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Tatler magazine 1951

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January 3

  • Frontis: David Henry George, 8th Earl of Harewood (as a baby) with his parents the 7th Earl and Countess of Harewood, no credit
  • p.11: Sally Gilmour photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.13: John Argyle, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.14: Alexandra and Nicholas Phillips, children of Harold Phillips photograph by Marcus Adams
  • p.20: Joan Haslip (writer), photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195283

January 10

  • Frontis: Mrs Winston Churchill photograph by Vivienne
  • p.53 : The Chelsea Arts Club Ball
  • p.55: Ellis Irving and Sophie Stewart in Lace on her Petticoat, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.57 : Sir Laurence Olivier, drawing by Fred Daniels
  • p.61: Shoonan Guinness (daughter of Sir Algernon Guinness), photograph by Lenare
  • p.64 : The Rajkumar of Pudukota, photograph by F. J Goodman
  • p.78 : Reginald Whitehouse, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.79 Book Reviews : Ruby M Ayres
  • p.81: Pamela Mary (photograph by Lenare); Eirwen Tudor-Edwards (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Hon. Philippa Selina Bewicke-Copley (photograph by Fayer) and Cynthia Mary Farrer (photograph by Harlip)

January 17

  • Frontis: Family Group at Clarence House (Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Anne), photograph by Baron
  • p.99 : Eileen Joyce, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.101 : Julia and Carol Anne Cornelius, daughters of Henry Cornelius, photograph by Harold Hanscomb
  • p.103: Anna Stevens (daughter of John Stevens), photograph by Bassano
  • p.108: Comtesse Chevreau d’Antraigues
  • p.125: Susan Brett (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Belinda Constable Maxwell (photograph by Bassano); Mary Norris Matthews (photograph by Anthony Buckley) and Susan Elizabeth Lambert (photograph by Lenare)

January 24

  • Frontis: Islay Sismey, photograph by Baron
  • p.145: Yvonne Mitchell as Eliza Doolittle in ‘Pygmalion’
  • p.147: Robertson Hare
  • p.149: Patricia Jane de Horsey, photograph by Fayer
  • p.151: Mrs Stuart Wilder and daughter Maryjane , photograph by Catherine Bell
  • p.172: Ruth Elizabeth Annette Bradshaw (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Hon. Rosemary Portman (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Virginia Rosemary Pearson (photograph by Harlip); Elizabeth Lilias Legerton (photograph by Lenare)

January 31

  • Frontis: Wendy Hillier and children Anne and Anthony photograph by Vivienne
  • P.189: Moira Lister poses for her portrait by Russian artist Vladimir Grigoryevich Tretchikoff
  • p.191: Robert Felmyng and Ronald Culver in Rattigan’s Who is Sylvia, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.193: Valerie Hobson, no credit
  • p.217: Alison Brierley (photograph by Burrell and Hardman); Pamela Bevan (photograph by Fayer); Marguerite Patricia Beatty (photograph by Pearl Freeman) and Florence Mary Bull (photograph by Lenare)
  • pp.218-9: Gabrielle Brune and Susan Shaw, photographs by John Cole

February 7

  • Frontis: Lady Dunalley (née Philippa Cary), no credit
  • p.237 Jane Baxter, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.239 Sheila Sim, wife of Richard Attenborough, in Pandora and the Flying Duthcman
  • p.240: Christopher and Fiona Sharples, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • p.243: Jennifer Williams, photograph by Bassano and Hon, Caroline Barrie, photograph by Pear Freeman
  • p.262: Sonia Helen Gunston (photograph by Harlip); Zita Belloc (photograph by Fayer); Barbara Daphne Garinder (photograph by Lenare)

February 14

  • Frontis: The Begum Liaquat Ali Khan (wife of Prime Minister of Pakistan) photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.281: Winifred Atwell (pianist) photograph by Garcia
  • p.283: AUDREY HEPBURN, photograph by Percy Kessell.
  • p.285: John and Ann Glover (children of Capt. and Hon Mrs Philip Glover) photograph by Navana Vandyk
  • p.304: Miss Laurian Jones (daughter of Sir Roderick Jones) photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • p.308: Mary Catherine Barclay (photograph by Fayer; Anne Frances Mullenger (photograph by Bassano); Mary Denise Muddiman (photograph by Chaplin Jones); Ann Elizabeth Gilley (photograph by Harlip) and Gilian Malise Stobart (photograph by Navana Vandyk)

