Tatler magazine 1948

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January 7

  • Frontis: Phyllis Calvert: This Year’s Peter Pan (in costume with figure and shadow) photograph by Vivienne
  • p.3: Frank Salisbury at home at Sarum Chase, Hampstead, no credit
  • p.7: Isabel Bigley, photograph by Angus McBean
  • pp.16-7: ‘King Faisal of Iraq at Play’
  • p.26: Adeline Barbara Berthon (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Catherine M. Bonsor (photograph by Catherine Bell); Hon. Diana Berry (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

January 14

  • Frontis: Sir Ralph Richardson as Count Karenin, photograph by Ray Hearne
  • P.35: Earl and Countess of Norbury, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.39: Siobhan McKenna
  • p.42: Lady Eden and her Four Daughters, Carline Ann Eden, Meriall Rose Eden, Amelia Mary Eden and Elfrida Charlotte Eden, photograph by Dorothy Wilding
  • p.43: Jane Trafford, photograph by Bertram Park
  • p.46: A.E. (‘Matty’) Matthews as Knight of the Road in Just Williams’ Luck

January 21

  • Frontis: Sir Frederick Browning, photograph by Robin Adler
  • p.67: Sir Edmund Paston-Bedingfield, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.69: Hugh Sinclair, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.71: Sheila Manahan, photograph by Robin Adler
  • p.74: Hon. Mrs Dennis Stucley and children Margaret, Rosemary, Christine, Sarah and Hugh, photograph by Bassano
  • p.75: The Countess of Erroll, photograph by Hay Wrightson
  • pp.80-1: ‘A Brilliant Revival of St Joan’ – Celia Johnson, Alec Guinness, Bernard Miles Henry Andrews and John Clements, photograph by John Vickers
  • p.87: Sven Berlin, photograph by Gilbert Adams
  • p.90: Molly Middleton (photograph by Harlip); Pauline Diane Berry (photograph by Lenare)

January 28

  • Frontis: Paolo Silveri, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.101: John Dodsworth and Rex Linden and Carmel McSharry as Edith Westmore, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.103: Ana Nevada, photograph by Baron
  • p.122: Fashion, photograph by Eric Joysmith
  • p.124: Gillian Stella Looker (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Beryl Cecilia Charrington (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Lady Margaret Seymour, (photograph by Harlip); Hon. Patricia Stourton (photograph by Marcus Adams)

February 4

  • Frontis: Lady Charles, wife of Sir Noel Charles, 3rd Bt, photograph by Carell, Rome
  • p.131: H.E. Don Fernando Berckmeyer, Peruvian Ambassador, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.135: Jessie Matthews, photograph by Angus McBean
  • pp.142-3: Sid Field at home with family, photograph by Pictorial Press
  • p.154: E.M. Chitty (to marry J.H. Randell), photograph by Bassano and Lesley Ailsa Hutchinson, photograph by Harlip

February 11

  • Frontis: Victoria Sladen, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195403
  • P.164: Tom Titt cartoon of Mae West
  • p.165: A scene from The Relapse, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.167: Dennis Price as Lord Byron, photograph by John Jay
  • p.170: Hon. Mrs Edmund Stockdale and children Thomas Freddie and Anne Louise, photograph by Bassano
  • p.188: Veronica Knott, photograph by Bassano

February 18

  • Frontis: The Rani Kaiser and her daughter Tani, photograph by Dorothy Wilding
  • P.195: Sir Oliver Harvey and wife, Maud (née Williams-Wynn), Lady Harvey
  • p.196: A scene from You Never Can Tell, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.198: David Niven, Louise Gainsborough and Finlay Currie on the set of Bonnie Prince Charles, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.200: The Polish Ambassador M. Jerzy Michalowsky, photograph by Bassano
  • p.204: Lewis Casson with Carmel McSharry and Ternece Soall in The Linden Tree, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.205: Karl Rankl, photograph by Angus McBean
  • pp.208-9: Sir Neville Bland and Lady Bland at the HAgue
  • p.218: Christian Jean Strain (photograph by Bassano); Aurea Anne Farmer (photograph by Fayer); Elizabeth Mary Kirk (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

February 25

  • Frontis: Viscount and Viscountess Alexander, photograph by Karsh
  • P.229: Robertson Hare and Ralph Lynn, photograph by Denis de Marney
  • p.231: Edana Romney, photograph by Baron with background by  Vasco Lazzolo
  • p.238: Adeline Genée portrait by William Frank
  • p.254: Jean E.M. Osmond (photograph by Bassano); Lorna Mary Glynn Begbie (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Anne Richardson (photograph by Lenare)

