thomas Rodger, Lord Wantage by William Lake Price and Sir Coutts Lindsay

Catalogued portraits

Jubilee Album (Album 60)

Large brown leather album. On album front embossed inscription reads 'Lord Provost, Magistrates, Office Bearers and Councillors holding office during her Majesty's Jubilee 1887'.
Contains 18 panel photographs on printing-out-paper (P.O.P) and 33 cabinet photographs on P.O.P of dignitaries of the City of Glasgow. All the Photographs by Turnbull and Sons.
Purchased by the National Portrait Gallery c.1975
To be catalogued.

Views (Album 61)

Small black leather album with paper label marked views on spine
Contains 9 topographical cartes-de-visites of Bath Abbey, Clifton Suspension Bridge, and 1 dog
Bequeathed by Sir George Scharf 

Richard Cockle Lucas  by Richard Cockle Lucas albumen carte-de-visite, circa 1858 3 in. x 2 1/8 in. (75 mm x 55 mm) Purchased, 1970 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Richard Cockle Lucas Album (Album 62)

Small dark green leather bound carte sized album with brass clasps, containing 42 photographs of the sculptor Lucas Richard Cockle Lucas
Inscription at front "Some of the phases and works of R C Lucas Sculptor done to show the great range of his expression" In various postures and costumes the cartes are captioned as follows "As a Martyr to the Truth, As a Devotee of Art, He is Ready for Adventure, He goes on his travels, As a Hopeful Lover, As a Disappointed One, As an Impudent Man, As a Sensible One," etc and 7 photographs of his sculptures and I photograph of potatoes
N.B. another Lucas album is in the collection of George Eastman House, Rochester New York
Catalogued portraits

Richard Chenevix Trench  by Samuel Alexander Walker albumen print, published 1874 3 1/2 in. x 2 1/4 in. (90 mm x 58 mm) image size Purchased, 1984 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Portraits of the Revisors of the New Testament (Album 63)

26 albumen carte-sized prints by Samuel A. Walker mounted on to card pages and published in 1874. Sitters include Charles John Ellicott, George Moberley, Edward Henry Bickersteth, Arthur Penryhn Stanley, Richard Chenevix Trench, Charles Wordsworth, Josef Angus, Benjamin Hall Kennedy, Joseph Barber Lightfoot and William Milligan. Purchased August 1984.
 Acquisition numbers Ax29229 - Ax29254

Catalogued portraits

Andrew Bruce Davidson  by Samuel Alexander Walker albumen print, published 1874 3 3/8 in. x 2 1/4 in. (86 mm x 57 mm) image size Purchased, 1984 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Portraits of the Revisors of the Old Testament (Album 64)

27 albumen carte-sized prints by Samuel A Walker mounted on to card pages and published in 1874
Sitters include Alfred Ollivant, Connop Thirlwall, Robert Payne Smith, Benjamin Harrison, Frederick Field, John Dury Geden, David Christian Ginsburg, Joseph Rawson Lumby, William Aldis Wright.
Purchased August 1984. Catalogue numbers Ax29255 - Ax29281

Catalogued portraits

Life of the Earl of Beaconsfield Volume 1 (Album 65)

Volume 1 of a 2-volume biography of Benjamin Disraeli, (Earl of Beaconsfield) by Cornelius Brown,
Published by A.W. Cowan, 1881
Contains 14 woodburytype reproductions of photographs including 12 by the London Stereoscopic Co and one each by W. and D. Downey and Messrs H.W. Taunt of Oxford .
Subjects are: The Earl of Beaconsfield, Exterior View of Hughenden Manor, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, Stafford Henry Northcote,1st Earl of Iddesleigh, Richard Assheton Cross,1st Viscount Cross, William Henry Smith, Lord John Manners, 7th Duke of Rutland, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, Lord George Francis Hamilton, George Ward Hunt ,George Slater- Booth, 1st Baron Basing, Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 1st Earl of Cranbrook and Frederick Arthur Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby.
Purchased 1973.
Acquisition numbers Ax27779 - Ax27791

'Group taken at Hughenden Manor'  by Henry William Taunt & Co, published by A.W. Cowan woodburytype, 1874, published 1881 3 3/4 in. x 5 5/8 in. (96 mm x 144 mm) image size Purchased, 1973 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Life of the Earl of Beaconsfield (Album 66)

