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Letter from Mary Mitford to John Lucas, undated (possibly 1830-1), thanking him for the prints he has sent of her portrait and discussing portraits and printsellers.


Three Mile Cross

My dear Sir
I thank you most heartily & sincerely for your great kindness & attention in presenting me with the prints, which arrived this morning, & can only promise that so far as I can prevent your liberality from interfering with your interest I will do so, by taking care to give away none except to persons too poor to purchase one. - I never saw so great an improvement as in the plate since the last proof - the face is now, they say, far more like, certainly very far more feminine - & the general elegance & beauty of the composition must do you as much credit, as the great excellence of the execution does to Mr Bromley - the lateness of the season is against the sale - but I earnestly trust that its merit as a work of Art will prevent your losing by it - & if you do not lose in money it must do good - for you cannot fail to gain in reputation.