February 21

  • Frontis: Norina Stewart-Clark, daughter of Sir Stewart-Clark, photograph by Cecil Beaton
  • pp.324-5: Wedding of Marquess of Normanby and Hon. Grania Guinness, photograph by Baron Studios
  • p.329: Cicely Courtneidge, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.331: Margot Fonteyn, no credit
  • p.334: Anne Lucas (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Pamela May Dewy (photograph by Fayer)

February 28

  • Frontis: Virginia Curtis-Bennett (daughter of Sir Noel Curtis-Bennett), photograph by Vivienne
  • p.375:drawing of the 7th Earl of Harewood by Hoffnung
  • p.377: Patricia Neway, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.379: Elisabeth Bergner, drawing by Fred Daniels
  • p.386: The Begum Rahimtoola and Family
  • p.406: Michael Noel Conville (photograph by Fayer); Elizabeth Anne Cook (photograph by Lenare); Elizabeth Mary Yencken (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Geraldine Honor Blake (photograph by Catherine Bell) and Rachel Moyra Aylmer (photograph by Navana Vandyk)

March 7

  • Frontis: Lady Henrietta Paget (daughter of the Marquess of Anglesey) playing the piano, photograph by Swaebe (more on pp.458-9)
  • p.441: Lilo – star of the new Folies Bergere, photograph by Harcourt
  • p.443: Elizabeth Sellars, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.453: Swedish Ambassador, Gunnar Hagglof, with his family, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.472: Isobel Strachey, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195405
  • p.482: Daphne Masterson (photograph by Fayer); Lucie Seymour (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Catherine Unity Gibson (photograph by Navana Vandyk)

March 14

  • Frontis: Susan Grenville-Grey (announces engagement to Earl of March), photograph by Joan Pitt
  • P.519: drawing of the Duke of Marlborough by Hoffnung
  • p.522: Norwegian Ambassador, Per Preben Orebensen, and family, photograph by Eric Coops
  • p.523: Grizelda Lowther, photograph by Lenare
  • p.528: Sacha Guitry, as the mime Deburau in the play Deburau, photograph by Lipnitzki
  • p.532: drawing of Charlie Chaplain playing Hamlet by Sherriffs
  • p.546: Lady Iona Mary Abney-Hastings (photograph by Bassano); Pauline Mary Craven (photograph by Lenare) and Anne Douthwaite (photograph by Jill Balfour)

March 21

  • Frontis: Elizabeth Fitzalan-Howard photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195083 and NPG x195257 NPG x195258
  • p.567: Erich Kleiber, drawing by Gerard Hoffnung
  • p.569: Count Reventlow, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.570: Margaret Stitt, photograph by Harlip
  • p.576: Mme. Michele du Boissieu – wife of Assistant Counsellor at the French Embassy, no credit
  • pp.578-9: Viscount and Viscountess Cunningham
  • p.594: Cordelia Mary Hope (photograph by Pearl Freeman) and Felicity Harrison (ph; Dorothy Wilding)

March 28

  • Frontis: Viscountess Errington with children Hon. Evelyn, Hon. Lana and Hon. Vivian Baring, photograph by Fayer
  • Cartoon of Field Marshal Sir William Slim by Gerald Hoffnung
  • p.613: The Venezuelan Ambassador, Dr. Carlos Sosa-Rodriguez with his son Carlos, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.614: Daphne Carroll (photograph by Navana Vandyk) and Joan Mary Sunley (photograph by Pearl Freeman)
  • p.617: Caroline Browning (photograph by Catherine Bell) and Camilla Whitaker (photograph by Lenare)
  • p.620: Hon. Mrs John Williamson with children Alaister and Juliet Ann, photograph by Laing
  • p.635: Bridget O’Brien (photograph by Fayer); Deidre Craig (photograph by Lenare) and Mary Stephanie Pigott (photograph by Bassano)

April 4

  • p.27: Peruvian Ambassador Sir Ricardo Schreiber, photograph by Eric Cooper
  • p.34: Ballet Fantasia, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.36: Adrian Ryan in his Chelsea Studio
  • p.42: ‘Things of the Present by Sheriffs’

