Tatler magazine 1949

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January 5

  • Frontis: Prince Charles with his grandmother the Queen Elizabeth and nurse, Sister Helen Rowe, photograph by Baron
  • p.3: Prince Charles, photograph by Cecil Beaton
  • p.15: Mai Zetterling as Hedviga in The Wild Duck at St. Martins, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.16: Yvette Chauviré, photograph by Duncan Melvin
  • p.24: William Sansom, photograph by Duncan Melvin
  • p.30: Rosemary Evelyn Anne Laurie (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Gillian Rosemary Wharton (photograph by Fayer); Rosemarie M. McClenaghan (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Joyce Cecily Davidson (photograph by Zanton)

January 12

  • Frontis: Lady Barlow (Margaret Rawlings) with her daughter Jane holding a toy, no credit
  • p.41: Peter Marden, photograph by Angus McBean,
  • p.43: Cartoon of Dame Sybil Thorndike, by Emmwood
  • p.46: Lord and Decies with their son, Hon. Marcus Hugh Tristram de la Poer Beresford, photograph by Poole, Dublin
  • p.51: Lady Hamond-Graeme, Rose Newman and Capt. St. Clair Smallwood, photograph by Tasker
  • p.64: Lurleen Margaret Revell-Smith (photograph by Bassano); Donald Philip and Mary Frances Nevile (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Elizabeth (‘Betty’) Southwell Keely (photograph by Lenare); Valida Joan Turner (photograph by Hay Wrightson)

January 19

  • Frontis: Marchioness of Milford Have at her villa in Cannes with her dog Micha, no credit
  • p.71: Winston Churchill by the walls of Villefranche, no credit
  • p.77: Cartoon of Peter Haddon by Emmwood
  • p.81: Moira Shearer in title role in Cinderella, photograph by Baron
  • pp.86-7: Oxford University Players presenting the First Quarto Hamlet including Kenneth Tynan, photograph by Hugo van Wadenoyen and Swaebe
  • p.98: John MacFarlane Connell (photograph by Navana Vandyk) and Jean M. Sutherland (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Elizabeth Steveni (photograph by Lenare); Rosemary Hilda Chichester (photograph by Henry Miller); Joy Sheila Spilman (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

January 26

  • Frontis: Vivien Leigh as Lady Teazle in The School for Scandal, photograph by Vivienne – see also NPG x137764
  • p.100: Dulcie Gray and Michael Denison, photograph by Fred Daniels - see NPG x32902 for variant pose in NPG collection
  • p.111: Nigel Patrick cartoon by Emmwood
  • p.115: Lady Martin (wife of Sir Ernest Martin), photograph by Elliott and Fry
  • p.132: Patricia Rosemary Phillips and John Gordon Millns (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Cecilia Compton Weston (photograph by Lenare); Rosemary Judith Vivien Crotch (photograph by Harlip)

February 2

  • Frontis: Lady Caroline Montagu-Douglas-Scott as Mary Queen of Scots at the ‘Auld Alliance’ Ball, photograph by Paul Shillabeer
  • p.145: Hermione Gingold cartoon by Emmwood
  • pp.146-7: Scottish Fancy dress photograph by Paul Shillabeer FRPS
  • p.149: Fay Compton photograph by Len Lee
  • p.166: Barbara Slade and Bryan Connell Routledge (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Elizabeth Jane Widdicombe (photograph by Harlip); Adrien Marshall (photograph by Robin Adler); Jean Douglas (photograph by Lenare); Diana Christine hare (p. Anthony Buckley)

February 9

  • Frontis: Prince William of Gloucester with his brother Prince Richard photograph by Baron
  • p.177: Patrick Macnee in The Elusive Pimpernel, photograph by John Deakin
  • p.179: Alfred Drayton drawing by Emmwood
  • p.194: (Edward Henry) Gordon Craig, photograph by David Lees – see NPG x126687
  • p.200: Celia Mary Baxter (photograph by Bassano); Leslie Nast (photograph by Harlip); Valerie Annette Purvis (photograph by Lenare); Lady Cecilia Blanche Genevieve Fitzroy (photograph by Yvonne Gregory)

