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John Chaworth, 2nd Viscount Chaworth
by Pieter Stevens van Gunst, possibly after Sir Anthony van Dyck
circa 1711-1724
NPG D34290

Antient British portraits, containing a series of sixty prints of noble and eminent personages... : with concise biographical notices. Published by Messrs. Boydell & Co., 1812. This volume is incomplete. It contains 6 pages of text with brief biographical notes and 16 engraved portraits, 15 of which are after Sir Anthony Van Dyck and 1 after Sir Peter Lely.

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118 engraved portraits of former Archbishops of Canterbury contained in a portfolio titled ‘Lambeth Palace’. The collection includes watercolour drawings of coats of arms for many of the Archbishops. Acquired late 19th century.

Archive Engravings Collection


William Hogarth
by Leonard Charles Wyon, after Louis François Roubiliac
NPG D2919

The Art Union of London, 1836-1911

29 bronze medals of prominent artists and architects, commissioned by the Art Union of London between 1843 and 1892 for distribution to members. The Art Union was founded in 1836 as a subscription society to foster interest in the fine arts and encourage British artists and manufacturers of decorative wares. It ceased to exist in 1911. This collection includes a framed set of 12 medals given by the Council of the Art Union in 1875; a further framed set of 9 medals acquired late 19th century; and 7 medals given as part of a group of 13 medals by Mrs C.E.L. Cowan, 1952.

Catalogued portraits

See G.K. Beaulah 'The medals of the Art Union of London', British Numismatic Journal vol. 36 (1967), pp. 179-85.

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Francis Smyth Baden-Powell, 1850-1933
Barrister at law, painter and sculptor

21 life-size bust-length cut paper silhouettes of well known public, scientific and military figures by Frank Smyth Baden-Powell (brother of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout Movement). These silhouettes mostly date from the 1890s and several were cut by Baden-Powell during a visit to Malta in 1892. The collection includes, amongst other, profiles of statesman Joseph Chamberlain (1836-1914) and scientist Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911), who considered the silhouette profile to be the best means of observing types of character. Purchased at Bonhams, 1962.

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Joyce Grenfell
by Cecil Beaton
late 1960s-early 1970s
NPG D17943(71)

Sir Cecil Beaton, 1904-1980
Photographer, artist, writer and stage designer

25 sketchbooks and notebooks of Cecil Beaton, including his ‘television sketchbooks’ which contain pencil sketches and caricatures of personalities and popular figures apparently drawn from the television during the 1960s and 1970s. The collection also includes 52 loose drawings and rough sketches, in pencil, pen and ink and watercolour, that Beaton made between the 1930s and 1970s. These drawings represent an assortment of royal, society and theatrical figures, and include some non-portrait subjects. Given by the Trustees of the Estate of Eileen Hose, 1991.

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Hugh Latimer
by Henry Bryan Hall, published by C. Birch, after James Warren Childe
published May 1839
NPG D34329

5 stipple engraved portraits of the bishops who suffered martyrdom for the Protestant faith under the persecution of Queen Mary I, 4 engraved by H.B. Hall and 1 by H. Meyer after J. Childe, published by C. Birch, May 1839. Bound together in a volume with paper covers. Comprises engraved portraits of Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, Robert Farrar and John Hooper. Paper cover bears inscription: 'Roy Dawson, 3 Ramsay Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, Dec. 1889'. Part of the collection assembled by the 20th century print collector J.H. Macdonnell. Purchased at Sotheby's, 1966, with the aid of the Friends of the National Libraries and the Pilgrim Trust.

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Mary, Queen of Scots
by Henry Bone, after Unknown artist
December 1811
NPG D17099

Henry Bone, 1755-1834
Enamel and miniature painter

686 preliminary pencil drawings by the early 19th century enamel painter Henry Bone and members of his family after well-known portraits and old master paintings. These drawings were squared before they were transferred in ink to tracing paper and then to a primed copper or brass plate for painting and firing. They were preserved by the family for future use and eventually annotated and pasted into 3 albums, probably at the point that they were acquired by the National Portrait Gallery. Volumes 1 and 3 contain mainly portraits, with volume 2 largely comprised of drawings after old master paintings. The drawings are indexed by subject and artist in a 4th volume, and were photographed in black and white for publication by the Paul Mellon Centre. Acquired by Sir George Scharf, Director of the National Portrait Gallery, circa 1890.

Catalogued portraits

See Richard Walker ‘Henry Bone’s pencil drawings in the National Portrait Gallery’, Walpole Society vol. 61 (1999), pp. 305-67

See also Richard Walker Regency Portraits (London: NPG 1985) for illustrations of some of the drawings.

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William Curtis with 'The Frontispiece to Mr Curtis' Flora Londinensis'
by William Evans, published by Robert John Thornton
published 1 March 1802
NPG D34348

28 stipple engraved portrait of 17th and 18th century botanists published by Dr Thornton between 1799 and 1810. The engravings are bound together in a volume titled ‘Portraits of Botanists’. Acquired, 1964.

