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Matthew or Matthias Darly
published by Mary Darly
published 1771
NPG D9321

J.H. MacDonnell
Print collector (20th century)

Dictionary of National Biography (London: Smith, Elder & Co., 1885-1901) re-bound in 73 folio volumes, extra-illustrated throughout with 7,000 engraved portraits, plus 10 boxes of additional engravings. The collection is particularly rich in 18th and 19th century prints. The volumes also contain a number of drawings, some of them original portraits of some consequence. The collection was compiled by the 20th century print collector J.H. MacDonnell and his manuscript index of sitters is bound in a separate volume. Purchased at Sotheby's, 1966, with the aid of the Friends of the National Libraries and the Pilgrim Trust.

See Friends of the National Libraries Annual Report (1966).

See also BISHOPS

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Harriet Martineau
after Daniel Maclise
(published 1833)
NPG D34543

Daniel Maclise, bap. 1806-1870

38 drawings by an unknown artist after Maclise’s literary portraits from Fraser’s Magazine. The originals were published in the 1830s. Given by J.M. Browne Esq., 1939.

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Messrs MacMillan and Company


Photogravure portraits reproduced at various times in MacMillan publications. Given by Messrs MacMillan and Company, 1933.

The collection has been integrated by sitter name within the alphabetically arranged sequences of the Reference Collection and Sitter Boxes.

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Collegiate Church, Manchester

Engraved portraits, views and plans relating to the Collegiate Church, Manchester, published by Agnew & Zanetti, 1828-1833. Bound together in a volume titled on spine: 'Collegiate Church, Manchester, portraits, views etc.'. Comprises 10 portraits and 28 views and plans relating to the Collegiate Church, Manchester, by various engravers after various artists. MS index of contents at front of volume, Acquired, 1882.

Archive Engravings Collection


Count Gleichen
by Carlo Pellegrini
NPG D6734

9 chromolithograph caricatures of members of the Marlborough Club by Carlo Pellegrini (1838-1889). Pellegrini, who worked under the name ‘Ape’ or ‘Singe’, was the chief contributor to Vanity Fair between 1869 and 1888. In 1871 he was commissioned to produce caricatures of the 400 members of the Marlborough Club, which had recently been established by the Prince of Wales and his set. However, he completed only 20 portraits before he dropped the project in 1873, including, amongst those represented in this group, the Prince of Wales’s brother Alfred Ernest Duke of Edinburgh (1844-1900) and Edward Prince of Saxe-Weimar (1832-1902). Acquired in 1974.

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Henry Witte (or Wenham) Martin, 1817-61

Print collector

Engraved portraits of British and foreign subjects, collected by print collector Henry Witte (or Wenham) Martin of 12 Clapton Square, Hackney, and left to the Gallery by him with an inter-leaved copy of Charles Knight’s English Cyclopedia of Biography in 6 volumes, 1856-8, into which the prints were to be inserted for purposes of extra-illustration. Martin’s collection of prints relating to French history and costume was given to the British Museum. Bequeathed by Henry W. Martin, 1861.

In 1896 the Martin Collection was integrated by sitter name in the general alphabetically arranged sequences of engravings now held in the Reference Collection and Sitter Boxes.

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Frank Charlton; Thomas Rome
by Fred May
published 22 May 1935
NPG D7980

Fred May, 1891-1976
Caricaturist and painter

20 mainly brush and ink with white heightening caricatures of industrialists and public figures by caricaturist and painter Fred May. May’s earliest drawings were produced for the North Eastern Daily Gazette and his first cartoons for the Tatler were sent home in 1917 from the trenches where he was serving as an infantry officer. He continued to work for the Tatler until his death in 1976. Included in this group are caricatures of Sir Richard Burbidge (1872-1945), Chairman of British Home Stores and Harrods, Sir Isidore Salmon (1876-1941), Chairman and Managing Director of Lyons & Co Ltd, and shipping magnate Thomas Rome (1852-1938). Purchased from the artist’s son Phil May, 1976 and 1997.

