NPG 1741 (1b)

Letter from Frederick Sandys to 'Dear Sir', dated 20 December (year uncertain), stating that he has mistakenly been served with a bankruptcy order.


him, before this about £2 or £3 I should think I made a small etching of him as a frontispiece to his account of the ascent of Mount Blanc and two or three smaller etchings which I gave him. I made a drawing of the young lady, to whom he was much attached somewhere about 1856, which I gave him. For many years, indeed up to this last year, I used to go frequently on the Sunday, and work on his water colour paintings, putting in figures etc, assisting in designing beds for his flowers in temple gardens - during this time, I neither expected nor received one penny or a present of any sort.

I spent a great deal of time with him in endeavouring to get the illustations of Norfolk, and infinite trouble in endeavouring to sell the collection. Four or five visits with Mr (illegible), two with Mr Myers, and I may say I had quite arranged for the sale to Mr Coleman of (illegible) & Mr (illegible) of Norwich, but Mr Bulwer