February 16

  • Frontis: Jane Baxter with her children Rachel, Sylvia and James, photograph by Vivienne
  • p.210: Hon. Wentworth and Mrs. Beaumont with their son Wentworth Peter Ismay Beaumont, photograph by Smith, Chesham
  • p.213: Mary Ellis drawing by Emmwood
  • p.215: Carol Reed
  • p.232: Fashion – ‘Trio for Spring’ photograph by Eric Joysmith
  • p.234: Sylvia Regis de Oliveira (photograph by Harlip); Anne Elaine Cockett (photograph by Catherine Bell); Joan Hunter Sanderson (photograph by Lenare)

February 23

  • Frontis: Lady Patricia de Bendern with her son Paul and daughter Caroline, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.245: Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.247: The Crazy Gang, drawing by Emmwood
  • p.255: Mrs Frank Roberts (wife of Deputy Hugh Commissioner to India), no credit
  • p.262: Margery Allingham, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG Ax39593 and NPG x195047
  • p.263: H.E. Bates, no credit
  • p.266: Gertrude Lawrence, fashion, photograph by Eric Joysmith
  • p.268: Jane Tuke and David Clive King (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Ann Frances Elverson (photograph by Lenare); Sylvia Helen Scudamore (photograph by Bassano)

March 2

  • Frontis: Ingrid Bergman as St Joan, no credit
  • p.275: Sir Noel Charles, Ambassador to Turkey
  • p.261: Sonnie Hale drawing by Emmwood
  • p.283: Robert Newton as Harry in Blood On My Hands, no credit
  • London Amateur Championships – Boxing painting by A.R. Thomson
  • p.297: Stanley Grimm and Margaret Niven
  • p.302: Robert Morice Antony Bourne and Margaret Rose Lyttelton (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Pamela White (photograph by Anthony Buckley), Margaret Jean Arthur (photograph by Bassano); Denise Erskine (photograph by Navana Vandyk)

March 9

  • Frontis: Audrey Sale-Barker (skier) with P.E. de Kalu Fanchamps
  • p.317: Guy Middleton drawing by Emmwood
  • p.319: Clifford Stanton (impressionist) in seven characters including Danny Kaye, Sir Stafford Cripps and Herbert Morrison, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.320: Hon. Mrs William Stobart-Wheterly with her children Dennis, Dawn and Robin, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • p.325: Lady Oliver Harvey wife of the British Ambassador in Paris, photograph by Serge Lido, Paris
  • p.338: Jane Kerr (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Zoe Curtis Stent (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Doreen Treseder-Griffin (photograph by Fayer); Norah Violet Croker (photograph by Bassano); Marion Relf (photograph by Navana Vandyk)

March 16

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh with Pipe Major William Denholm
  • p.353: Jack Hylton drawing by Emmwood
  • p.355: Patricia Medina, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.369: Lord Rugby, photograph by Baron
  • p.374: Sybil Mary Sutton and Matthew Donald Hay (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Patricia (‘Paddy’) Winifred Cox (photograph by Bassano); Deidre Elizabeth Blundell-Brown (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Ann Pauline Jones (photograph by Harlip); Anne Cockburn (photograph by Fayer)

March 23

  • Frontis: Eton College Beagles: Lord and Lady Burnham with the Hon. Rodney Elton
  • p.385: Mrs Winston Churchill with Sebastian Balfour after the wedding of Giles Romilly, nephew of Churchill
  • p.389: Sid Field drawing by Emmwood
  • p.391: Renée Jeanmaire, photograph by Baron
  • p.395: Earl and Countess St. Aldwyn at home, photograph by W. Dennis Moss
  • p.410: Miriam Theresa Blanco-Fombona and Robin Adrian Hood (photograph by Lenare); Margaret Elizabeth Sarel (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Rosemary Lappin (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Rosemary Wills (photograph by Fayer); Avril Monica Crabtree (photograph by Harlip)