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Regiae familiae Mediceorum (Florence, 1761). Two volumes containing 104 engravings: vol. 1 titled 'Regiae familiae Mediceorum etruriae principum effigies' with 54 engravings mostly by Adriano Halluech; vol. 2 titled 'Chronologica series simulacrorum regiae familiae Mediceae centum' with 50 engravings and 1 fold out engraved chart by Franc. Allegrini. Acquired, 1873.

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Colour reproductions of important British and foreign sitters published by the Medici Society Ltd. Given by the Medici Society Ltd, 1910-1921.

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71 illustrated sheet music covers depicting popular entertainers from the second half of the 19th century. The collection includes colour lithographic portraits of music hall performers George Leybourne (1842-1884) and Marie Lloyd (1870-1922). Given by John Hall, 1972.

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Sarah Bernhardt
published by William Heinemann, after William Nicholson
published 1897
NPG D9631

Sir William Nicholson, 1872-1949

12 loose colour lithograph portraits by William Nicholson. This set is contained in a portfolio and was published under the title ‘Twelve Portraits by William Nicholson’ by William Heinemann in 1899. The sitters include Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales (afterwards Edward VII), W.E. Gladstone, Cecil Rhodes, Rudyard Kipling and Sarah Bernhardt. Acquired 1980.

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Clement Attlee
by Harry Lawrence Oakley
NPG D361

Captain Harry Lawrence Oakley, 1882-1960
Silhouette artist

20 cut paper silhouettes made by Captain Harry Lawrence Oakley between 1920 and 1956. The collection includes literary, musical, artistic and political figures of the period. Oakley produced profiles for a variety of purposes, including recruiting posters and decorative advertisements. The Bystander featured a series of his likenesses during the First World War, at which time he cut a full-length figure of the then Prince of Wales (afterwards Duke of Windsor) as an officer in the Grenadier Guards, which is now in the Gallery’s primary collection (NPG 4534). Given by Mrs Welch, 1968.

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Lester Piggott
by Bryan Organ
NPG D4712

Bryan Organ, b. 1935
Portrait painter

6 lithograph portraits of British jockeys by Bryan Organ, with biographical notes by David Hedge. This set, contained in a box titled ‘Six British jockeys : Bryan Organ’, was published in a limited edition by Arthur Ackermann and Son Ltd, 1974. Signed and dated by the artist.

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Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex
after Hans Holbein the Younger
(circa 1525-1550)
NPG D19228

Miscellaneous painted portraits.

Archive Paintings Collection


The Cabinet Cherubs
by Bernard Partridge
NPG D11150

Sir Bernard Partridge, 1861-1945

59 cartoons of early 20th century political figures, mainly pen and ink, some gouache, drawn by Bernard Partridge for Punch magazine between 1902 and 1942. This group of cartoons was acquired in connection with the purchase of drawings for the Gallery’s primary collection from the artist’s widow Lady Partridge. Given by the National Art Collections Fund, 1949.

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Benjamin Pearce
Silhouette artist

5 bust length cut paper silhouettes by Benjamin Pearce of St Leonards. This group date from the mid 19th century and includes profiles of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), Victoria Duchess of Kent and Strathearn (1786-1861), mother of Queen Victoria, and Napoleon III, Emperor of France (1808-1873). Acquired early 20th century.

Catalogued portraits


Collection of approximately 200 early 20th century photogravure portraits of notable individuals, including scientists, artists, literary figures, military figures and musicians, by the Photographische Gesellschaft in Berlin. Arranged alphabetically by sitter in 3 volumes and titled ‘Bildnisse’.

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William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath
by James Macardell, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
1758 (1757)
NPG D664

C M Powell

Collection of miscellaneous prints. Bequeathed by C. M. Powell through the National Art Collections Fund, 1929.

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John Byrom
by Dorning Rasbotham
mid 18th century
NPG D18109

Dorning Rasbotham, 1730-1791
Lancashire antiquarian

Album of the Lancashire antiquarian Dorning Rasbotham, containing 8 portraits, including one of John Byrom (1692-1763) who devised and taught a system of shorthand in Manchester. Amongst the portraits are a few pen and ink drawings as well as several etchings and engravings. Purchased at Christie's, 1975.

