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Letter from Thomas Telford to Baron Charles Dupin, dated 22 August 1832, telling him of the preoccupation in England with the application of steam power and introducing Brockedon to him.


London 22nd August 1832

My dear Sir,

I stand indebted to you for several Valuable communications, and regret that nothing deserving your acceptance has lately occurred in this Country; - we are a dull plodding people, always busy, seldom producing any thing new or striking, though not infrequently riding a Hobby to excess; the application of Steam Power, seems to be at present the chief pursuit of ingenious persons.

Our Civil Engineer Institution, has greatly increased in numbers, and the meetings are sufficiently well attended; the discussions have hitherto been chiefly directed to experimental and practical matters, of which notices have ocassionally been given, but there has not as yet been any seperate publication.

My principle motive for the present communication is to introduce Mr William Brockedon who is desirious of making Baron Dupins acquaintance, he is one of our first rate English Artists, equally distinguished in historical, landscape, and Portrait painting; while