NPG 98 (1b)

Letter from Robert Walker, a dealer from Bath, to Sir G. Scharf, director of the National Portrait Gallery, dated 10 February 1860, giving reasons why the portrait of Sir William Herschel which he was offering to sell to the gallery was both important and valuable.


an enamel, by whom he could not tell... I sent him a Photograph from this picture.. .he speaks of it as an undeniable good likeness of his late father.

When I named the price £150 I was prepared to entertain a prosposal from the trustees if they thought that sum too high to give but such a great depreciation I did not anticipate.

After Mr Smith expressed his desire through Mr Colnaghi to see the picture...I, as a new object had formed a very high conception of its value & mentioned something like £250 as what I expected to