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Sir Jack Hobbs
by Alexander ('Alick') Penrose Forbes Ritchie
NPG D18017

Alick P.F. Ritchie, 1868-1938
Caricaturist and illustrator

32 chromolithographs and 50 cigarette cards depicting eminent men of the early 20th century by the caricaturist and illustrator Alick Ritchie. Ritchie was a commercial artist who drew for several magazines including the Bystander, Sketch and Vanity Fair. The chromolithographs in this collection were published between 1905 and 1913 and include cartoons of businessman and founder of Selfridges, Harry Gordon Selfridge (1858-1947) and actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (1852-1917). The cigarette cards date to the inter-war period and include the racehorse owner Aga Khan III (1877-1957) and cricketer Sir Jack Hobbs (1882-1963). The chromolithographs were purchased at Phillips, 1983, and the cigarette cards were given by Terence Pepper, 1992 and 2003.

Cigarette cards

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Fred Roe, 1864-1947

Character sketches: drawings by Fred Roe, 1900-27 (volume 1)
Character sketches: drawings by Fred Roe, 1928-45 (volume 2)

2 albums of portrait sketches on menus and other ephemera, drawn and compiled by the artist Fred Roe. Roe sketched impromptu informal portraits, group studies and comic sketches during banquets, social gatherings and committee meetings for organisations such as the Royal Academy Club and the Artists' General Benevolent Organisation. He filed the sketches by pasting them in the 'Character Sketches' albums, and in several cases he later published the images alongside the sitter's obituary in the Connoisseur and other publications. The album also includes preparatory sketches for several of his oil paintings. Roe annotated the album with biographical information and other observations on the sitters; the albums were further extensively annotated by his son, the art historian F. Gordon Roe. Given by the artist’s grand-daughter Mrs Maynard, 1994. Fred Roe's day books are held at the Royal Academy Archives. They act as a counterpart to the Character Sketch albums, and record in minute detail the expenses and income involved in producing each of his later paintings.

See ‘Character sketches’: drawings by Fred Roe 1900 -1945 here

Character sketches: drawings by Fred Roe Volume 1 | Volume 2

Archive Drawings Collection

Fred Roe, R.I (1864-1947): Historical and Genre Painter, Author and Antiquary, his life and art. With a catalogue of his works compiled by his Son F. Gordon Roe F.S.A.


Two unknown sitters
probably by Sir William Charles Ross
late 1820s-mid 1830s
NPG D42227

Sir William Charles Ross, 1794-1860

Miniature painter

24 pencil, ink and watercolour drawings and 1 engraving, probably by Ross, mostly of unknown sitters with a few plant and animal studies, 1820s-50s. They have previously been stuck into a sketchbook, now disbound. Acquired from an unknown source, probably between 1918 and 1966.

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W.B. Yeats
by William Rothenstein
published 1899 (1898)
NPG D32980

Sir William Rothenstein, 1872-1945
Artist and teacher of art

6 lithograph portraits by William Rothenstein. This set , contained in a portfolio, was published under the title ‘Liber Juniorum : six lithographed drawings by Will Rothenstein’ in 1899. The portfolio has the artist's bookplate inside the front cover. The sitters are Aubrey Beardsley, Max Beerbohn, Laurence Binyon, Laurence Housman, Stephen Phillips and W.B. Yeats. Acquired, 1954.

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Norah Mary Madeleine Lindsay (née Bourke)
after Violet Manners, Duchess of Rutland
NPG D9486

Violet Lindsay, Duchess of Rutland, 1856-1937
Artist, wife of 8th Duke of Rutland

52 lithographs of contemporary figures after portrait drawings by Violet Lindsay, later Duchess of Rutland. Violet Lindsay was a renowned amateur portrait artist during the late 19th century and attracted many famous sitters. This collection of lithographs, published mostly between 1886 and 1899, includes such eminent figures as Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) and the Polish pianist Ignacy Paderewski (1860-1941). Purchased from Gillian Pye (Weinreb), 1971.

