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Tatler magazine 1947

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October 1

  • Frontis: Lady Pigott-Brown (née Helen Egerton-Cotton) and her son, Sir William Pigott-Brown, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.3: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, no credit
  • p.9: Andre J. Clasen, photograph by Fayer
  • pp.6-7:William Graham as Just William
  • p.10: Lady Hawke and her four daughters, Caroline, Lavinia, Annabel and Cecilia, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.16: Elizabeth Avice Wikes, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.23: A.A. Milne and his wife, Dorothy Milne (née de Sélincourt), photograph by Studio Lisa
  • p.28: Elizabeth Lloyd (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Rosemary Salmond (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Hon. Sarah Ismay (photograph by Bertram Park) and Baroness de Rutzen (photograph by Fayer)

October 8

  • Frontis: Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and their children Prince William and Prince Richard, photograph by Eric Ager
  • p.39: Gibb McLaughlin in Oliver Twist, no credit
  • p.60: V.A. Woodhouse (to marry Patrick de Cruce Grubb, photograph by Bassano); Jean Leslie Sweet (photograph by Harlip); Lady Backhouse (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

October 15

  • Frontis: Moira Shearer, photograph by Baron
  • pp.70-1: (George) Emlyn Williams, photograph by Angus McBean – see NPG P927
  • p.74: Lady Beatrix Fanshawe and her daughters Noni and Clodagh, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.75: General Kaiser and his wife, the Rani Kaiser, the Nepalese Ambassador, photograph by Swaebe
  • pp.80-1: Christening of Hon. Mrs Andre Elphinstone’s child with Princess Elizabeth holding the baby, no credit
  • p.92: Antony Colin Deans Rankin (photograph by Elliott and Fry) and Daphne Nixon (photograph by Basil Shackleton)
  • p.92: Oscar Linda and Lady Isobel Blunt Mackenzie – engagement picture, no credit

October 22

  • Frontis: Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret and Prince Philip, no credit
  • p.103: Nancy Evans and Otakar Krauss in The Rape of Lucretia at Covent garden, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.106: Captain and Mrs Andrew Hughes-Onslow and their son James, photograph by Pool
  • p.107: Lady Elizabeth Lumley (daughter of Earl of Scarborough), photograph by Harlip
  • p.118: Lady Cochrane, wife of Sir Ernest Cochrane, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195201
  • p.124: Malka Bluestone (photograph by Lenare); Rosalind Mary Home (photograph by Harlip); Audrey Wathen (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

October 29

  • Frontis: Norwegian Ambassadress, Madame Prebensen, photograph by Pearl Freeman
  • p.185: Celtic Ballet- Margaret Morris, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.138: Earl and Countess of Ronaldshay and their three children, photograph by Baron
  • p.142: Violet Trefusis (see NPG x75941 – NPG x75951), Gloria Braggiotti (see NPG x75930, NPG x75932, NPG x75933 and NPG x75937) and Rani of Pudukota (see NPG x195365) near Florence, photograph by F.J. Goodman

November 5

  • Frontis: Mrs S.L. Simpson (née Heddy Monique, Baroness de Podmaniczky), photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195594
  • p.170: Mrs Roderick Heathcoat-Amory and her children Michael and Amanda, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.174: Josette Day and Mila Parely in La Belle et la Bête
  • p.182:Ernest Thesiger, photograph by Fayer
  • p.183: Edith Coates as Maddalena in Rigoletto at Covent Garden, photograph by Angus McBean

November 12

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth with Prince Philip, no credit
  • p.195: Feliks Topolski in his London studio, photograph by Baron
  • pp.198-9: Ruth Draper, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.202: Caroline Marie Galitzine and Alexander Peter Galitzine, children of Prince and Princess George Galitzine, photograph by Harlip
  • p.206: Pages from Topolski’s sketchbook
  • p.214: Lady Faith Nesbitt and her daughter Gemma, photograph by Helen Muspratt, Swanage

November 19

  • Frontis: Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Francis Fisher, photograph by Studio Lisa
  • Pp.228-9: Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in Christmas pantomimes, photograph by: Studio Lisa
  • p.231: Elisabeth Welch, photograph by Angus McBean
  • pp.232-4: The bridesmaids and pages at Princess Elizabeth’s wedding: Princess Margaret Rose (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Lady Mary Cambridge (photograph by Yevonde); Lady Caroline Montague-Douglas-Scott (photograph by Harlip); Lady Elizabeth Lambart photograph by Bertram park); Hon. Margaret Elphinstone (photograph by Pearl Freeman), Princess Alexandra (daughter of the Duke of Kent, photograph by Hay Wrightson); Diana Bowes-Lyons (niece of the Queen, no credit); Prince William (son of Duke of Gloucester, photograph by Eric Ager) and Prince Michael (son of the Duke of Kent), photograph by Hay Wrightson
  • p.237: Prince Philip, photograph by Baron
  • pp.240-1: Sir Iain Colquhoun at his Scottish home
  • p.246: Tanya Moiseiwitsch, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195339
  • p.252: Miss I. Hamilton Forbes, (photograph by Bassano); Miss Mary Grizel Boyle (photograph by Navana); Miss Gillian Jones (photograph by Fayer); Miss Helen Patricia Stanier (photograph by Harlip)

November 26

  • Frontis: Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip
  • p.263: Pat Kirkwood, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.284: Virginia Joyce Jardine (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Daphne Caroline Byass (photograph by Harlip) and Florence Margaret Cole (photograph by Fayer)

December 3

  • Royal Wedding Issue
  • Frontis: ‘Married: Honeymoon begins at Winchester’ – Princess Elizabeth with a corgi
  • P.304: Princess Elizabeth aged five, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • Pp.305-6: Princess Elizabeth: girlhood-womanhood

December 10

  • Frontis: Field Marshal Earl Wavell receiving the honorary degree of Doctor of Law from London University
  • p.327: Danish Ambassador Count Eduard Revent-Reventlow and wife, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.331: Jean Simmons, photograph by Baron with background sketches by Vasco Lazzolo
  • p.335: Hon. Mrs Andrew Elphinstone (née Hambro), photograph by Harlip
  • p.346: Hamond Innes with his wife Dorothy Lang at their cottage
  • p.352: Hon. Enid Paget, photograph by Bassano and Miss Patricia May Braithwaite, photograph by Harlip

December 17

  • Frontis: Michele Morgan, photograph by Lévin, Paris
  • p.363: Sonia Dresdel, photograph by Cyril Stanborough
  • p.379: Ella Maillart, photograph by Yevonde

December 24

  • Frontis: Isaac Bickerstaff /  Sir Richard Steele, editor of the first issues of the Tatler in 1709
  • p.395: Railroad Frolic – Max Adrian with John Heawood  in Tuppence Coloured  at  Globe, design by Emmet, photograph by McBean
  • p.398: Elizabeth Alice Rous (née Fraser) and children, photograph by Bassano – see NPG x77760-2

December 31

  • Frontis: Countess Elena Carandini, photograph by Derek Adkins
  • Pp.422-3: Maharaja of Jaipur, Early Mountbatten and Countess Mountbatten
  • p.427: Sally Gray, photograph by Baron
  • p.431: Mrs Clifford-Wolff with daughters Rosamund and Antoinette, photograph by Bassano
  • p.448: Mary Tavy Mortan, photograph by Bassano and Miss Carol Mary Jenkins, photograph by Harlip


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