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Handwritten account, (1914), of the painting by Henry Jamyn Brooks.


dressed similarly to the Miss Monckton of the picture and posed accordingly with pillar and landscape. The resemblance was most striking.

The picture between Queen Charlotte and Miss Monckton is by Sir Benjamin West P.R.A. The owner I do not remember. My picture is somewhat unique in respect of its containing the portraits of three presidents of the Royal Academy, viz Lord Leighton P.R.A., Sir John Millais P.R.A. and Sir E.J. Poynter P.R.A.

Mr Gladstone was Prime Minister when he gave me a sitting in a house he was then living in at James St Westminster near Buckingham Palace.
I visited the studio of Lord Leighton, and he came to my studio but I cannot remember any conversation sufficiently interesting to be recorded here. In order to obtain the right positions I had a photograph taken of Sir E.J. Poynter in my studio shaking hands with my daughter. In the picture I have put Lady Alma-Tadema in her place.

The painter of the picture is represented by a small head between Mr Alfred de Rothschild and Lord Powerscourt.