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Letter from Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt. to G.F. Watts, dated 6 April 1884, concerning Watts's statue of Physical Energy.

2, Palace Gate,
6 April /84.

Dear Watts
Your colossal figure on horseback has impressed me so strongly, that I cannot refrain from congratulating you again on such a masterly work. It is quite
magnificent , & as good as any of the Lost Sculptures of the past.

Do give all your attention now to the horse which strikes



me as weak for the rider, make the animal as fine as the man & you will have done a really great statue for the Country.

I am rarely very much moved but when I am so, I am in no doubt.

Sincerely yrs
JE Millais



The figure is so fine you cannot take form its importance by making the horse much stronger, it is (the horse) short in the legs and wanting in bulk in the hind quarters