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Sir Francis Lloyd
by Lester Howard Sacré
published 1918
NPG D33968

Lester Howard Sacré, 1892-1974

Sidelights by Sacre : being an official series of caricature portraits : Military. First series. Published by Constable & Co. Ltd., 1918. Volume contains an introduction, list of plates and 16 colour lithograph caricatures of British military figures of the First World War. At the end of the volume there is a loose set of the same lithographs signed 'L.H. Sacre 18'. Acquired before 1938.

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William Wilberforce
by William Say, after Joseph Slater
published 18 April 1820
NPG D11346

William Say, 1768-1834
Mezzotint engraver

93 mezzotints or fragments of mezzotints, mainly portraits of eminent figures but including a few subjects, by the early 19th century engraver William Say. Some of the prints have been heightened with white and pencil. All of the mezzotints have been cropped or cut into sections and mounted into an album. The leaves on which they are pasted have been annotated with sitter names and subject titles. A typescript index of sitters is included at the front of the album. Formerly in the collection of the engraver’s son Frederick Richard Say (fl. 1826-1858). Given by Mrs Masterman, 1963.

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by James Sayers, published by Thomas Cornell
published 12 January 1784
NPG D12234

James Sayers, 1748-1823
Amateur artist and political caricaturist

182 political caricature etchings by James Sayers, published between 1782 and 1808. In accordance with his allegiance to the Tory William Pitt (1759-1806), Sayers directed his gift for characterization and satire against Charles James Fox (1749-1806) and his Coalition Ministry. His prints were evidently a source of reference for James Gillray and others. This collection includes an album of etchings selected for his friend Robert Appleyard by Sayers himself in 1818. Purchased, 1904.

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Sir George Scharf, 1820-1895
Art historian, illustrator and first Secretary then Director of the NPG

230 pocket sketch books of Sir George Scharf, Director of the NPG, containing meticulous annotated pencil drawings of portraits held in private collections, plus occasional views and interiors of the great houses he visited. Amongst the pocket books are early travel sketchbooks containing watercolour views relating to Scharf’s travels in Asia Minor and Europe. The main series of sketchbooks, covering the years 1856 to 1894, is divided between his private sketch books (nos. 1-133) and official trustees sketch books (nos. 1-43 plus special collections). This collection also includes approximately 700 pencil tracings of portraits. The sketchbooks have been indexed by sitter and artist and typescript copies are bound in separate volumes. A microfilm copy of the sketchbooks, with index, was published by World Microfilms.

Sir George Scharf sketchbooks feature

Archive Drawings Collection


Florence Nightingale
by John Pinches
circa 1856
NPG D7043

Approximately 100 items, including medals, medallions, miniatures, seals and death masks.

Archive Engravings Collection


Sergeant’s Inn, Chancery Lane

Engraved portraits of Sergeant’s-at-law formerly in Sergeant’s Inn, Chancery Lane. Given by Sergeant’s Inn, 1898.

The collection has been integrated by sitter name within the alphabetically arranged sequences of the Reference Collection and Sitter Boxes.

Archive Engravings Collection


Charles William Sherborn
by Charles William Sherborn
NPG D21210

Charles William Sherborn, 1831-192
Etcher and engraver

30 prints, including etchings and engravings of historical figures after other artists and original portraits, produced between 1856 and 1903. All but one print was executed by Charles Sherborn, who is best known for the series of more than 350 bookplates that he designed and engraved chiefly between 1881 and 1912. Among the collection are two self portraits by Sherborn and a further portrait of the artist after Arthur Ellis. Given by Tim Knox, 2005.

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Elizabeth Allan
by Robert Stewart Sherriffs
NPG D18334

Robert Stewart Sherriffs, 1906-1960

30 ink, wash, crayon and pencil drawings of mainly literary and theatrical personalities of the 1920s and 1930s by cartoonist Robert Sherriffs. His caricature of John Barrymore in the Bystander led to a series of drawings of celebrities in the Sketch. He also drew for the Radio Times and after the war he became film caricaturist for Punch. This collection covers the years from 1926 to 1939 and includes drawings of literary figures John Galsworthy (1867-1933) and Compton Mackenzie (1883-1972), Carry-On actor Charles Hawtrey (1914-1988), and actresses Gladys Cooper (1888-1971) and Gertrude Lawrence (1898-1952). The majority of the collection was purchased from Stephen Selby, 1978.