March 30

  • Frontis: Mrs John Wyndham (née Pamela Wyndham-Qunn) with son John Max Scawen Wyndham, photograph by Lenare
  • p.425: John Gielgud drawing by Emmwood
  • p.427: Pauline Tennant in The Queen of Spades, photograph by Baron
  • p.440: Irene Hentschel, photograph by Vivienne
  • p.441: Danilova and Frederick Franklin, photograph by Baron
  • p.446: Eva McMorrough Kavannagh (photograph by Harlip); Barbara Mary Constantine Andres (photograph by Lenare); Deidre Corry (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Dorothy Patricia Warbutron (photograph by Hay Wrightson)

April 6

  • Frontis: Marquess and Marchioness of Bath on the roof of Longleat, no credit
  • P.9: Peggy Ashcroft, drawing by Emmwood
  • p.11: Reneé Asherson, photograph by Vivienne
  • pp.18-9: Longleat - open house to the public
  • p.25: Glenda Raymond, photograph by John Vickers
  • p.30: Miss Jill Blundstone Pomfret (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Miss June Pamela Moir (photograph by Harlip)

April 13

  • Frontis: ‘April in Paris’ – traffic policemen
  • P.38: Gordon Beckles, drawing by Youngman-Carter
  • P.40: Madame Caesar Ritz (widow of the founder of the Ritz)
  • P.44: Elisabeth Welch drawing by Emmwood
  • p.47: Jill Craigie, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.66: Denise Taylor and John Mark, (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Gloden Bear (photograph by Pearl Freeman)
  • p.68: Gillian Sheen, fencing champion, photograph by D.R. Stuart

April 20

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth) in her private sitting room with 5 month old son Prince Charles of Edinburgh, photograph by Baron
  • p.81: Sheila Burrell and David Greene in Dark of the Moon at the Ambassadors Theatre, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.83: Clive Brook cartoon by Emmwood
  • Lord and Lady De L’Isle and Dudley with their children in the Tapestry Room at Penshurst Place, Kent
  • p.88: Colette by Lipinski of Paris, writing in her apartment overlooking the gardens of Palais Royale
  • pp.90-1: Princes Charles with toy rabbit, photograph by Baron
  • Peter Cheyney ph on Book Reviews page, “Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

April 27

  • Frontis: Duke of Kent with his sister Princess Alexandra, no credit
  • p.111: Diana Wynyard as Lady Macbeth, no credit
  • p.117: Douglas Montgomery, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.119: Beatrice Campbell, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.124: Henry de Buys Roessingh, painter, photograph by Baron
  • p.133: Derek Patmore, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x125567 and NPG x195081

May 4

  • Frontis: Queen, King and Prince Charles, photograph by Baron
  • p.153: Jean Simmons, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.155: Gregory Ratoff, photograph by Ted Reed
  • p.159: Morina Stewart-Clark and her brother John Stewart-Clarke, photograph by Lenare
  • p.160: Hugh Massingham, photograph by Duncan Melvin
  • p.168: Alan Ross, pg. Duncan Melvin
  • p.169: Agatha Christie, photograph by Walter Bird

May 11

  • Frontis: Princess Margaret setting out for a walk in Capri,
  • p.189: Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, photograph by Baron
  • p.191: Emlyn Williams at home in armchair in his Berkshire weekend farmhouse and showing copy of Life magazine, photograph by Leslie Baker
  • p.195: Michael Astor, son of Hon J.J. Astor, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • p.196: Muriel Smith in Sauce Tartare

May 18

  • Frontis Sir Victor Mallet and family in Rome with Princess Margaret at a copy of the Temple of Vesta at the British embassy
  • p.219: Duke and Duchess of Sutherland with Romney painting, at Sutton Place
  • p.225: Margot Fonteyn, photograph by Baron
  • p.230: Monica Battine ,debutante, photograph by Cecil Beaton
  • p.232: Roland Petit, photograph by John Deakin

May 25

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth with Mrs Oliver Gilbey
  • p.263: Moira Lister
  • p.266: Gillian Wharton in wedding dress, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.268: Albert Semprini
  • p.277: Giorgio de Chirico at the RA
  • p.282: Audrey Muriel Oliver (photograph by Bassano); Patricia Lamburn (photograph by Yvonne Gregory); Daphne Caroline Byass (photograph by Hay Wrightson)
  • p.284: Norah Lofts by Fred Daniels (un-credited)

