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Letter from Lady Baden-Powell to C.K. Adams, director of the National Portrait Gallery, dated 4 April 1959, stating that she has no knowledge of the portrait of her husband offered to the Gallery.


Hampton Court Palace
East Molesey

April 4th 1959

Dear Mr Adams

I have just received your letter telling me that you have been offered a portrait of my husband, to be bought for your Gallery, and this explains a letter that I had this last week from a Mr Pape Woods, who told me that he had one, which had been in possession of his family for thirty years and he was disposing of it.

I am afraid that I have NO knowledge of this picture, or of the artist, and it was most certainly not done "from life". I have searched through my husband's diary of 1916 to see if there was ANY mention of this event, but the name and fact of it being painted is not known to me at all, and I do not suppose that it can be of any great value?

If you are thinking of purchasing it for your Gallery, I would indeed very much like to see it, or - as you suggest sending me a PHOTOGRAPH of it - that would be very kind, and naturally I would return it, Naturally I would be most anxious that, if you are to hang a portrait of my husband in your Gallery, it should be a GOOD one! If it should be a REALLY nice picture, then I do not suppose it matters very much whether it was done "from life" or not.

Yours sincerely
Olave Baden-Powell.