April 11

  • Frontis: Countess of Rosse (née Messel), photograph by Baron
  • p.91: the Emir Zeid (Iraqi Ambassador) with his wife Princess Fahr el-Nissa Zeid and Prince Abdul Illah, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.116: Ann Fremantle (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Gillian Margaret Campbell (photograph by Lenare)

April 18

  • Frontis: Chelsey Lloyd – debutante, photograph by Baron
  • p.140: The French Ambassador and Mme. Rene Massigli, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.141: Mrs Roddy Huff (née Boughey) with her children Jamie and Elizabeth, photograph by Marcus Adams

April 25

  • Frontis: Elizabeth and Prince of Edinburgh on the stairs of the Quirinal palace
  • p.193: Mme. Roberto de la Torre, wife of the Cuban Ambassador, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.197: Diana Morley Kennerley, photograph by Harlip
  • p.212: Robert Henriques, photograph by Peter North
  • p.218: Barbara Elizabeth Saxon (photograph by Fayer); Jill Maclean (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

May 2

  • p.241: Queen Elizabeth II by Sir Oswald Birley
  • p.245: Claire Bloom, photograph by Percy Kessel
  • p.246: The Belgian Ambassador and family
  • p.260: Edward Wolfe with dog
  • p.261: Ngaio Marsh, photograph by Angus McBean

May 16

  • Frontis: Royal Ladies at the South Bank Concert Hall
  • p.382 : Cyril Beaumont, photograph by Baron
  • p.395 : Sir Kenneth Clark, drawing by Hoffnung

May 23

  • Frontis: Diana, Suzanne, Karina and Angela Cross – daughters of Sir Ronald Cross, Bt, photograph by Lenare
  • p.423: Veronica Hurst, photograph by Percy Kessell
  • p.430: Elaine Fifield and David Poole in Pineapple Poll, a comedy ballet, photograph by Baron
  • p.443: Reginald Arkell
  • p.448: Brigid Bannerman (photograph by Fayer); Wytchy MacDonald (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

May 30

  • Frontis: Pauline Bulman, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.472: The Polish Ambassador and family, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.478: Mrs Tun Shwe, photograph by F.J. Goodman
  • p.498: Julia Ogden (photograph by Yevonde); Elizabeth Fry (photograph by Lenare); Una-Mary Nepearn-Gubbins (photograph by Bassano)

June 1

  • pp.293-?: Michael Dorothy Wilding, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.304: Mrs Anthony Greenwood, photograph by Francis Goodman

June 6

  • Frontis: Lady Caroline Montagu-Douglas-Scott to marry Ian Gilmour
  • p.526: HRH Prince Richard at Barnwell Castle, photograph by Tom Blau
  • p.540: Thor Heyerdahl and wife, photograph by Yevonde
  • p.547: Audrey Hepburn in Lacto-Calamine advert, photograph by Angus McBean

June 20

  • p.635: The Chilean Ambassador and family, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.635: Verena Kimmins, photograph by Pearl Freeman
  • p.642: Michael Parker with his wife, Eileen Parker (née Allen) and children, Michael and Julie, photograph by Swaebe

July 4

  • Frontis: ‘A young Harrovian answers at ‘Bill’ – King Faisal II
  • P.13:Graham Sutherland, Lucien Freud, Herbert Read, Philip James, Eric Newton and Mrs Graham Sutherland and private view of Sutherlands paintings
  • p.15: The Duke of Primo de Rivera, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.19: Avril Wotherspoon, photograph by Pearl Freeman
  • p.42: Dinah Margarette Hogarth (photograph by Lenare); Diana Barry (photograph by Peter North) and Angela Louise Cross (photograph by Yevonde)

July 11

  • Frontis: Mr Michael Neal and Barbara Carter
  • p.63 : H.E the Argentine Ambassador and family, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.74 : Dame Sybil Thorndike, photograph by John Topham
  • p.84 Book Reviews: Norman Collins