June 1

  • Frontis: Wedding of Caroline Lascelles and Anthony Lyttleton at St George’s Chapel, Windsor
  • p.297: The Two Witches-Mary Laura Wood and Sandra Dorne in The Dark of the Moon at the Ambassadors Theatre, photograph by Percy Kessell
  • p.299: Michael Wilding, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.304: Mrs Anthony Greenwood, wife of the MP, grand-daughter of Hon. John Collier, in costume and NPG painting behind? Photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195617
  • p.316: Fashion, photograph by John Cole

June 8

  • Frontis: Mrs John Greenish (née Sonia Redfern), photograph by Baron
  • p.333 John Clements and Kay Hammond in The Beaux’ Stratagem, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.338: Hon. Charmiane Wilson, photograph by Cecil Beaton
  • p.340: Diana Raymond, photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • p.349: Sir Gilbert Laithwaithe, photograph by Baron
  • p.354: Ruth Margaret Coit (photograph by Cecil Beaton); Mary Helen Cecilia Scott (photograph by Bassano)

June 15

  • Frontis: HRH Princess Elizabeth in the paddock with Sir Humphrey de Trafford before the Derby at Epsom
  • p.369: Celia Lipton, photograph by Baron
  • p.370: Compton Mackenzie, Author of Whisky Galore, no credit
  • p.376: Strube, eminent cartoonist, by Angus McBean
  • pp.378-9: Marie Rambert and her ballet stars, photographs by Tasker, Press Illustrations
  • p.390: Mary Rankin Robertson, photograph by Bassano

June 22

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth leaving Buckingham Palace on her police horse
  • p.405: Daphne Anderson, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.407: Ivan Foxwell, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.412: Lady Oranmore and Browne, photograph by Baron
  • p.415: Robert Speaight, photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • p.421: Ivor Brown, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.426: Elizabeth Margaret Joyce (photograph by Elliott & Fry); Maureen Berg (photograph by David Petterson); Gloria Schoonraad (photograph by Vandyk)

June 29

  • Frontis: The King and Queen with Capt Boyd-Rochfort
  • p.441: George Robey, photograph by Angus McBean – see NPG P1836
  • p.443: Valerie Hobson and Richard Todd in The Cord, photograph by Curtis Reeks
  • p.449: Tamara Toumanova, photograph by Duncan Melvin

July 6

  • Frontis: John Bosomworth, Edmund Denison, Pamela Hinkin and Eve Harris Oxford’s Commemoration Ball, no credit
  • p.9: Peter Ustinov, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.11: Edwige Feuillere, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.15: Davina Metcalfe, photograph by Harlip
  • P.30: Wenda Parkinson, fashion, photograph by Sandys Walkers
  • p.33: Evelyn Raymonde Louise Mijouain, (photograph by Bassano); Diana Moira Angela Joel (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Anne Bartlett (photograph by Lenare)

July 13

  • Frontis: Lady Carline Blackwood, photograph by Baron
  • p.51: Joy Nichols, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.53: Robert Flaherty, photograph by John Deakin
  • p.56: Baroness Adolph Bentinck with her daughter Henriette Louse, photograph by Lenare
  • p.59: Henry Kendall, photograph by Landseer
  • p.60: Rosella Hightower, photograph by Serge Lido
  • p.70: Lady Aird (widow of Sir John Aird) and her grandson John, great-grand-daughter Valerie Cunliffe-Fraser, her daughter Mrs William Cunliffe and her granddaughter Mrs Cunliffe-Fraser, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.71: Allen Lane, photograph by Robin Adler
  • p.76: Pauline Elizabeth Hardwick (photograph by Bassano); Priscilla Ann Blomfield (photograph by Harlip)

July 20

  • Frontis: Earl and Countess of Meath with their children, photograph by Lenare
  • p.95: Yves Montand, photograph by Baron
  • p.97: Yvonne Mitchell, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x131108NPG x131111
  • p.115: Cathleen Mann, photograph by Angus McBean