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63 rubbings from 15th and 16th century brasses in Sussex churches, including Ardingley, Arundel, Etchingham, Firle and Iden. Acquired 1944.

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John Britton, 1771-1857
Antiquary and topographer

336 autograph letters, formerly bound into albums, addressed to the antiquary John Britton and dated 1798 to 1856. This collection has been interfiled with approximately 300 engraved portraits that illustrate Britton’s correspondents, amongst whom are included many eminent literary, antiquarian, artistic and theatrical figures of the period. Given by John Britton’s widow, 1882.

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Sir Peter Lely
published by Alexander Browne, after Sir Peter Lely
circa 1680-1684
NPG D11398

Alexander Browne, fl. 1659-1706
Print publisher

61 mezzotints published by Alexander Browne during the 1680s, mainly after portraits by Sir Peter Lely and some after Sir Anthony Van Dyck. The portrait prints are bound into an album with a contemporary calf binding and loose subject prints are contained in a separate portfolio. This set is almost complete and it is thought that it may have been assembled by Browne himself. It was formerly in the collection of the Brownlow family of Belton House, Lincolnshire. Purchased at Christies, 1984, with the help of the Friends of the National Libraries.

Catalogued portraits

See also https://www.npg.org.uk/research/programmes/early-history-of-mezzotint/prints-catalogue-browne.php

See also Antony Griffiths ‘Early mezzotint publishing in England – II: Peter Lely, Tompson and Browne’ Print Quarterly vol. VII (1990), pp. 131-45.

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Susanna Phillips (née Burney)
by Edward Francisco Burney
circa 1775-1800
NPG D13896

Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), 1752-1840
Diarist and novelist

Early Diary of Frances Burney 1768-1778 (London: G. Bell, 1889) and Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay 1778-1840 (London: Macmillan, 1904) re-bound in 25 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with approximately 2,700 engraved portraits and topographical views, plus other reproductions, drawings and some manuscript material. The prints and other items interfiled with the text illustrate the people, events and places described by Burney in her account of society and court life at the end of the 18th century. Typescript indexes of sitters and views are bound in separate volumes. This collection was compiled by the Rt. Hon. Frederick Leverton Harris (1864-1926) and bequeathed by him, 1927.

Frances Burney Diary, 1768-78 catalogued portraits Volume 1, Part 1 | Volume 1, Part 2 | Volume 1, Part 3 | Volume 2, Part 1 | Volume 2, Part 2

Madame D'Arblay Diary, 1778-1840 catalogued portraits Volume 1, Part 1 | Volume 1, Part 2 | Volume 1, Part 3 | Volume 2, Part 1 | Volume 2, Part 2 | Volume 2, Part 3 | Volume 3, Part 1 | Volume 3, Part 2 | Volume 3, Part 3 | Volume 4, Part 1 | Volume 4, Part 2 | Volume 5, Part 1 | Volume 5, Part 2 | Volume 5, Part 3 | Volume 5, Part 4 | Volume 6, Part 1 | Volume 6, Part 2 | Volume 6, Part 3 | Volume 6, Part 4 | Supplement

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The Long & the Short of the Tale, -or-, the whole of the Concern
attributed to Theodore Lane, published by George Humphrey
published 1 January 1821
NPG D17924a

Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick, 1768-1821
Queen of George IV

51 caricature etchings illustrating the furore caused by George IV’s divorce proceedings against Queen Caroline in 1820. These etchings were produced by George Cruikshank and others and they were originally published by G. Humphrey in 1821. This set is possibly a re-issue after original publication by G. Humphrey. Purchased, 1987.

Catalogued portraits

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Judy Cassab, 1920-

10 lithograph portraits of notable Australians by Judy Cassab. This set, contained in a portfolio titled ‘Australian portraits / Judy Cassab’, was published in an edition of 35 copies (of which this is no. 17) by The Beagle Press, Sydney, 1984. Signed and dated by the artist. The sitters include Dame Joan Sutherland, Sir Robert Helpmann and Sir Sidney Nolan. Given by Lou Klepac, 1986.

Catalogued portraits

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Sir William Selby Church, Bt, 1837-1928

Sketchbook containing nine drawings of Sir William Selby Church and one of Ursula Church. By an unknown artist. Given by Terence Pepper, 2013.

Archive Drawings Collection


Collections of cigarette cards including The Reign of King George V, 1935, issued by W.D. & H.O. Wills, Our King and Queen, 1937, issued by W.D. & H.O. Wills, Radio Celebrities, 1934, issued by W.D. & H.O. Wills, Tennis, 1936, issued by John Player & Sons, all in original collectors’ albums. Also Sporting Personalities, 1936, issued by Gallaher Ltd, Champions, 1935, issued by Gallaher Ltd, In the Public Eye, 1935, issued by Godfrey Phillips Ltd, Empire Personalities, 1937, issued by Ardath Tobacco Co Ltd, In Town Tonight, 1938, issued by W.A. & A.C. Churchman, British Sporting Personalities, 1937, issued by W.D. & H.O. Wills, Kings of Speed, 1939, issued by W.A. & A.C. Churchman, Popular Personalities, 1935, issued by Carreras, all in a modern collector’s looseleaf album. Celebrities and their Autographs, 1923, issued by Nicolas Sarony & Co stored unmounted in an envelope. Given by Terence Pepper, 2013.