March 10

  • Frontis: Viscountess Erleigh, no credit
  • P.291: John Michael Parker
  • P.295: Yoma Sasburgh, photograph by McBean
  • P.300: Winston Churchill’s grandson and his mother Mary Soames (née Churchill)
  • P.311: Emma Tollemache, photograph by Goodman – see NPG x195078

March 24

  • Frontis: Hon. Mrs Michael Willoughby (née Janet Marshall-Cornwall), photograph by Bassano (possibly in NPG collection)
  • p.359: Mariano Stabile, drawing by Youngman Carter
  • p.360: Mme. Eusebio, photograph by Pearl Freeman
  • p.368: Jean Simmons as Ophelia in Hamlet, photograph by Wilfrid Newton
  • p.369: Eileen Herlie as the Queen and Laurence Olivier as Hamlet in Hamlet, photograph by Wilfrid Newton

March 31

  • Marquess and Marchioness of Northampton and four children, photograph by Eric Ager
  • p.391: John Howard Davies as Oliver Twist

April 14

  • Frontis: Countess of Darnley (née Rosemary Potter) with her daughter Lady Melissa Geraldine Bligh, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • p.39: Mae West in Diamond Lil at the Prince of Wales Theatre, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.43: Raine McCorquodale, photograph by Dorothy Wilding
  • p.58: Joy Falcon Thompson (photograph by Navana); Margaret Beatrice (Peggie) Merison (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Graeme Elizabeth Dalrymple-Hamilton (photograph by Harlip); Patricia Mary Dunsmuir (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Rosemary Collings –Wells (photograph by Fayer)

April 21

  • Frontis: King and Queen celebrate their silver wedding, photograph by Baron
  • p.67: Princess Elizabeth, no credit
  • p.73: The Roosevelt Memorial is unveiled in Grosvenor Square
  • pp.80-1: King and Queen at home – Queen playing piano, photograph by Baron
  • p.92: Elspeth Bridget Miller (photograph by Harlip); Elizabeth Ann Devitt (photograph by Fayer); Sarah (Sally) van der Gucht (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Eleanor Hinde (photograph by Navana); Barbara Ann Bristow (photograph by Elliott and Fry)

April 28

  • Frontis: Duchess of Rutland (née Anne Cumming Bell), photograph by Fayer
  • p.101: Robert Helpmann, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.103: Christine Norden, photograph by Baron
  • p.122: Sheila Hiam and Anthony Guy Woolley (photograph by Hay Wrightson)

May 5

  • p.135: Elizabeth Bowen, photograph by Angus McBean
  • Beryl Sleigh, photograph by Angus McBean

May 12

  • Frontis: Hon. Charles Cavendish with his wife Mrs Cavendish (née Marshall) with their children Joanna, Georgina and Nicholas, photograph by Dorothy Wilding
  • p.167: Diana Wynyard as Portia in The Merchant of Venice, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.186: heather Netia Gourlay (photograph by Tunbridge); Katherine Eleanor O’Brien (photograph by Anthony Buckley); Brigid Anita McBean (photograph by Hay Wrightson) ; Diana Mary Christian Smyly (photograph by Bertram Park); Audré Mary Ashman (photograph by Paul Studios); Joan Richmond (photograph by Arup)

May 19

  • Frontis: Diana (née Galsworthy), Lady Decies, photograph by Hay Wrightson
  • p.195: Augustus John, no credit
  • p.199: Hilda Simms in Anna Lucasta, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.215: Sir Osbert Sitwell, photograph by Baron
  • p.220: Pauline Elizabeth Pelly (photograph by Dorothy Marshall); Dr Mary Lawrence (photograph by Whitlock); Althea Mabel Ruggles-Brise (photograph by Lafayette)

May 26

  • Frontis: Queen Mary, photograph by Hay Wrightson – see NPG collection
  • p.229: WP Jacob Epstein with his statue The Visitation in Battersea Park
  • p.231: Mariel Forbes in costume, photograph by Angus McBean
  • Clarks Colour Shoe Advt – Bosum Ahoy – inside back cover