July 27

  • Frontis: Hon. Mrs Frances Legh (née Holmes-Watson), photograph by Baron
  • p.137: Paul Muni, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.139: Jane Wyman, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.146: Picasso, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.154: Rumer Godden, photograph by Lisa Sheridan, Studio Lisa
  • p.155: Siegfried Charouz (photograph by Elliott & Fry – in NPG collection) and Stella Marks (photograph by Lisa)
  • p.160: Hon. Francs Virginia Susan Ryder, photograph by Bassano

August 3

  • Frontis: Earl of Harewood and Marion Stein, no credit
  • p.177: Wendy Hiller, photograph by Baron
  • p.179: Anatole de Grunwald, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.183: Annabel Carr, photograph by Gordon Anthony
  • p.186: Maurice Utrillo, no credit
  • p.197: The Master of Falkland, heir to the Viscount of Falkland, photograph by George Konig
  • p.198: ‘Black and white’ fashion by Jacques Fath, photograph by F.J. Goodman

August 10

  • Frontis: Queen presents the King George V Gold Challenge Cup at the International horse Show
  • p.217: June Sylvaine, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.219: Anthony Asquith, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.224: Michael Trubshawe as Major ‘Bushy’ Noble, photograph by Dennis Reed
  • p.226: Oscar Zadkine, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.236: Jane Drew, E. Maxwell Fry and Richard Hughes
  • p.242: Anthea Walton Ball and Denis Tyrell Storrie (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Olivia P.W. William-Powlett (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Pamela Auckland (photograph by Fayer); Christine V.H. Robertson, (photograph by Bassano)

August 17

  • Frontis: The Hon. Mrs Morogh Bernard, photograph by Baron
  • p.257: Maria D`Attili, singing star from Puerto Rico, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.259: Margaret Leighton by Vasco Lazzolo, painting, photo and sculpture
  • p.263: Juanita Forbes, daughter of James Stewart Forbes, photograph by David Gurney
  • p.264: Henri Laurens and sculpture, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.277: WP Viscountess Curzon and children in garden, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.282: Shirley Anne Rooper (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Jacqueline L. Juicker (photograph by Lenare); Eve Huntley Flindt, (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

August 24

  • Frontis: Somerset de Chair with his wife and two sons Rodney and Peter, photograph by Compton Collier
  • p.297: Anthony Quayle as Henry VIII, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.299: Ann Todd as Madeleine Smith and Ivan Desny in Madeleine, photograph by George Courtney Ward
  • p.306: Matisse, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.317: James Kinross (photograph by Russell Sedgwick); Christopher Hollis (photograph by Lafayette); Mrs Bridge Shetwynd (photograph by Swaebe)
  • p.322: Miss Mary Elxandra Eardley-Wilmot (photograph by Harlip); Miss Jenifer Selena Fairbairn (Yevonde); Miss Audrey Morgan-Grenville (photograph by Bassano)

August 31

  • Frontis: Hon. Ronald Nall-Cain with his father, Lord Brockett, is mother and his sister Hon. Elizabeth Nall-Cain, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.337: Siobhan McKenna, photograph by Denis de Marney
  • p.339: Jacques Tati
  • p.344: Miro, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.346: Noel Coward, no credit
  • p.356: James Barke, photograph by Walter Bird
  • p.357: Mary (née de Traffrord), Lady Bowes-Lyons with her children, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.362: Susan Mary Harter (photograph by Harlip); Dr. Elspeth Mary Frith (photograph by Bassano)

September 7

  • Frontis: Baron and Lady de Fresnes with their children Christopher, Nigel and Paulyn
  • pp.378-9: Edith Evans in Daphne Laureola, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.381: Anne Crawford, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.392: Arp with sculpture, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.406: Pamela Jane Bond (photograph by Lenare); Diana Grace Philips (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Esther Arkwright (photograph by Fayer); Monica Victoria Batine (photograph by Douglas)