Archive Engravings Collection


Commissioner for Roads, Picton

Sketchbook of W.R. Collett, containing 19 leaves of miscellaneous pencil, pen and ink portraits, figure studies, views and other subjects. Some of the drawings are dated 1830 and 1831. This sketchbook was acquired with the MacDonnell Collection which was purchased at Sotheby's, 1966, with the help of the Friends of the National Libraries and the Pilgrim Trust.

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J.M.W. Turner
by William Daniell, after George Dance
published 10 May 1827 (31 March 1800)
NPG D12108

William Daniell (1769-1837)
Topographical draftsman amd engraver

George Dance, 1741-1825
Architect and portrait draughtsman

182 soft-ground etchings by William Daniell published between 1802 and 1854 after George Dance’s series of half-length portraits of ‘eminent characters’. These portraits represent friends and contemporaries of Dance, including 53 of his fellow Royal Academicians, which he ‘sketched from life’ between 1793 and 1810. This group complements 37 of George Dance’s original drawings and a number of William Daniell’s preparatory tracings which are held in the Gallery’s primary collection. Acquired from various sources.

Catalogued portraits

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John Bright; Thomas Milner Gibson; Richard Cobden
by Honoré Daumier
published 25 February 1856
NPG D9862

Honoré Daumier, 1808-1897

16 lithograph caricatures of mainly British subjects by French caricaturist Honoré Daumier, published between 1849 and 1856. During his career Daumier produced more than 4,000 lithographs that provided a sharp commentary on the dramatic political and social changes of mid-19th century France. 14 of the lithographs in this group were published in the satirical newspaper Le Charivari and they include cartoons of British statesmen Richard Cobden (1804-1865), John Bright (1811-1889) and Thomas Milner-Gibson (1806-1884). One lithograph was acquired as part of the Martin Collection, 1861. The remainder were purchased at Beijers, 1978.

Catalogued portraits

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Bertrand Russell
by Geoffrey Davien
NPG D2733

Geoffrey Davien, d. 1973
Ex-RAF photographic instructor and illustrator

13 plaster caricature figures of political, literary and sporting celebrities, made between 1947 and 1964 by Geoffrey Davien. Davien first started to produce and photograph these sculpted cartoon figures, which he called ‘sculptoons’, after the Second World War. From the 1950s he used them as illustrations in a variety of newspapers and magazines, including the Sunday Graphic, and for cinema posters and foyer displays. Given by the artist’s widow Mrs Shealagh Dickson, 1977.

Catalogued portraits

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Francois-Seraphin Delpech, 1778-1825

197 lithograph portraits by Francois-Seraphin Delpech, [published 1832]. Bound together in a volume with a manuscript index of sitters at the front. A handwritten note inserted at the front of the volume by Charles Kingsley Adams and dated 2/11/1942 states: 'This volume appears to contain all the lithographs published in 2 volumes in 1832 by F.S. Delpech under the title Iconographie des Contemporains ou portraits des personnes dont les noms se rattachent plus particulièrement sort par leurs actions ... en France depuis 1789 jusqu'en 1829, Paris 1832'.

Catalogued portraits

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Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester
probably by William Derby
circa 1835-1842
NPG D23068

William Derby, 1786-1847
Alfred Thomas Derby, 1821-1873
Watercolour and miniature painters

72 pencil, pen and ink drawings by the miniaturist William Derby and his son Alfred Thomas after portraits in various collections including Knowsley Hall, Woburn Abbey, Wentworth Castle and Hamilton Palace. The drawings were squared for transfer preparatory to the production of miniature copies or engravings, and the majority are dated between 1835 and 1842. Many of the drawings have been annotated with the name of the sitter, either by the Derbys, or in some cases a later hand. The artists seem not to have been related to the Earls of Derby, but after producing illustrations for Edmund Lodge's Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, William Derby was commissioned to produce watercolour copies of existing portraits of the family, ranging from the 15th through 19th centuries. From 1838 Alfred Thomas assisted his father in this work after the elder Derby suffered a stroke.

Sir George Scharf selected this set of sketches from the collection of drawings in the possession of Charles H. Derby, son of William Derby and brother of Alfred Thomas and purchased them in 1893. The drawings were indexed and pasted into an album at the point that they entered the Archive collection.

