NPG 999 (4b)

Page of Hayter's notes and sketches relating to the painting.


7. Heads in the middle of the House, in quiet masses of broad half tint of quiet ascending light. Yet all receding features in full dark shadow.
8. On the left side the House the shadows with more point than on the right in the forenoon.
9. The shadows of heads &c. frequently absorbed and lost in objects behind, or on the drapery.
10. All the heads in the right corner beyond the gallery much lower in tone, than those immediately under the Gallery.
11. The heads under the throne with sharper clear light on the upper part & (illegible) the lower parts in half tint & shadow.
11. All heads leaning forward at the throne loose all light.
12. Some black cravats.
13. Features not visible beyond the chancellor but in masses.
14. Top of the Chancellor's wig whiter than any near it