NPG 3552 (3a/3b/3c)

Letter from Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt. to G.F. Watts, dated 6 December 1895, thanking Watts for the portraits he has given to the National Portrait Gallery.

2, Palace Gate,
6 Decr 95

Dear Watts,
I was not able to attend a meeting of the National Portrait Gallery yesterday as my voice has for the present entirely gone
and I must refrain from using the croak left



me. I therefore did not hear, what I see now in the papers, that you have left all those admirable portraits, I know so well, to the Gallery. A really Splendid Gift . As a



trustee I lose not a moment in thanking you. I am trying to paint but I am greatly upset by this malady. With kind regards to yr. Wife.

Ever yrs
JE Millais