Catalogued portraits

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Robert Dighton senior, 1751-1814
Robert Dighton junior 1786-1865
Denis Dighton 1792-1827
Richard Dighton 1796?-1880
Portraitists and caricaturists

162 full-length portraits in profile etched by Robert Dighton and his sons Robert, Denis and Richard. The Dightons were one of the most notable artistic families of the Regency period and their etchings, though individual in style, all follow a similar format and were often published with a title consisting of a pun derived from the sitter’s name or occupation. This collection includes theatrical and military subjects together with well known likenesses of City and West End characters produced by the youngest son Richard. Volume 1 comprises a portfolio of disbound prints acquired in the 19th century. Volume 2 was purchased from E. Parsons & Sons, 1907. Volume 3 comprises a box of miscellaneous unmounted loose prints and a further three unnumbered boxes contain prints mounted for display.

Catalogued portraits Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3

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Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux ('Fall of the Vaux Hall Performer')
by John ('HB') Doyle, printed by Ducôte & Stephens, published by Thomas McLean
published 22 November 1834
NPG D16784

John Doyle, 1797-1868
‘HB’, caricaturist

683 lithographs of political sketches by HB, published by Thomas McLean, 1829-1841. Collection contained in 5 volumes (vol. 1: 1829-30; vol 2: 1831-2; vol. 3: 1833-4; vol. 4: 1835-7; vol. 5: 1837-41). Vols. 1-2 are bound; vols. 3-5 have been disbound. John Doyle was born in Dublin and moved to London in 1822 where he initially worked as a portrait lithographer. In 1827 Doyle began publishing political prints anonymously. From 1829-1851 Doyle published his well-known Political Sketches series, signing his work with the initials "HB" to hide his identity. He published almost 1,000 prints in this series. Bookplate of Samuel Boddington inside front covers. Acquired, 19th century.

Catalogued portraits Volume I | Volume II | Volume III | Volume IV | Volume V

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Thomas Carlyle
by Richard James Lane, published by John Mitchell, after Alfred, Count D'Orsay
published 18 June 1839 (May 1839)
NPG D2020

Count Alfred D'Orsay, 1801-1852
Amateur artist and man of fashion

160 lithographs by R.J. Lane, some of which have been tinted, after portrait drawings of prominent people by French-born artist and dandy Count Alfred D'Orsay. D’Orsay joined the authoress Marguerite, Countess of Blessington (1789-1849), in establishing a celebrated salon and his portrait drawings represent the fashionable world of London during the 1830s and 1840s. This collection of lithographs comprises 2 albums and a portfolio of loose prints. The first album, probably assembled by D’Orsay himself, was formerly in the collections of Lady Blessington, her niece Marguerite Agnes Power, Annie Verini, and Sir Edmund Gosse. The second album was formerly in the collection of F.C. Venables. The portfolio of prints was purchased from the Executors of Mrs F.L. Wise, 1939.

See Richard Ormond Early Victorian Portraits (London: NPG 1973) pp. 558-59.

Archive Engravings Collection


Miss Mary Draper
Engraved portraits of British and foreign subject. Given by Miss Mary Draper, 1937.

The collection has been integrated by sitter name within the alphabetically arranged sequences of the Reference Collection and Sitter Boxes.

Archive Drawings Collection


Tony Benn
by Humphrey Ocean
NPG D10633

Approximately 600 loose drawings arranged alphabetically by sitter.
Catalogued and searchable on the website

Archive Drawings Collection


Charles Simeon
by Augustin Edouart
NPG D381

Augustin Edouart, 1789-1861
Silhouette artist

39 cut-paper silhouettes by the French silhouettist Augustin Edouart, who travelled extensively around the British Isles and United States. Considered to be one of the finest silhouette cutters of the 19th century, Edouart produced likenesses freehand from two sheets of paper and retained the second copy for his own records. The majority of the collection was purchased with a portrait of Sir Walter Scott (NPG 1638) from Mrs E. Nevill Jackson, 1911. A further 8 silhouettes, depicting the Rev. Charles Simeon (1759-1836) preaching in the pulpit, were purchased at Phillips, 1986.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Silhouettes Collection


Harry Edwin, fl. 1887
American silhouette artist

9 cut paper bust length silhouettes of eminent Victorian figures by the American silhouette artist Harry Edwin. These silhouettes date to the period 1887-1895 and include novelist Charles Dickens (1812-1870), prime minister William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898) and poet laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892). In 1887, amidst a revival of interest in the silhouette, Edwin visited London, where he published Silhouette Sketches and Portraits and exhibited and cut profiles in the American Exhibition at Earls Court. Acquired early 20th century.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Silhouettes Collection


William Egley, 1798-1870
Miniature painter

Album containing 42 loose leaves on which are drawn approximately 350 pencil and watercolour heads on both recto and verso. These portraits are presumably preliminary sketches for potential miniature paintings, probably by the Victorian miniaturist William Egley, and are often annotated with the subject’s name and address or possibly the location of the sitting. They were made between 1839 and 1843, with the recto and verso of each page often dating from different years. Purchased, 1986.

