NPG 1744 (5a)

Letter from Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts to Mary Seton Watts, dated 23 October 1898, describing what his wife and daughters thought of her husband's portrait of him.

17 Dover Street, London, W
23rd October 1898.

Dear Mrs. Watts,
Thank you very much for your kind letter of Friday. It was, I can assure you a great disappointment to Lady Roberts and my daughters not to see you when they called at "Little Holland House", however, they hope to have that pleasure in the Spring when Mr. Watts was good enough to say they might have another



look at the picture. They thought the likeness admirable, quite the best they have ever seen of me.

I cannot tell you how honoured I feel at having been painted by Mr. Watts for the purpose he has at heart.

With kind regards,
Believe me
Yours very truly