September 14

  • Frontis and pp.446-7: Geoffrey Fownes Luttrell and Dunster Castle by George Koenig
  • p.431: Vivien Leigh, photograph by Vivienne
  • p.433: Thorold Dickinson, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.444: Georges Braque, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.447: Fownes Luttrell, photograph by George Konig
  • p.452: Lt. Col. And Mrs Mark F. Strutt (née Berney) with their children Charlotte, Sarah and Andrew, photograph by John Tarlton
  • p.458: Patricia Mary Muntz and David Edward Steer (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Nancy Elizabeth Sutcliffe Wilson (photograph by Burrell & Hardman); Sylvia E.Binder (photograph by Lamber)

September 21

  • Frontis: King and Queen at the Highland Gathering at the Royal Pavilion
  • p.485: Sybil Thorndike, photograph by McBean
  • p.487: John Paddy Carstairs, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.496: Le Corbusier, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.507: advert for Marshall & Snelgrove, London - photograph by Antony Beauchamp
  • p.510: Patricia Price (photograph by Bassano); Hermione Burton (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

September 28

  • Frontis: Duchess of Kent with her children, Princess Alexandra and Prince Michael, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.535: Frances Rowe, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195384NPG x195385
  • p.537: George King, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.541: Frederick Woodhouse, photograph by John Vickers
  • p.544: Sir Robert Muir Mackenzie with his wife and their children Catriona, Diarmid and Charmian, photograph by Vandyk
  • p.548: Cornelius van Dongen, photograph by Willy Maywald
  • p.562: Jill Annetee Marshall, photograph by Dorothy Wilding

October 5

  • Frontis: Mrs Michael Stratton (née Brooke) with her children Juliet Nina and Patrick Michael, photograph by Bassano
  • P.13: drawing of Margaret Mitchell by Youngman Carter
  • p.15: Glynis Johns, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.20: High Commissioner for South Africa, Leif Egeland with his wife and daughter, photograph by Navana Vandyk
  • p.24: Evangeline Haldane, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195618
  • p.25: Audrey Hepburn in advert for Marshall & Snelgrove, London - photograph by Antony Beauchamp
  • p.39: Elizabeth Winifred Billyard-Leake (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Pamela Catherine Georgina Sheppard (photograph by Lenare); Hon. Enid Rosamund Lawrence (photograph by Baron)

October 12

  • Frontis: Earl of Harewood and his bride, Countess of Harewood, formerly Marion Stein, and his mother, Princess Royal
  • p.57: Marion Stein in her wedding dress
  • p. 63: Arthur Bliss, photograph by Angus McBean – see NPG P886
  • p. 65: Agnes Bernelle by Godfried de Groot, Amsterdam
  • p.75: cartoon of Vecchi by Tom TItt
  • p.90: Margaret Julia Wright (photograph by Bassano); Jean Audrey King (photograph by Anthony Beauchamp); Barbara Hanbury-Williams (photograph by Lenare); Hon. Jean Davies (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Elizabeth Josephine (Mimi) Kiek (photograph by Fayer)
  • p.92: Gilbert Frankau, photograph by Fayer

October 19

  • Frontis: Emma Soames (née Churchill) with her six-week old daughter Emma Mary, no credit
  • pp.114-5: Michael Rennie, photograph by Francis Goodman – see NPG Ax39666
  • p.124: Ninette de Valois, photograph by Gordon Anthony
  • p.125: Margot Fonteyn, photograph by John Deakin
  • p.128: Marguerite Steen, photograph by Yevonde
  • p.129: Marquess of Milford Haven, painting by Vasco Lazzolo

October 26

  • Frontis: Countess of Effingham (née Maria Gertler), photograph by De Rays
  • p.165: Flora Robson and Anthony Ireland in Black Chiffon, photograph by John Vickers
  • p.169: Joyce Howard, photograph by Norman Hargood
  • p.194: Susan Elizabeth Sale (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Dinah Millicent Oldham (photograph by Guttenberg); Jane Boel Blagrave-Ellis (photograph by A.V. Farren)

November 2

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth’s writing desk, with photographs of the Royal family
  • p.213: Princess Elizabeth with naval cadets
  • p.217: Duke of Edinburgh in tropical naval uniform
  • p.219: Paula Walenska, photograph by Percy Kessell
  • p.21: William Mollison, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.247: Jill Mary Knight (photograph by J. Russell); Doris Elizabeth Griffiths (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Jill Hood Linzee (photograph by Fayer); Jennifer Lesley Turner (photograph by Wells)