Catalogued portraits

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Robert Armin
after Unknown artist
published 1609
NPG D990

Approximately 21,000 loose engravings arranged alphabetically by sitter, followed by series for foreign and unidentified sitters, views and other non-portrait subjects.

British sitters in standard sized solander boxes.
Catalogued and searchable on the website

Archive Engravings Collection


Study of an unknown woman in a train car
by George Estall
late 19th century
NPG D23203

George Estall
Artist (19th century)

87 pen and ink, pencil, and watercolour drawings, many of which are figure studies of women with an emphasis on costume, made in the late 1860s and 1870s by an apparently unrecorded artist George Estall. The drawings were pasted onto the detached leaves of an album when they entered the collection, and although they were remounted after a recent period of conservation the original distribution and organisation of the album leaves was maintained. Many of the drawings seem to have been cut down from larger sheets, and some contain sketches on both recto and verso. The collection is believed to have been acquired during the first half of the 20th century, most probably as part of a large collection of prints.

Catalogued portraits

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Sir Landon Ronald
by Powys Evans
NPG D1679

Powys Arthur Lenthall Evans ('Quiz'), 1899-1981

53 sketch books and large number of loose portrait sketches and other drawings, by the popular caricaturist Powys Evans, who was better known as ‘Quiz’. Evans was employed to produce pen and ink portrait drawings and satirical portraits of prominent people of the day for various magazines, including The London Review and The Saturday Review. The sketchbooks contain rough portrait outlines in pencil, taken from life and used as working drawings for the published portraits and caricatures, of artistic, literary, theatrical and political figures from the period 1918 to 1931. Given by the artist’s nephew, 1983.

Catalogued portraits

See also Jennifer Ramkalawon ‘The sketchbooks of Powys Evans’, Archive vol. 19 no. 82 (1989), pp.67-73.

Archive Drawings Collection


Samuel Bolton
by William Faithorne
published 1657
NPG D22646

William Faithorne, 1616?-1691
Printseller and engraver

439 mounted engravings, mainly portraits but including some religious and other subjects, mostly published between 1640 and 1687. The engravings were collected by the print collector Dr William Fleming (1790-1880) between 1818 and 1862 as the work of the important early English line engraver William Faithorne. Although approximately 100 items are now thought to be by other artists, the collection, which is contained in 2 portfolios, includes a near complete set of the elder Faithorne’s work. Fleming’s manuscript and privately printed copies of a catalogue of Faithorne’s engravings, based upon his own collection, accompany the set. Acquired with the Fleming Collection which was given by Fleming’s daughter Mrs Mary Elizabeth Stopford, 1931.

Catalogued portraits Volume 1 | Volume 2

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Approximately 1,000 assorted English and French engraved fashion plates, arranged chronologically, depicting women's fashions between 1770 and 1869. The collection includes incomplete runs of plates from The Ladies Magazine, Heideloff's Gallery of Fashion, La Belle Assemblee, Ackermann's Repository of Arts, The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, Le Follet, Modes de Paris and Les Modes Parisiennes. Acquired from various sources.

Fashion Plates Research Feature

Public Study Room

Archive Engravings Collection


Elizabeth Cresswell
after Marcellus Laroon
NPG D11230

William Fleming, MD, 1790-1880
Print collector

The print collection and library of Dr William Fleming of Rowton Grange in Cheshire includes approximately 10,000 engravings and more than 150 volumes. Fleming began collecting books and portrait prints in 1814 and drew upon his extensive print collection to extra-illustrate many of the published works in his library. Given by Fleming’s daughter Mrs Mary Elizabeth Stopford, 1931.

The most substantial of the extra-illustrated sets in the Fleming Collection is Fleming’s Granger which comprises a collection of 7285 prints and 70 drawings arranged and interfiled to illustrate an unbound copy of Rev. James Granger’s A Biographical History of England from Egbert the Great to the Revolution (1st edition 1769) and Noble’s Continuation (1806) which extends Granger to 1727. Sources for the engravings include Birch’s Heads, 1750, Smollett’s History of England, 1757, and Hume’s History of England, 1788. The collection has particular strengths in 17th century prints, notably those drawn from Compton Holland’s Baziliologia (Book of Kings), 1618, and Heroologia (Book of Heroes), 1620.

Fleming's Granger Catalogued portraits Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 | Volume 5 | Volume 6

Fleming's Granger (Noble's Continuation) Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3

Rev. James Granger A Biographical History of England from Egbert the Great to the Revolution (5th edition 1824). This set, in 3 volumes is extra-illustrated with 92 engravings interleaved sparingly between the pages of text. From the Fleming Collection. Given by Mrs Mary Stopford, 1931.

Collection of c. 700 miscellaneous engravings, including portraits, maps, charts, plans, broadsheets, city views and several incomplete sections from printed books, mainly 18th century. The collection includes a large number of engraved portraits of 18th century preachers. Mounted on 136 pages and bound into an album, titled on spine: 'Fleming Collection. Miscellaneous engravings'. From the Fleming Collection. Given by Mrs Mary Stopford, 1931.