June 2

  • p.263: John Mills as Captain Scott
  • John D Fergusson

June 9

  • Frontis: Winston Churchill dancing with Mrs Maclaine, no credit
  • p.295: David Webster (General Administrator at the Royal Opera House), photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.298: Felicity Ingleby-Mackenzie (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Joan Iris Railing (photograph by Yevonde); Veronica Stourton (photograph by Pearl Freeman)
  • p.299: Caroline Whittington-Moe (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Hon. Charmiane Wilson (photograph by Yvonne Gregory); Jennifer Harvey (photograph by Catherine Bell)
  • p.314: Caroline Worthington (photograph by Harlip); Mary Douglas Scott (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Shirley Rachel Askew (photograph by Fayer)

June 16

  • Christian Berard, photograph by Derek Adkins
  • p.237: WP Sepia- Valerie Hobson, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.348: Engagements, photograph by Navana Vandyk

June 23

  • p.358: Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin
  • Sir Charles and Lady Cochran in honours

June 30

  • Frontis: Countess Orssich with her children Paul, Susan and Christopher  (see NPG x83904)
  • p.391: Mabel Lee, photograph by Baron
  • p.393: Duchess of Kent presents the Wightman Cup at Wimbledon to Mrs Wightman who received it on behalf of the US team
  • p.395: Louise Boiset, god-daughter of Duke of Edinburgh, photograph by Harry Stead
  • p.407: Marjorie Bowen, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.412: Baronne Micheline de Posson (photograph by Pearl Freeman);  Lady Isabel Milles-Lade (photograph by Harlip); Elizabeth Marion Crawford (photograph by Fayer); Moreen Elizabeth Stubbing (photograph by Bassano)

July 21

  • p.69: Joyce Redman and Michael Gough, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.71: Margot Fonteyn, photograph by Baron

August 4

  • Frontis Mr and Mrs Gerald Legge receiving guests at Londonderry House after their wedding (Mrs Legge was Raine McCorquodale (later Countess Spencer) and another page on guests and wedding p.142
  • p.132: Eric Maschwitz by Eric Maschwitz
  • p.133: Monte Carlo Ballet with décor by Dali, photograph by Duncan Melvin
  • pp.134-5: Hazel Court, photograph by  Baron
  • p.154: Margaret St. Aubrey Davies (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Patricia Wells (photograph by Lenare); Elizabeth Primrose Pryce-Mitchell (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Sybil Sherwood (photograph by Vandyk); Daphne Rosemary Hogg (photograph by Harlip)

August 11

  • Frontis- A Somerset Family - Mr and Mrs J.K. la T. Mardon with their children Julian, Clive and Susan photograph by Compton Collier
  • p.163: Gertrude, Countess of Dudley (Gertie Millar) came to unveil her portrait at Drury Lane Theatre from her home in Chiddingford in Surrey - Painting by Albert Collings exhibition at RA in 1905 and first appeared in West End in 1901
  • p.165: Coral Browne as Bathsheba, photograph by  Angus McBean
  • p.167: Douglas Montgomery with wolfhound, photograph by Desmond Laing -

August 18

  • Frontis: Lady Margaret Egerton, lady-in-waiting to Princess Elizabeth
  • p.197: Yolande Donlan, photograph by Denis de Marne
  • pp.198-9: Denis Franklin, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.218: Barbara Elizabeth Archer (photograph by Vandyk); Daphne Mary Hunter-Jones (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Natalie Mardall (photograph by Lenare); Viviane Gibbs and Major Patrick Philip de la Hogue (photograph by Bassano)

August 25

  • Frontis Crown Prince Olaf and Crown Princess of Norway, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.229: Tom Titt, photograph by Angus McBean
  • pp.230-1: Maurice Chevalier with Marcelle Derrien
  • p.246: Henry Moore at his studio, photograph by F.J. Goodman

September 1

  • Frontis: Mrs John Hamilton and her 2 sons and daughter at Bramley Park, Guildford, photograph by Bassano
  • p.261: Godfrey Tearle, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.263: Sarah Churchill, photograph by Antony Beauchamp
  • p.266: H.E. Duchess Gallarati-Scotti, wife of Italian Ambassador, photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • p.282: Jillian Susie Milne (photograph by Lettice Ramsey); Dr Alison Mary Brydone (photograph by Elliott & Fry); Sheila Mary Wright (photograph by Bassano); Diana Hester Morison (photograph by Harlip); Lorna Good McArthur (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

September 8

  • Frontis: Eileen Herlie, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.295: Yehudi Menuhin by Robin Adler, F.R.S.A.
  • pp.310-11: R.C. Robertson-Glasgow, photograph by Angus McBean

