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Letter from John Galt to William Brockedon, dated 18 December 1832, discussing Byron's response to Mount Etna.


Barn Cottage Old Brompton
Dec. I8th 1832

My Dear Sir

Having suffered from paralysis which has affected my right side I hope you will excuse me for employing the hand of one of my boys in answering your note.

I do not recollect that after we landed the mail at Girgenti and bore away for Malta that we saw Mount Aetna I rather think not as the day was hazy but if my recollection serves right we saw it soon before or after we made the Agadian islands. Lord Byron before his return to England had never been in Sicily I believe he alludes cheifly to the view of Aetna seen in going from Malta to the dominions of the Pasha. In that part of his voyage he would have a much better view of the mountain than in any other besides