Collection of approximately 200 loose portrait engravings of foreign artists. From the Fleming Collection. Given by Mrs Mary Stopford, 1931.


Archive Engravings Collection


Fashionable woman wearing lace headdress
by Thomas Frye
published 28 February 1762
NPG D11300

Thomas Frye, 1710-1762
Portrait and miniature painter, engraver, and manager of the Bow Porcelain works

20 mezzotints by and after Thomas Frye, including the series of 17 life-size heads which he published in two series between 1760 and 1762 and for which he is chiefly remembered. Although probably drawn from real life these prints were issued without titles and, with the exception of Frye’s self-portrait, are not presented as portraits but as a series of ‘fanciful heads’ arranged in diverse poses. This set, bound into an album, was assembled by Dr William Fleming (1790-1880). Acquired with the Fleming Collection which was given by Fleming’s daughter Mrs Mary Elizabeth Stopford, 1931.

Catalogued portraits

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Harry Furniss, 1854-1925
Caricaturist and illustrator

73 pen and ink caricatures by the Irish magazine and book illustrator Harry Furniss who worked for Punch between 1880 and 1894. This collection contains drawings of late 19th century literary, political and other figures, including many portraits of the actor Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905) in a variety of roles during the 1890s. Given by Pepys Whiteley, 1964.

Archive Drawings Collection


Albinia, Countess of Buckinghamshire ('Enter Cowslip with a bowl of cream')
by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey
published 13 June 1795
NPG D12532

James Gillray, 1757-1815

846 etched caricatures, mostly hand-coloured, by James Gillray. These etchings, published between 1777 and 1811, provide a rich commentary on political events and royal habits at the end of the 18th century and during George IV’s regency. The collection is bound in 8 folio volumes and represents approximately ninety percent of Gillray’s entire oeuvre, including many of his most ambitious prints, such as Titianus Redivivus (1797), and also less familiar non-satirical items and sentimental stipple prints signed with a pseudonym. Amongst the prints are several small preparatory ink and pencil sketches for Connoisseurs Examining a Collection of George Morland’s (1807) and, as a frontispiece to volume 2, a pencil and watercolour portrait of Gillray by an unknown artist , c.1810 (NPG 3650). Formerly in the collections of John Roland Abbey and Ralph Clutton. Purchased from the antiquarian bookseller Thomas Thorp, 1947.

James Gillray Etchings, 1777-1841 catalogued portraits 1777-89 | 1778-1808 supplement | 1781-1810 | 1790-94 | 1795-97 | 1798-1800 | 1801-05 | 1806-11

Archive Engravings Collection


Sir Edmund Gosse, 1849-1928
Poet and writer

117 portrait engravings, etchings and lithographs, including original portrait prints given to Gosse by the artists, together with photographs and other reproductions after portraits. The majority of the prints date to the period between 1879 and 1924. The collection includes portraits of many notable figures from the second half of the 19th century and was assembled by the poet Sir Edmund Gosse. Purchased, 1929.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Engravings Collection


Unknown man
by Henryk Gotlib
circa 1939-1945
NPG D13598

Henryk Gotlib, 1890-1966

64 pencil drawings of international writers, scientists, diplomats and politicians by the Polish artist Henryk Gotlib. The majority of these portraits are very roughly drawn and were sketched by Gotlib at the international conference of scientists held in 1941 by the British Association to discuss science and world order after the war. Some drawings also relate to lunches of the Pen Club during this period. Given by the artist’s widow Janet Gotlib, 2000.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Drawings Collection


James Granger, 1723-1776

Rev. James Granger A Biographical History of England from Egbert the Great to the Revolution (3rd edition 1779). This set, in 3 volumes, is extra-illustrated with approximately 1,200 engravings interleaved between the pages of text.

See also FLEMING

Archive Engravings Collection


Possibly General Dixon
by Hon. Henry Richard Graves
NPG D18085(4)

Hon. Henry Richard Graves, 1818-1882

Sketch book of the Hon. Henry Richard Graves, titled 'Caricatures 1848' and containing 23 pencil sketches of society figures. Formerly in the collection of Walter J.H. Boyle. Purchased at Sotheby's (Belgravia), 1976.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Drawings Collection


Dr L. M. Griffiths
Print collector

Engraved portraits of British and foreign subjects, originally contained in 2 albums, collected by print collector Dr L. M. Griffiths and given by him, 1924.

The collection has been integrated by sitter name within the alphabetically arranged sequences of the Reference Collection and Sitter Boxes.

Archive Drawings Collection


Michael Morris, 1st Baron Killanin
by Henry Tanworth Wells
NPG D20744

274 portrait engravings and autotypes of members of the Grillion’s Club after Joseph Slater, George Richmond, Henry Tanworth Wells, Frank Dicksee and other artists. The Grillion’s Club originated in 1812 as a dining club and meeting place for political members. It took its name from the Grillion’s Hotel where members met from 1813. A resolution passed in 1826 established the tradition of commissioning an engraved portrait of each member. This set of engravings and autotypes was assembled from various sources during the early part of the 20th century and includes 103 prints given by the Committee of the Grillion’s Club, 1903 and 1904.

