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Letter from Henry Hopley White to William Brockedon, dated 25 January 1832, agreeing to be drawn for the album of portraits which Brockedon is compiling for his son.


Lincolns Inn
25 January 1832

My dear Brockedon

I fear you will think I have forgotten you and yours, and that my silence and delay are symptoms that I do not well appreciate your flattering request that I would give you an opportunity of sketching my Phiz to be deposited in the Album you call little Phillips book of his father's friends. I need not tell you how lawyers are wedded to their books and papers and you must pardon my apparent indifference on the score of professional imprisonment. If preeminence for Talent or acquirements in science constituted the only title for admission among the distinguished individuals with whose portraits my own, through your kind proposal, is destined to be associated, I should prudently hide my diminished head, warned by the fable of the bird and its borrowed plumage, but as kindly