November 9

  • Frontis: Prince Charles being walked in the park
  • p.269: Oliver Messel, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.271: Lea Padovani, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.298: Jane Griselda Robinson (photograph by Fayer); Pamela Jane Firkins (photograph by Bassano); Phyllis Thelma Ruddy (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

November 16

  • Frontis: Captain J.F.D. Johnston’s wedding to Hon. Elizabeth Hardinge
  • P.315: Queen Elizabeth meets Harry Marlowe
  • P.321: Vivian Ellis, photograph by Angus McBean
  • P.323: Kay Kendall, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • P.329: Boulenc / Dennis Butler, photograph by Angus McBean
  • P.332: Viscount and Viscountess Templewood, photograph by David
  • P.347: advert for Marshall & Snelgrove with Audrey Hepburn, photograph by Antony Beauchamp

November 23

  • Frontis: Lady Amabel, Lady Victoria York and Viscount Royston – children of the Earl of Hardwicke, no credit
  • p.373: Marilyn Hightower, no credit
  • p.375: Esmond Knight, photograph by John Deakin
  • p.384: Prince Charles with his cousin Prince Richard of Gloucester, no credit
  • p.388: April Stride, no credit
  • p.402: Susanna Hogan (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Marianne Jill Harben (photograph by Lenare); Joan Lucille Brown (photograph by Fayer); Phyllis St. Leger Boxwell (photograph by Bassano)

November 30

  • Frontis: Henryetta Edwards, photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • pp.421: At the Winter exhibition of the portrait painters, including Simon Elwes and Philip Lambe
  • p.425: Lupino lane, photograph by McBean
  • p.427: Hugh Griffith, no credit
  • p.433: ‘My six best pictures - number one, two Riders in wood photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.436: Angela Laycock (née Dudley Ward) with her daughter, Martha, photograph by Lenare
  • p.440: Anna Mahler, photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • p.454: Lorna Margaret Nairn (photograph by Bassano); Susan Ashton (photograph by Lenare)

December 7

  • Frontis: colour: 10th Duke of Northumberland with his wife Elizabeth Diana Percy (née Montagu-Douglas-Scott), Duchess of Northumberland and children Lady Caroline Mary de Cabarrus (née Percy) and Lady Victoria Lucy Cuthbert (née Percy)
  • p. 489: Anna Magnani, photograph by Villoresi, Rome
  • p.491: drawing of Sir Laurence Olivier as Richard III by Tim Titt
  • p.493: Corinne Calvet, no credit

December 14

  • Frontis: George Gosselin Marten marries Hon. Mary Anna Sturt, photograph by Cecil Beaton
  • p.541: Robert Beatty, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.543: Elizabeth Sellars, photograph by Frank Buckingham
  • p.548-9: Florence Read – ‘My Six Best Pictures’, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.556: Richard Murdoch and his wife Peggy Rawlings, photograph by Francis Goodman – see NPG x195616
  • p.570: June Longworth (photograph by Fayer); Margaret Erskine (photograph by Harlip); Hon. Karis Valerie Mond (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Hon. Mrs Susan Katherine Chance (photograph by Bertram Park)

December 21

  • Frontis: Earl and Countess of Harewood, playing piano
  • P.587: Countess of Harewood
  • P.593: Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann, photograph by McBean
  • P.595: Jean Kent, photograph by Cornel Luca
  • P.599: ‘My six best pictures – Margaret Morris, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • P.602: Duchess of Kent, photograph by Cecil Beaton
  • P.606: John Howard Davies in The Rocking Horse Winner, photograph by Ian Jeaues
  • P.622: Elizabeth Ann Brousson (photograph by Freeman); Jean Veronica Foster (photograph by David Petterson); Corinne Julia Alyce Derick (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

December 28

  • Frontis: Angela de Lisle (née Thomas), photograph by Baron
  • P.643: Margaret Lockwood as Peter Pan, photograph by Wilfred Newton
  • P.645: ‘My six best pictures – Roger Livesey as Colonel Blimp, photograph by Fred Daniels