NPG 337 (1b)

Letter from the Earl of Bath to Mrs Montagu, dated 15 October 1761, discussing contemporary political events and speaking of his sitting to Reynolds.

insinuate, that the Lady, loved her Pipe or her Bottle, no; he believes she gave it, to some of her Lovers and she has a vast many.
I believe we are not yet truly informed of all the causes of the squabbles among our great Men, but a little time will certainly bring it out. Mr P. has, to justify his taking of the Annuity (which he chuses to call it, instead of a Pension) said, that he has engaged for nothing & is as much at liberty as ever he was, to find fault with, and condemn all the wrong Measures of the Administration, as ever he was in his pristine State of Patriotism. they have began to fling out some Reflexions upon him and France is printing a Justification of their conduct with regard to the breaking of the negotiations of Peace, and Spain has declared, that they have no intention of quarrelling with us. All these things must produce further disturbances & the Parliament is to meet within three weeks, with all the confusion and nothing settled, with regards to the great Events of Peace or War. Lord Temple, and James Greenville laying down in (illegible), & Mr Pitts resigning with an Ample gratification, is what puzzles us all extreamly, but this, time will explain. At present no one is named as successor to the Privy Seal, but it is imagined Lord Hardwick will be the Man, the Bishopricks are all at a stand, for want of a Privy Seal, and they wish any body was appointed, to forward their own business. Surely Lord Egremont and Lord Hardwicke together might continue