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Letter from Lady Dorothy Stanley to G.F. Watts, dated 10 May 1898, comparing Cecil Rhodes to her husband Henry Morton Stanley.


2 Richmond Terrace
Whitehall S.W.
10th May 1898

Mr dear Signor
Your letter came opportunely for Mr Rhodes was lunching with us that day. I told him of your wish and he was very pleased and flattered - but he said he was leaving for S.Africa on the 21st. I insisted that he should go to you on the 17th. He laughed at my stern insistence and finally it was settled that he should go to Little Holland House on Tuesday




morning next - but might I suggest your letting him have a reminding note on the 16th. Burlington Hotel, Cork Street.

I like Mr Cecil Rhodes - and his face has interest, but it is not a grand face. Now, when they sat talking together I was forcibly struck by the difference in the two faces - Mr Stanley & Cecil Rhodes. Mr Stanley has a so




much nobler head, with the look of the Great Commander - if you want the head of a Maker of the nation - I will gladly lend you Stanley, for I should indeed be proud, beyond words, that there should be an undying portrait of Stanley - who discovered and founded the Congo Free State 900,000 square miles and offered it to England - 30,000 square




miles (illegible), he got for England - and through his efforts England now owns British East Africa.
I don't minimize Cecil Rhodes' services - but compared to Stanley he has done little.

Sir Alfred Lyall was lunching with us also. There again is a wonderful Head to paint. There is no one living who can give the Soul in men - but you - my dear Signor, - Pray remember me most cordially to Mrs Watts

Your affectionate, devoted
Dolly Stanley