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Printed invitation from William Kitchiner to William Brockedon, dated 12 May 1826, inviting him to dine with 'The Committee of Taste'.

Printed invitation

My dear Sir,
The Honor of Your Company is requested to dine with THe Committee of Taste, on Monday May 22nd.
The Specimens will be placed upon the table at Half past Five o ' Clock precisely, when the Business of the Day will immediately commence.

I have the Honor to be,

Your most obedient Servant,
Wm Kitchiner

12th May 1826
43, Warren Street
Fitzroy Square

At the last General Meeting, it was unanimously resolved, that

1st. An invitation to ETA . BETA . PI .must be answered in Writing, as soon as possible after "it is received - within 24 Hours, at latest," reckoning from that on which it is dated; - otherwise the Secretary will have the profound regret to feel the Invitation has been definitively declined.

2dly. The Secretary having represented that the perfection of several of the Preparations is so exquisitely evanescent, that the delay of One Minute after their arrival at the Meridian of Concoction, will render them no longer worthy of Men of Taste.

Therefore - to ensure the punctual attendance of those Illustruous Gastrophilists who on Grand Occasions are invited to join this high Tribunal of Taste - for their own Pleasure and the Benefit of their Country, it is irrevocably resolved, "That the Janitor be ordered not to admit any Visitor, of whatever eminence of Appetite, after the Hour which the Secretary shall have announced that The Specimens are Ready."

By Order of the Committee,
William Kitchener, Sec.