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Letter from the Earl of Bath to Mrs Montagu, dated 15 October 1761, discussing contemporary political events and speaking of his sitting to Reynolds.


Ten thousand thanks to you, Dear madam, for the most agreeable, most lively, most sensible, and most spirited letter, I ever read. The Doctor was with me when I received it, and by my eagerness in opening it, and perpetual smile whilst I was reading it, He concluded it must be a letter from you, and insisted upon seeing it. At first I refused it, and made some excuses; but perceiving him to grow a little pevish, and fretful; I judged it best to indulge him with the sight of it; all he said, for my complaisance, was in a (illegible) growling way; it is a most prodigious pretty letter I see she can write to some folks, letters of three sheets of Paper, whilst poor I, for all this nonsense I send her, can scarcely get in return, above fifteen or twenty cold lines almost: and so Sir, - your humble Servant. After a little pouting, Jealousy began to subside & he came into good humour again; then we dined together, toasted your health twenty times apiece, and our only contention was, who should say the finest things of you. He does not go to Newmarket, but probably will be with me every day, to talk you (as he calls it) over and over. We agree that the opening of the Pedlars Park, is the prettyest Illustration of the eagerness of a Country family, when they get about nr Cambridge, to know the news of the Town, the dispensions of the Ministers, and the fashions of the Court. but there is one thing you forgot, among others, the vicar should ask for a Tobacco stopper, and be told, that a little while ago the Pedlar had one, but that he had sold it, to a very fine woman at Tunbridge, but far be it from him to