NPG 2893 (2a)

Typed copy of a letter from G.F. Watts to Mrs Henrietta Octavia Barnett, dated 11 September 1892, describing pictures not previously seen in public.

Little Holland House,
Kensington, W.
September 11th, 1892.

My dear Mrs Barnett,

I am so sorry we shall be away. I have been laid up for nearly a month with a bad foot which has stopped my work and made me helpless, obliged to be carried about and all that that means. I have nothing in the gallery that has not been seen in Whitechapel over and over again excepting two small things, good suggestions I think for a little sermon, and a red chalk drawing, under a version of the "Angel of Death" (from the "Court of Death") a figure of Love seated holding up to view a handful of rose leaves which as they retain their perfume when the flower is dead afford a symbol I need say nothing about but which should be a good subject for an interesting discourse. The other is a small picture of widely different signification Anger and Vindication which while it injures hurts itself and sets fire to its own dwelling. Something I think may be likewise said about it - I hope you and Mr Barnett are quite well. I did not know till lately he had been so very ill.

Very sincerely yours,