NPG 5708 (1b)

Letter from Margaret Carpenter to her husband, William Hookham Carpenter, dated 29 September 1841, giving an account of her stay in Eton.


a very bad account of Mamma - she will write again soon if any change takes place. Emily's toe is quite well & she has weaned the baby. I fear you will not see us home before next Saturday as I think it impossible to get through what I am about.

This evening about 1/2 past 6 we were all sitting at tea even little Franky - the door opened with a dash & Sir Robert Peel was announced - we were all a little aghast & he appeared rather shocked at intruding on such a domestic party - one of his Boys are ill & he & Lady Peel having come to the Castle on a visit he came to see him - after he had quitted the room he asked Mr Coleridge who I was, & said he must come back and speak to me so he walked back into the room again & made a very polite bow & and said something very civil & then took leave.

I really think you should speak to Perry about wasting his time in reading novels & not practising on his Violoncello it is a pity not