July 18

  • Frontis: The Queen and Princess Elizabeth at a ballet gala, no credit
  • p.112: Lady Elizabeth Longman, photograph by Bassano
  • p.112: Viscount Quenington, photograph by Clayton Evans
  • p.118: Cornélis U.M. van Dongen, no credit
  • p.138: Ingrid Olivia Georgia Wyndham (photograph by Harlip); Gillia Viola Aird (photograph by Pear Freeman) and Patricia Anne Pennall (photograph by Gerald Prior)

July 25

  • Frontis: R.V.C. Robins (cricketer) and his sister Penelope, no credit
  • p.159: The Israeli Minister, Eliahu Elath and his wife, at home, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.106: Princess Margaret Parente and her son William Henry Marcello, photograph by Schloss
  • p.171: D.A. Clarke-Smith as Don Gonzala in Don Juan in Hell, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.186: Christine Floor (photograph by Bassano); Anne Radclyffe (photograph by Joan Muspratt) and Patricia Mary Jenkins (photograph by Angus McBean)

August 1

  • Frontis: Mr and Mrs E.C. Comberbach at Warwick Castle, no credit
  • p.205: Mona Inglesby and Ernest Hewitt, photograph by Fred Daniels
  • p.207: M. Cevat Acikalin (Turkish Ambassador) with his family, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.216: Yvonne de Carlo, no credit
  • pp.230-1: Leonard Whitley (see NPG x195435), Clive Graham, W.A. Slow, Francis Bower, Alan Wheatley and Neil Roger, photographs by F.J. Goodman
  • p.232: Susan Mary Hornby (photograph by Lenare); Gabrielle Welford (photograph by Vivienne) and Ann Caroline Eden (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

August 8

  • Frontis: The Countess of Darnley, photograph by Baron
  • p.244: Mme. Linares Aranda, photograph by Lenare
  • p.249: The Duchess of Montoro, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.250: Mr and Mrs Richard Barwick, photograph by Compton Collier
  • p.260: Anthony Quayle, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.261: Marlene Dietrich, photograph by Cornel Lucas?

August 15

  • Frontis: the bridesmaids and pages for the wedding of Rachel Brand and Hon. William Douglas-Home
  • p.291: Mary Kerridge, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.294: Dr Julio Vega Batlle (Ambassador of the Republic of Dominica), photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.297: Miss Gwynneth Tighe, photograph by Pearl Freeman
  • p.300: Henri Matisse, no credit
  • p.322: Mary Cecilia Bowes-Lyon (photograph by Dorothy Wilding); Elizabeth Hope Staples (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Sheila Adele Page (photograph by Lenare)

August 22

  • Frontis: ‘Princess Margaret is of age’
  • Pp.346-9: Princess Margaret, photographs by Lisa Sheridan, Studio Lisa
  • p.351: Princess Margaret and family – in colour, photograph by Lisa Sheridan, Studio Lisa
  • p.354: Princess Margaret, photograph by Cecil Beaton – colour
  • p.364: John Cowper Powys, no credit

August 29

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth with Princess Anne, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • P.391: Harriet Cohen, photograph by Duncan Melvin
  • p.393: John Gielgud as Leontes in The Winter’s Tale, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.394: Charles Duff, son of Sir Michael Duff, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.416: Christopher Fry, photograph by Tom Blau

September 5

  • Frontis: Hon. Mrs Andrew Elphinstone (lady-in-waiting to Princess Elizabeth) with her daughters Jennifer and Rosemary, no credit.
  • p.439: Heather Stannard as the Queen in Richard II, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.440: Christopher and Victoria Leigh, photograph by Clayton Evans
  • p.446: Elda Albertini, photograph by Francis C. Fuerst
  • p.463: Ronald Searle (artist, in his studio, photograph by Yevonde – see NPG x26389); Jean Plaidy (novelist, photograph by Walter Bird) and Rom Clarkson (novelist, photograph by Ziar)

September 12

  • Frontis: Ruffles and Lace for a Duke’s niece and nephew
  • p.483: Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill on holiday in Italy
  • p.485: Joan Heal, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.487: Jessie Royce Landis and Keith Michell, photograph by Houston-Rogers
  • p.488: H.E Mr F. H Boland, Ambassador for the Republic of Ireland with his daughter, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.490: Colette Clark, photograph by Bassano
  • p.494: Mary-Ellen Moylan photograph by Serge Lido
  • p.511 Lady Brunner, photograph by Tom Blau

