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Letter from Cecil Rhodes to Mary Seton Watts, (possibly 1898), regarding his visit to the Watts's home and the didactic role which he envisaged for the portrait.



Dear Mrs Watts
I could not help just writing a line and thanking you and your husband. It was such a pleasure
to come to you & your home was quite different
to anything that I had ever come across in




my rough life.

Even the little maid servant who opened the door had been affected by the atmosphere. I felt it in her answers and her face.

I hope for his own pleasure your husband will
be satisfied with my picture. If not tell him from
me to try the full face




in the group and put in the eyes of the Sphinx looking over the desert into eternity for the future, only in my case for empire of the race that I believe to be the best and which will be the best if we educate the youth to their responsibilities and teach them work is paramount.

I give you the thought for what it is worth, it is not personal conceit, but the picture might help the cause one hundred years hence.

yrs truly
C.J. Rhodes

You will kindly share this letter only with your husband.