September 15

  • Frontis: Mr and Mrs John Drummond with their daughters Cherry, April and Heather
  • p.325: Robert Beatty, photograph by Sylvia Redding
  • p.326: Katherine Dunham in Caribbean Rhapsody at Prince of Wales theatre , photograph by Marcus Blechman

September 22

  • p.356: Jean Cocteau  & Alexandre Mnouchkine, wife of French producer of his play the Eagle has 2 Heads, in Venice, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195082 and NPG x39429
  • p.358: Flora Robson as  the Countess von Platen

September 29

  • Frontis: Dawn Stobart-Whetherly
  • Sir George Aylwen with wife and 2 dogs
  • p.389: Marie Lohr, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.390: Benjamin Britten, photograph by Angus McBean,
  • p.400: Prince Philip as Yachtsman, photograph by Baron

October 6

  • Frontis: Hon. Mrs Quintin Hogg with her son and daughter, photograph by Bassano
  • p.5: First night of Terence Rattigan’s Playbill at the Phoenix
  • pp.6-7: LJUBA Welitsch, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.22:Norman Collins, photograph by Walter Bird
  • Miss Kamila Tyabi , London’s only woman barrister, photograph by Angus McBean

October 13

  • Frontis: Lady Howard De Walden and her daughter Hon. Camilla Scott-Ellis
  • pp.38-9: George Braund and cards, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.58: Fay Edwards-Jones (photograph by Bassano); Mary Rosamund Purser (photograph by Vandyk)

October 20

  • Frontis: Hon. Esme Glyn
  • p.66: General Sir William Slimm and his wife in garden
  • p.69: Marius Goring –in Too True to be Good- Montage double Exp Devised photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.71: C.B. Cochran, photograph by Emmwood
  • p.86: Major Behrens at Abinger Manor, near Dorking
  • p.87: Mrs Edward Beddington Behrens (née Princess Irena Obolensky) with her painting by Savely Sorine, photograph by Lafayette

October 27

  • p.122: Viscountess Garmoyle (photograph by Harlip); Mary Bailey Southwell (photograph by Hay Wrightson)

November 3

  • Frontis: the wedding of Lady Margaret Colville and John Colville, no credit
  • p.133: Mona Inglesby
  • p.150: Gloria Pashley, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.151: Robert Coote, photograph by John Deakin

November 10

  • p.171: Margaret Rutherford, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.188: Linda Marie Strong (photograph by Harlip); Elizabeth Anne Manifold (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Shirley Rountree Harris (photograph by Bassano); Juliet Adair (photograph by Yvonne Gregory)

November 17

  • p.203: Moore Marriott
  • p.219: Sister Helen Maud Rowe (chosen midwife for Princess Elizabeth), photograph by George Konig

November 24

  • p.239: Hermione Gingold, photograph by Angus McBean (with balloons and tin bath)
  • p.242: Hon. Mrs Charles McLaren with children Julia Harriet and Caroline Mary, photograph by Vaughan-Spencer
  • p.243: Carol Butler, (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Rachel Brand, (photograph by Harlip)

December 1

  • Frontis: Phyllis Calvert at Anacapri where she is filming The Golden Madonna, photograph by F.J. Goodman  - see NPG Ax39677 and NPG x195613
  • p.269: Mila Parley, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.275: Hon. Joanna Phoebe Rodd, photograph by Bassano

December 8

  • Frontis: Prince Philip looking at portrait of Elizabeth by Oswald Birley
  • p.303: Sally Ann Howes lying on floor, photograph by Baron
  • p.318: Albert Stewart Barrow, photograph by Pearl Freeman

December 15

  • Frontis: Marchioness of Londonderry, photograph by Lenare
  • p.337: Roma Beaumont, photograph by Dudley Harris 
  • p.360: Joan Evelyn Martin (photograph by Bassano); Nadia Henly (photograph by Swaebe); Patricia Bedford and Lt. Christopher Bevan (photograph by Pearl Freeman), Christine Williams (photograph by Lenare)

December 22

  • p.367: Prince Charles with Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip
  • p.375: Princess Elizabeth, photograph by M.W. Elphinstone
  • p.392: Audrey Joan Frances Edwards (photograph by Vandyk); Patricia Helen Marshall (photograph by Lenare); Hon. June Ponsonby (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Penelope Joan Davidson (photograph by Bassano)

December 29

  • Frontis: Cyril Cusack, photograph by John Deakin
  • p.405: Gertrude Lawrence, photograph by Angus McBean