NPG 999 (5b)

Letter from Hayter (in Paris) to Bowyer (in London), dated 2 April 1830, begging to see proofs of the engraving of the portrait.


had requested me to sell a dozen, I have no hesitation in saying they would have been paid for before this - I have however at present to beg that you will do me the kindness to send me two good proofs if possible (prints if you have not any proofs) of it - one for "Madame La Duchesse de Dinon, Rue St Florentine", the other for "Mrs (illegible) , Rue de Ponthieu No. 30". If you please to roll them on a carton & send them by the foreign office, Downing Street, to the care of the Hon. Mme Fred. Byng: you can do so, and their transport will cost nothing, properly addressed, to me - if however you prefer other means of sending them, do as you think best. & please to let there be a bill to each -

I have been detained in here very much beyond the period which I had conceived would have limited my visit to Paris; my occupation has been, from last July, increasing: and I see little chance of my being able to do more