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Lewis Carroll by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) albumen print, circa 1857 NPG P7(26)

Photographs by Lewis Carroll at Christ Church, circa 1856

The portraits in the Christ Church album belong to the period in which Dodgson's interest in photography was first awakened. The portraits are, as one would expect from a novice in photography, mainly of his friends and contemporaries at the college, a number of whom went on to become leading figures in the English church. The album belonged to one of these sitters, Canon John Rich, and includes some memorabilia pasted in by his descendants.

The Rejlander album: photographs by Oscar Rejlander, circa 1854-1866

The Rejlander album: photographs by Oscar Rejlander, circa 1854-1866

Album bound in gilt and tooled black morocco leather containing seventy-one albumen prints mounted on gilt-edged card pages. The photographs are all by the photographic pioneer, Oscar Gustav Rejlander (c. 1813-75) and include a selection of portraits of identifiable sitters, as well as a number of Rejlander’s well-known figurative, genre photographs.

Pyramus John by (Charles) John Hope-Johnstone circa 1911 NPG P134(8)

Gerald Brenan album: photographs by John Hope-Johnstone, circa 1922

An album of photographs mostly of Augustus John, who visited Brenan at Yegen in May 1922. Brenan is believed to have been the original owner of the album.

Henrietta Rintoul by Unknown photographer circa 1855 NPG P1273(27d)Rossetti Family Photograph Album, 1853-1902

Sidney James Webb, Baron Passfield; Beatrice Webb by Unknown photographer 1929 NPG P1292(34)Sidney and Beatrice Webb Family Photograph Album, 1863-1942

John Grant by W. & D. Downey 1868 NPG P22(25)

The Balmoral album: photographs by George Washington Wilson, W. & D. Downey and Henry John Whitlock, 1854-68

Photographs from an album by various photographers depicting life at Balmoral, not only showing the castle's royal residents - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert first visited in 1842 and in 1848 acquired the lease on the Balmoral estate - but also those who worked on the estate.

John Barton Sterling attributed to Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling late 1840s NPG P171(47)

The Carlyle album: photographs attributed to Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling, late 1840s-55

Photographs of Thomas Carlyle, his wife Jane and friends of the Carlyles in the 1850s.

Francis Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas, 8th Earl of Wemyss by David Octavius Hill, and Robert Adamson 1843 NPG P6(17)

The Hill and Adamson albums: photographs by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1843-48

Three albums containing some of the earliest photographs ever taken and the best examples of Hill and Adamson's work. The prints were selected from their collection of 1,500 negatives and arranged in three albums by Hill, on Adamson's untimely death, aged 26, in 1848.

Mary Augusta Ward (née Arnold) by Herbert Rose Barraud circa 1889 NPG P1700(3a)The Martin Plaut Album: Photographs of prominent people and events by various photographers, 1880s-1911

Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt by (George) Herbert Watkins 1857 NPG P301(36)

The Watkins album: photographs by Herbert Watkins, late 1850s

A series of photographs of distinguished contemporaries, which Watkins published with printed biographies under the title of National Gallery of Photographic Portraits. The photographer claimed in his advertisements that his photographs were 'as remarkable for their agreeable fidelity to nature as for their brilliancy of production and their economy of cost'.