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Letter from Sir George Hayter to Sir George Scharf, dated 29 April 1867, complaining that his painting of The House of Commons, 1833 is being left to deteriorate in a Westminster committee room.


238 Marylebone Road N.W.
April 29

Dear Sir,
I have had put into my hands, to day, a portion of "The London Journal" of March 16, 1867, in which it is stated, that my picture of The House of Commons, which was purchased by the Nation, and was given to the National Portrait Gallery, where for want of space to exhibit it, it could not be received, but has been left in the Committee rooms of the House of Commons "pro temp" - it is now reported as suffering seriously from damp, and the colouring changed and fading. - The total ruin of this, my greatest labour, will thus be totally ruined, and my picture's reputation thereby deteriorated! May I request you to do me the kindness, to take such measures as you know to be efficient, for correcting this unforeseen event. -

and believe me yours faithfully
George Hayter