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Page of Hayter's notes and sketches relating to the painting.


Slight observations made in the House of Lords for my picture of the Queens tryal. 1. Very few sparkling touches of light on the embroidery of the throne.
2. Bishops wigs are darker than the councellors, cravats much whiter than wigs.
3. The light ascending from either side, casts strong and broad shadows on either opposite side, in the right hand corner of the right Gallery the heads are with broad shadows, and sharp lights from the opposite side and shadows from the rail broad and deep.
4. The heads on the right under the Gallery in full light from the opposite side but shadows soft.
5. The red of the benches in the galleries not bright from being nearly perpendicularly under the window.
6. Great general difference in the tones of the red all through the furniture of the House.