NPG 1543 (1a/1b/1c)

Letter from George Meredith to Mary Seton Watts, post marked 13 December 1895, hoping to be able to visit her and her husband in the future.

Box Hill,

My dear Mrs. Watts,
Your Titian of Limnerslease has made me by much the richer. It has the effect of a fine picture - on me, at least. I thank you for remembering one whose love of the bravest of our workers is constant. How gladly should I wind up the mound beside the firs



to your door again. Your gentle emissary gave me excellent news of Signor & you, in all respects, & that I hold to be the next good thing to my confirmation of it by the sight of you. I shall hope for the day when it will be granted, some day when buds are



opening to the flute of the ouzel-cock. My hand is frozen, up in this chalet, I can hardly form the words. Believe me ever your most faithful

Signed, by the mediation of a casual pin, with my blood; but I dare not attempt another letter, & I leave it to your mercy.