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Letter from G.F. Watts to J.M. Cameron, undated, assessing her recent photographs and Tennyson's recent poems.


My dear Mrs Cameron,
see what a correspondent I am become! Thanks for the last Photographs, pray don't think it necessary to send me mounted ones, your Madonna should not be turned into a French pose plastique woman! Those of Tennyson are near being very good indeed but are not so fine as what you did of me, I have at last seen the new poems, I think the northern farmer beyond all praise! I feel in it Shakepeare's large grasp of Nature, it conveys to my mind the birth, heritage, education, life & death of a whole community of rustics, nothing can be better or more complete. Enoch Arden I confess does not impress me so much, it is tender & beautiful, but I feel almost as if I could have written it myself; & that the simple Grace of the story would have been as touching told in the barest manner, but this seems