September 19

  • Frontis: Aboyne Ball
  • p.549: Beatrice Campbell, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.551: Cockle Hunting, photograph by Armstrong Jones (Snowdon)
  • p.552: Wendy Hiller, no credit
  • p.558: Michel Simon, photograph by Serge Lido
  • p.586: Mary A Clark (photograph by Lenare); Angela Joy Collinge (photograph by Fayer); Monica Slimmon (photograph by Pearl Freeman)

September 26

  • Frontis: Mrs Messel (née Nymans), wife of Leonard Messel, photograph by Armstrong Jones (Snowdon)
  • P.617: Elsa Lanchester, no credit
  • p.620: Caroline Wignall, photograph by Clayton Evans
  • p.646: Shirley Ann Morrice (photograph by Navana Vandyk); Joyce Barbara Addenbrooke Marston (photograph by Pearl Freeman) and Margaret Montgomery (photograph by Harlip)
  • p.647: Elsa Lanchester in advert for Café de Paris

October 3

  • Frontis: ‘In the Gothic Saloon at Birr Castle’- the Countess of Rosse and her son Lord Oxmantown, photograph by Armstrong Jones (Snowdon) and see pp.26-7
  • p.15: George Robey, photograph by Baron
  • p.17: Sir Mark Plamer, Bt and his sister Antonia – children of Lady Henriette Palmer, photograph by Clayton Evans
  • p.20: Mrs John Dupree (née Barlow), photograph by Harlip
  • p.20: Viscountess Malden, photograph by Fayer
  • p.24: Serge Golovine, photograph by Serge Lido
  • p.58: Barbra Scudmore Mitchel (photograph by Peter North); Briget Shirely Adams (photograph by Lenare); Alison Elizabeth Attlee (photograph by Elliott & Fry)

October 10

  • Frontis: Hon. Denys and Mrs Buckley at home with their children Catherine and Mirands, no credit
  • p.71: Edwige Feuillere, photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.72: Orme Roosevelt Clarke, son of Sir Humphrey Orme Clark, photograph by Clayton Evans
  • p.78: Nathalie Krassovska and Boris Trailine, ballet dancers, photograph by Serge Lido
  • pp.80-1: Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and Noel Coward, photograph by Armstrong Jones (Snowdon)
  • p.82: Ann Todd, photograph by Leslie Baker

October 17

  • Frontis: A Wedding Reception at Royal Hospital, Chelsea - Major and Mrs Henry Callander under a painting of Sir Stephen Fox (1627-1716)
  • p.129: Leslie Henson as Samuel Pepys, photograph by Houston Rogers
  • p.131: Richenda Victoria Blandy, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.134: Countess of Westmorland and her son Anthony David Francis, photograph by Lenare
  • p.135: Miss Annabelle Newton, photograph by Baron
  • p.138: Maurice Chevalier, photograph by Serge Lido
  • p.143: Kay Walsh, photograph by Cornel Lucas
  • p.150: Mrs Isabelle Bromley-Davenport, photograph by Swaebe
  • p.158: Celia Mary Horden (photograph by Harlip); Doryne Corfton (photograph by Lenare)

October 24

  • Frontis: Lady Joan Fordon, daughter of Major Harry Gordon, photograph by Baron
  • p.186: David Gurney, photographer, no credit – see p.95 for obituary
  • p.191: High Commissioner for Canada, L. Dana Wilgress with his wife and daughter Diana, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.212: David Carver, General Secretary of The P.E.N., photograph by Fayer

October 31

  • Frontis: bridal attendants for the wedding of the Marquess of Blandford to Susan Hornby
  • P.245:drawing of Orson Welles by Youngman Carter
  • p.246: High Commissioner for Australia, Thomas White, with his wife and children Lilian, Shirley and Judith, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.252: Lance Secretan photograph by Angus McBean
  • p.253: exhibition of drawings by Picasso, attended by Anthony Blunt, Nicholas Biddulph, Vera Lindsey, Henry Moore, Lilian Somerville, Sir Philip Hendy, Basil Burton, Adrianne Allen and John Craxton, photographs by Clayton Evans
  • p.257: Loudon Sainthill, photograph by Alec Murray
  • p.264: Howard Cleves, photograph by Vivienne
  • p.272: Jennifer Bailey Southwell (photograph by Harlip); Mary Anne Hervey (photograph by Lenare); Elizabeth Marion Whittall (photograph by Fayer)

