NPG 901 (1b)

Letter from Constable to the artist Thomas Phillips, dated 2 February 1828, giving an account of himself in relation to his candidature for the Royal Academy.


would go) - all of which made their first appearances on its walls - one only of them (the lock) found a purchaser among English Collectors - it was sold to Mr Morrison by the disinterested friendship of Pickersgill, two or three were bought by my friend Archdeacon Fisher - from affection - being my schoolfellow - and two have found a home in France - bought of me by a dealer at 100gs each - one of which he sold in Paris for 400gn.s the others are still mine. in truth I have never yet had the good fortune to see the face of an English patron of Art. do not my dear Phillips believe for a moment that I speak this in the spirit of complaint. My ambition has been to form if possible, an original feature in English Landscape, and to do any little good in my power to that Institution which has so far