Catalogued portraits

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Engraved portraits of historical and royal sitters of the 16th and 17th centuries, duplicates from the collection in the Guildhall Library. Given by the Guildhall Library, 1929-1938.

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Archive Engravings Collection


The heads of the most illustrious persons of Great Britain taken from the best original paintings in the Royal palaces, and the collections of noblemen and gentlemen. Nos. 1-10, 12-20. London : Printed for John & Paul Knapton at the Crown in Ludgate Street, [n.d.]. Set comprises 67 engraved portraits by George Vertue and Jacobus Houbraken after various artists in their original part-issue wrappers.

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William Hogarth
by William Hogarth
1749 (1745)
NPG D3257

William Hogarth, 1697-1764
Painter and engraver

Collection of 111 engravings by William Hogarth, disbound from a volume titled 'Hogarth's Works' on its spine and upper cover. A note at the front of the volume indicates that the engravings may be from 'Hogarth restored, the whole works of William Hogarth', printed for the engraver G and J Robinson by J. Davison, 1802.

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Probably Sir William Butts
by Wenceslaus Hollar, published by Adam Alexius Bierling, after Hans Holbein the Younger
NPG D17892

Wenceslas Hollar, 1607-1677

121 etched portraits of mainly British sitters by the important Bohemian etcher Wenceslas Hollar. Hollar came to England in 1636 to work with the Arundel collections and the etchings in this set date from 1639 to 1670. The collection comprises 22 prints purchased from AW Parker, 1893 and the remainder acquired from various sources by Sir George Scharf, Director of the NPG, late 19th century.

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Jane Seymour
probably by Jacobus Houbraken
possibly 1746
NPG D24184

Jacobus Houbraken, 1698-1780
Line engraver mainly of portraits

58 line engraved portraits, mostly before letters and comprising two sets of prints, by the Dutch line engraver Jacobus Houbraken. This group was assembled by Dr William Fleming (1790-1880). Acquired with the Fleming Collection which was given by Fleming’s daughter Mrs Mary Elizabeth Stopford, 1931.


Archive Engravings Collection


Queen Nzinga Mbande (Anna de Sousa Nzinga)
by Achille Devéria, printed by François Le Villain, published by Edward Bull, published by Edward Churton, after Unknown artist
NPG D34632

14 hand-coloured lithograph portraits of notable women from history by Villain and published by Bull & Churton, 1830s. Bound together in a volume, titled: ' Portraits of illustrious females'. The sitters include: Lady Mary Wortley Montague, Lady Jane Grey, Marie-Antoinette and Ann Zingha Queen of Matamba. Acquired with the Fleming Collection which was given by Fleming’s daughter Mrs Mary Elizabeth Stopford, 1931.

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Prince James Francis Edward Stuart
by Pieter Louis van Schuppen, after Nicolas de Largillière
NPG D34717

Prince James Francis Edward Stuart, 1688-1766
Son of James II; ‘The Old Pretender’

42 engraved portraits of James Francis Edward Stuart (The Old Pretender) and his family by various engravers after various artists. The engravings are bound into an album titled: ‘Stuart portraits’. A manuscript list at the front of the volume is headed: 'A list of sundry portraits and tracts relating to the pretender commonly called James the third - collected by a gentleman'. Acquired, 1960.

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John Kay, 1742-1826
Miniaturist and etcher

241 etchings chronicling all walks of life in Edinburgh society at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries by the little known etcher John Kay. Kay was an ex-barber and native of Edinburgh who turned to etching relatively late in life and produced many hundreds of original naïve and mostly humorous portraits of his fellow citizens. This collection covers the years from 1784 to 1817. 105 prints purchased with the Macdonnel DNB at Sotheby's, 1966, with the aid of the Friends of the National Libraries and the Pilgrim Trust. The remainder of the collection was acquired from various sources.

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Emery Kelen

92 colour lithograph caricatures by Kelen. This set, issued in a portfolio titled: ‘Indian Round Table Conference 1931’, was published in a limited edition of 100 copies (of which this is no. 4) in 1931. Signed by the artist. Purchased from Mr Yakovleff, 1940.

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Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
by John Faber Jr, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
1735 (circa 1706-1711)
NPG D33091

The Kit-Cat Club done from original paintings of Sir Godfrey Kneller by Mr Faber. Sold by J. Tonson in the Strand and J Faber at the Golden Head , 1735. Boxed set of 47 disbound mezzotint portraits of members of the Kit-Cat Club by John Faber after Sir Godfrey Kneller, 1731-5. Box contains printed title page, dedication and 47 mezzotint prints.

