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Letter from Henry Lamb to H.M. Hake, the director of the National Portrait Gallery, dated 27 October 1945, discussing Haydon's and Keats' respective personalities.


Coombe Bissett, Salisbury

Dear Hake,

I read this last night in the letters of JB Yeats (the papa) to W.B.Y. (which is one of my favourite books)

"It might be said of Haydon, the painter, Keats's friend, that he had character but little personality. He was proud of his strength of character and scorned Keats's want of it. This I know will harmonize with your ideas'

The Germans have millions of such strong "characters" whom they adore (H.L.) It is one of a series of discussions on personality and he has just quoted Keats saying "When I see a sparrow outside the window, I am that sparrow pecking".

Henry Lamb