November 7

  • Frontis: Royal Ladies Went to See Royal Variety – the Queen and Princess Margaret, no credit
  • p.303: Mrs Charles Clore and daughter Vivien, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.314: Nadia Gray, no credit

November 14

  • Frontis: Marie-Liliane Waller, debutante from Holland, photograph by Baron
  • p.350: William Stone, aged 94, King of the Albany in his chambers in the Albany, photograph by Armstrong Jones (Snowdon)
  • p.356: Lady Katharine Farrall with daughter Louisa, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.362: Madame Yvonne G. Antoinade, photograph by F.J. Goodman – see NPG x195110
  • p.372: Philip Trower, photograph by Walter Bird
  • p.380: The Hon. Rose Asquith (photograph by Pearl Freeman); Patricia Gabriele Estelle Adams (photograph by Hay Wrightson); Priscilla Margaret Fry (photograph by Lenare)

November 21

  • Frontis: Duke of Beaufort on a hunt, photograph by Swaebe
  • p. 405: Prince Charles, photograph by Marcus Adams
  • p.409: Eric Portman as the Marshal in The Moment of Truth, photograph by Leyland-Ross
  • p.410: Martin Bellamy, son of Brig. Robert Hugh Bellamy, photograph by Clayton Evans
  • p.413: Lady Molly Huggins, photograph by Lenare
  • p.416:Sacha Guitry, photograph by Serge Lido
  • p.430: drawing of L.S. Lowry by N.R> Egon
  • p.450: Jennifer Jane Bevan (photograph by Harlip) and Silvia Gleming (photograph by Thomas Fall)

November 28

  • Frontis: Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh after their tour of Canada
  • p.464: The High Commissioner of South Africa, A.L. Geyer, and his wife, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.470: John Armstrong (painter), photograph by Baron
  • p.508: Hon. Moira Jane Nivison (photograph by Fayer); Diana Patricia Goldson (photograph by Lenare); Hon. Anne Jeanetta Essex-Cholmondeley (photograph by Harlip)

December 5

  • Frontis: colour picture of Huxter the clown at Bertram Mills Circus with Anita, a trapeze artist, photograph by Redhead
  • Pp.521-3: Princess Margaret in Paris
  • P.529: party at Ciro’s nightclub: Duchess of Beufort and Earl of Dudley
  • P.530: K.M. Goodenough, High Commissioner for Southern Rhodesia, and his wife, photograph by Eirc Coop

December 12

  • Frontis: Lady Maybery Boyce (née Bevan) wife of Lord Mayor Sir Leslie Boyce, photograph by Baron
  • p.605: Peruvian Ambassador, M. De Rivera Schreiber, photograph by Ruth
  • p.609: Emlyn Williams and a bust of himself, no credit
  • p.634: Hon. Elizabeth Anne Fitzalan Howard (photograph by Fayer); Joan Cain (photograph by Dorothy Wilding)

December 19

  • Frontis: L.H. Jacques, ‘An Eton housemaster taking absence’ photograph by Barry Swaebe
  • P.647: Michael Shepley, no credit
  • P.648: Oliver Messel showing a model of ‘At the Races’ to Lady Bridge Parsons and Sacheverell Sitwell
  • P.649: Lady Dorothea Head, Rex Nankivell, Peter Glenville, Vagn Riis-Hansen and Stepehen Mitchell at private view of Oliver Messel’s exhibition titled ‘Designs for a Cochran Production’, photographs by Armstrong Jones (Snowdon)
  • p.651: India’s High Commissioner, Krishna Menon, photograph by Eric Coop
  • p.656: Billy Budd by Benjamin Brittain, photographs by Clayton Evans
  • p.654: Cynda Glenn, no credit

December 24

  • Frontis: Mrs John Middleton (née Patricia Harvey Thomas), photograph by Baron
  • Pp.682-3: party at Ciro’s nightclub for the Red Cross Society
  • p.691: The Black Swan at the Paris Opéra, no credit
  • p.693: drawing of Vivien Leigh by Fred Daniels
  • p.699: Lady Winifred Elwes with the painting of herself by her son Simon Elwes


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