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Queen Victoria
by Richard James Lane
published 1837
NPG D8154

Richard James Lane, 1800-1872
Engraver and lithographer

865 lithographs of portraits and figure studies by the prolific Victorian lithographer Richard James Lane, mostly published between 1825 and 1850. The collection contains portraits of royal sitters, prominent society figures and theatrical subjects, including a set of illustrations of the actor John Philip Kemble (1757-1823) published in 1826 and a set of 16 portraits of his brother Charles Kemble (1775-1854) published in 1840. The collection comprises 4 sets of lithographs bound into albums, some of which are inscribed and dated by Lane, and the remainder which are loose or in their original wrappers. The majority of the collection was given by Dr Austen Lane Poole, 1956-7. Additional items were acquired from various sources during the early 20th century.

Richard James Lane lithographs catalogued portraits Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3 | Volume 4 | Volume 5 | Volume 6 | Volume 7 | Volume 8 | Volume 9 | Volume 10 | Volume 11 | Volume 12 | Volume 13

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202 lithograph portraits published under the series title ‘Leaders of Society’ in the Whitehall Review between 1876 and 1881 Bound into a volume titled: ‘Leaders of Society : Portraits from the Whitehall Review’.

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Ernest E. Leggatt
Print collector, dealer and publisher

Engraved portraits of British and foreign subjects collected by Ernest E. Leggatt, who, after working at Agnews, set up his own gallery at 62 Cheapside, London, later traded as Leggatt Bros & Leggatt Galleries, and latterly traded from St James's Street. Given by Ernest E. Leggatt, 1910-1921.

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Alphonse Legros
by Félix Bracquemond
NPG D18061

Alphonse Legros, 1837-1911
Painter, sculptor and etcher

13 original lithographic, etched and drypoint portraits of Alphonse Legros by fellow artists including Felix Bracquemond, Joseph Benwell Clark, Sir William Rothenstein and George Frederick Watts. Legros was born in Dijon and worked in Paris before he was encouraged by James Abbott McNeill Whistler to come to London in 1863 and where, from 1875-1892 he was Slade Professor of Fine Art at University College. The portraits in this set were produced between 1865 and 1913 and were collected by American businessman F. E. Bliss (who was the father of the composer Sir Arthur Bliss). Purchased from W. McDonald, 1945.

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Sir Michael Kemp Tippett
by Hubert Leslie
NPG D466

Hubert Leslie, 1890-1976
Silhouette artist

33 cut paper silhouettes by Brighton-based silhouettist Hubert Leslie, together with 10 record books covering the years from 1922 to 1950. The volumes contain Leslie’s own set of copies of the silhouettes he cut for Brighton holiday-makers and celebrity visitors. In 1922 Leslie succeeded the French silhouettist Huardel Bly on the West Pier at Brighton and he continued in business in this location until 1936 when he moved to another address in Brighton. The collection contains several theatrical subjects, including Jean Forbes-Robertson (1905-1962) in the role of Peter Pan. The majority of the collection was given by Hubert Leslie, 1974.

Hubert Leslie albums feature

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(Percy) Wyndham Lewis, 1882-1957
Painter and novelist

Thirty Personalities and a Self-portrait, consisting of 31 lithographed reproductions of drawings by Wyndham Lewis. Loose prints in a portfolio, with introductory text by the artist, published by Desmond Harmsworth, London, 1932, in an edition of 200 sets each signed and numbered by the artist. The Gallery’s set is no. 50. Acquired by 1933.

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12 illustrated posters from the series The Living Rulers of Mankind, published by George Allen, London, c. 1901-1914. These posters are printed in black and red with photographs of world leaders, including King Edward VII, Kaiser Wilhelm II, President Roosevelt amd Pope Leo XIII. Acquired early 20th century.

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Livingstone and Stanley Meet (Sir Henry Morton Stanley; David Livingstone)
by Unknown artist, published by The London Missionary Society
circa 1900
NPG D18406

David Livingstone, 1813-1873
Missionary and explorer

The life and work of David Livingstone: missionary and explorer, consisting of 40 magic lantern slides (glass positives) showing colour illustrations that depict the exploits of David Livingstone in Africa. Published with an explanatory pamphlet by the London Missionary Society, c. 1900. Purchased, 1995.

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Pierre Lombart
For Pierre Lombart’s Countesses see VAN DYCK


Arthur Ransome
by Robert Lutyens
published 1962 (1961)
NPG D32983

Robert Lutyens, 1901-1972

9 portraits and a self-portrait frontispiece by Robert Lutyens. This set, contained in a portfolio titled ‘The Old Burgundians: portraits of eleven of the members designed and executed by Robert Lutyens’, was privately printed in an edition of 50 copies (of which this is no. 4) by the artist in 1962. Signed by the artist. The set comprises portraits of members of the Old Burgundians, an informal society drawn from the Garrick Club, including Arthur Ransome, Douglas Jerrold, Felix Aylmer and Michael Gilmour. Given by the artist, Robert Lutyens, 1962.

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