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Letter from B.R. Haydon to his pupil Georgiana Zornlin, dated 9 March 1824, giving advice on how to make anatomical sketches.


Madam, there is one thing of great importance to your gaining a thorough knowledge of the head & face - after having finished my drawing - do it from recollection - without looking at it, and when done compare the two.

Do this also, with your outline & try it with all the references from recollection. Under the last pen sketch in your anatomical journal - draw a profile
correctly & your negro's sckull and when done draw two lines thus - & then a third adding the last outline of a Scull yourself - It would be useful to keep the Scull of the first hare that may come to table - this will be an admirable subject & comparison for you - & then draw a profile of the hare on the same horizontal line 'A' behind the others