An appreciative life of the Right Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield
A Statesman of 'Light and Leading'
With Portraits of his Contemporaries, edited by Cornelius Brown, F>R>S>L
Illustrated with permanent photographs
Published by A.W. Cowan of 30 and 31 New Bridge Street, Ludgate Hill and Charles Wheatley of Peter Gate, Nottingham, 1881
Volume 2 of album 65
Contains 13 woodburytypes including 11 photographs by the London Stereoscopic Company and 2 by Messrs H.W. Taunt and Co of Oxford
Sitters include 6th Duke of Richmond, Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish, Lord Randolph Churchill, Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton, 15th Earl of Derby, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, Edward Stanhope, Lord Charles William De La Poer Beresford,1st Baron, Alexander James Beresford-Hope, the 7th Duke of Marlborough, Baron Wantage, The Grave of Lord Beaconsfield (Photograph by H.W. Taunt of Oxford) and
Group taken at Hughenden Manor, which includes Baron Corry, 3rd Earl of Bradford, 1st Earl of Wharncliffe, Countess of Bradford, Countess of Wharncliffe, Earl of Beaconsfield and the 13th Earl of Pembroke (also by Taunt of Oxford)
Purchased 1973. Rebound in March 1995 and photographs separated into slipcase.
Acquisition numbers Ax27792 - Ax27804

James Russell Lowell  by Elliott & Fry, published by Bickers & Son woodburytype on album page mount, published 1886 4 5/8 in. x 3 5/8 in. (117 mm x 93 mm) image size Purchased, 1976 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Prose Masterpieces from Modern Essayists (Album 67)

Dark blue leather bound book with gold decoration with title page details:
Prose Masterpieces from Modern Essayists
Comprising twelve unabridged essays by Irving, Lamb, De Quincey, Emerson, Arnold, Morley, Lowell, Carlyle, Macaulay, Froude, Freeman, and Gladstone
With Twelve Portraits in Permanent Photography (by or copied by Elliott and Fry)
(Images not from photographs include Washington Irving from painting by G.S. Newton engraved by C Turner; Thomas De Quincey from a painting by Sir J W Gordon, Lord Macaulay from a drawing by George Richmond
Photograph of Edward A. Freeman originally by Frear of Ithaca, USA
And photograph of John Morley by London Stereoscopic Co
Published by Bickers and Son, Leicester Square, London, 1886
NB Plates have pencilled on Elliott and Fry copy negative reference numbers.
In blue leather binding with gold lettering
Acquisition numbers Ax27805 - Ax27812

Catalogued portraits

Poems of W.B.Yeats (Album 68)

William Butler Yeats Poems : Second Series
Book of 162 pages published by A.H. Bullen, London and Stratford-on-Avon,1909
Contains 1 photogravure portrait of W.B.Yeats by Alvin Langdon Coburn
Acquistion number Ax35903
Purchased 1977

Album (Album 69)

Small blue leather album without spine with "Album" stamped in gold on cover
Contains 107 albumen prints mainly reproductions of paintings, some photographical and some microphotographs
Sitters include Queen Victoria and her family.

Portraits Contemporains 1897 (Album 70)

Published by Librarie Nilsson, 212, Rue de Rivoli, Paris
Contains 2000 tiny reproductions of contemporary photographs (25 per page)
Including European Royalty, dancers, musicians, writers etc.
Acquired in 1943

Portraits Contemporains 1898 (Album 71)

Companion to album 70
Contains 2400 reproductions of contemporary portrait photographs

Portrait Contemporains 1899 (Album 72)

Dark red leather volume published by the Librarie Nillson, Paris.
Contains 2425 tiny thumbprint reproductions of portrait photographs from the 1890s
Sitters include actresses, European royalty, dancers, writers, musicians, soldiers
Acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, 1943

Portraits Contemporains 1900 (Album 73)

Dark red leather volume published by the Librarie Nillson, Paris.
Contains 2300 tiny reproductions of portrait photographers from the 1890s
Sitters include actresses, European royalty, dancers, writers, musicians, soldiers
Acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, 1943

Elizabeth, Lady Eastlake (née Rigby)  after David Octavius Hill, and Robert Adamson carbon print, 1843-1848; published 1928 8 1/8 in. x 6 1/8 in. (207 mm x 155 mm) image size Purchased, 1975 © National Portrait Gallery, London

Calotypes by Hill and Adamson (Album 74)

Large red cloth-bound volume of carbon versions of Hill & Adamson's portraits, selected by Andrew Elliot. Number 14 of a limited edition of 38. Published privately in Edinburgh 1928. Contains 47 carbon prints. Sitters include Hill, Adamson, William Etty, Lady Eastlake etc with biographies.
Purchased from Sotheby's by the National Portrait Gallery, 1975 (Ax29500-Ax29546)

Catalogued portraits

Cotton Album (Album 75)

Photograph album of Francis F. Cotton. Album with loose cover of dark brown American cloth. Commencing January 1860.
Contains 125 salt and albumen prints, some hand-coloured, mostly military subjects, royal engineers, officers, cadets, barracks etc. Some views of Rochester, Chatham and Addiscombe and 5 watercolours of yachts.
Sitters include Sir Frederick and Lady Abbott, Lt Gen Sir Gerald Graham, Sir Cursetjee Jeejeebhoy, Sir John Burgoyne, Sir Harvey Jones and Lord Clyde.
Acquired by the National Portrait Gallery during public appeal as part of the Needham bequest, 1974.

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