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Letter from Sir Thomas Lawrence to Mrs Croft, sent from Vienna and dated 10 January 1819, speaking of the mission with which he had been honoured by the Prince Regent and describing his 'Painting Room' in the palace.


Vienna Jan.y 10th 1819

You must know my dear Madam, how deeply I am impressed with the sense of all your kindness in this my long absence & you feel so considerately for me in this novel scene of Business, & unavoidable engagements, as to make apologies from me for silence unnecessary. Had I the happy power which you Ladies so peculiarly have, of abstracting yourselves from any scene of noise or bustle, of sitting down at any time when the duties of friendly correspondence claim your attention, I should have less excuse than I now have; but my mind & spirits are at times so relaxed & worn when professional exertion is over as to make the act of sitting down & taking up this little Implement a hopeless exertion, at the very moment that all my Heart is with my friends languishing for their Society & feeling no success in worldly Plans, adequate compensation for its loss.

How those plans have succeeded, or rather how far I have proceeded in the execution of the mission with which I was honored by the Prince Regent, you will I hope be still farther informed, from the mouth of that constant & valued friend, to whom I am indebted for all their comfort & advantage of my present situation