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A biographical account by W.M. Rossetti of his uncle John Polidori, his mother Frances Rossetti and his sister Christina Rossetti, sent to Lionel Cust, the director of the National Portrait Gallery, on 29 August 1895.


known story of his offering to fight a duel with Shelley.

2 - Frances Mary Lavinia Rossetti, née Polidori, was sister of Dr. P.- She was born in London, 1800. In 1826 married Gabriel Rossetti, a Political Refugee from the Kingdom of Naples, Prof. of Italian in King's College, London, a Poet of Italian celebrity, & widely known as a Commentator on Dante. She was mother of Dante Gabriel, Christina Georgina, & another daughter & son (myself). Died 1886.

3 - Christina Georgina Rossetti, born in London 1830. Died 29th Dec '94. Poetess. Her chief vols. are Goblin Market etc 1862; The Princes Progress etc '66; Singsong '72; A Pageant etc '81; Verses (published by S.P.C.K.) '93. Also in prose some Tales, & various devotional books, the chief of these being "The Face of the Deep, a Devotional Commentary on the Apocalypse' '92.

The tinted crayon drawing of Frances & Christina R. is by Dante G. Rossetti, 1877. He did it at Hunter's Forstal, near Herne Bay, he was rallying from a serious illness which had appeared to him to threaten the extinction of his executive power as an Artist. The details are narrated in an article by Theodore Watts, Reminiscences of Christina Rossetti, published in The Nineteenth Century for Feb. '95.