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Letter from Frederick Sandys to 'Dear Sir', dated 20 December (year uncertain), stating that he has mistakenly been served with a bankruptcy order.


31 (illegible) Gardens
Wednesday Dec. 20th

Dear Sir
I have been unwell for some time and away. The last fortnight I have been ill and confined to my bed - where I am still - although much better. I have been hoping to get to you, but cannot I fear till next week.

Last Friday night I was was served in bed with a Bankruptcy notice
I must ask you to allow this to stand over till I see you -
I make the following statement as a question of absolute honour -

I have known Mr James Bulwer since the year 1846 or 47, and declare from that time to the first payment on account of his portrait £10, I never had one sixpence from him. I made a drawing of his sister Mrs Loyd, in, as well as I can remember, 1856 or 57, which I gave

*of course I borrowed £20 and £25 of him the last two years or so £25 of which I repaid last January - the last time I saw Mr Bulwer. I have a little more to say when I see you.

Fredk. Sandys