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Typed copy of a letter from John Stuart Mill to Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, 2nd Bt., dated 9 March 1873, accepting a proposal to have his portrait painted by G.F. Watts.

10, Albert Mansions,
Victoria St., S.W.
March 9. 1873.

Dear Sir Charles Dilke,
We shall have much pleasure in dining with you and Lady Dilke on Sunday March 23.

I hardly know how to answer your very kind and flattering proposal regarding a portrait. I have hitherto disliked having my portrait taken, but I am unwilling to refuse the high compliment paid me by Mr Watts and yourself, and if sitting can be arranged within the limited time of my stay in London I shall be happy to make an appointment.

I enclose the cheques for our subscriptions for this year to the Radical Club but we neither of us have any remembrance of having paid anything last year, nor indeed for 1871. If we have not, will you let me know how much we owe?

I am, dear Sir Charles Dilke,
Yours very truly,