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Henrietta Maria Wyvill (née Yarborough), Lady Wyvill
by Isaac Beckett, published by John Smith, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
published circa 1683-1729
NPG D11611

John Smith, 1652-1742

486 mezzotints by John Smith, many after portraits by Sir Godfrey Kneller. Smith was the leading exponent of mezzotint production in Britain during the late 17th century and this set, bound in 3 volumes, is believed to have been assembled by him towards the end of his career for sale to a collector. Formerly in the collection of the Peper Harrow Library, Earl of Midleton. Purchased at Hodgson & Co., 1944.

Catalogued portraits

John Smith research feature

See also Antony Griffiths Early Mezzotint Publishing in England – I: John Smith 1652-1743 Print Quarterly vol. VI (1989) p. 248

Archive Engravings Collection



W. Campbell Smyth

Print collection

Engraved portraits of British and foreign subjects collected by print collector W. Campbell Smyth and given by him, 1935-6.

The collection has been integrated by sitter name within the alphabetically arranged sequences of the Reference Collection and Sitter Boxes

Archive Engravings Collection



215 portraits, mainly engravings but also a few watercolour drawings and oil sketches, of local gentry and other notable figures associated with the county of Somerset. The collection is contained in a portfolio titled ‘Somerset Worthies’ and includes 19 portraits of the bishops of Bath and Wells and others relating to members of the Acland family. Purchased from Leonard Phillips Rare Books & Manuscripts, 1947.

Archive Engravings Collection



366 engravings of sovereigns, princes, military commanders, statesmen, etc. Comprising mainly foreign subjects, but including Oliver Cromwell and Sir Thomas More. Bound together in a volume titled ‘Portrait engravings : Sovereigns, Princes, Commanders, Statesmen’. MS note inserted at front of volume and dated Kensington, April 1890, states the collection was assembled by [?] Hendricks. Bookplate of Lord Londesborough inside front cover.

Archive Engravings Collection


Sir Randolph Crewe (Crew)
attributed to Thomas Athow
early 19th century
NPG D23259

45 watercolour copies of portraits of Speakers of the House of Commons from Thomas More (1478-1535) to the Rt. Hon. Charles Manners Sutton (1780-1845) painted from portraits in the Speaker’s House as well as private collections. The watercolours were produced in the early 19th century, probably by a landscape and portrait painter named Thomas Athow (fl. 1806-1822), and many of the same portraits appear in the Sutherland collection at the Ashmolean. The collection is bound in an album, at the front of which is a printed list of Speakers that has been annotated to indicate which are represented. Purchased from Frederick W. Steward, 1895.

Catalogued portraits

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Tony Lumpkins
by Percy Frederick Seaton Spence
early 1890s
NPG D23134(4)

Percy Frederick Seaton Spence, 1868-1933
Painter and illustrator

36 sketches, mainly portraits of theatrical personalities sketched in Melbourne and Sydney in the early 1890s and autographed by the sitter. The album also includes figure and animal studies as well as portraits of several writers and journalists affiliated with Black and White Magazine, added to the album during or after 1896. Given by the artist, 1899.

Spence was born in Sydney in 1868. He exhibited pictures at the Royal Art Society and the Royal Academy. As an illustrator Spence supplied drawings to the Bulletin, Black and White, and the Graphic as well as to Britain’s Austral Empire (1901) and a volume entitled Australia (1910), part of Black’s colour series. He died in London in 1933.

Catalogued portraits

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326 stipple engraved portraits of 19th century sportsmen, engraved by J. Brown after various artists. Bound together in 4 volumes, titled on spines: 'Portraits of sportsmen'. Purchased, 1956.

Archive Engravings Collection


Vanessa Bell
by Ray Strachey
NPG D204

Ray (Rachel) Strachey, 1887-1940
Amateur portrait painter

61 portraits of Bloomsbury figures and members of the Strachey family, painted in oil on board by amateur artist Ray Strachey (sister-in-law of Lytton Strachey). The collection includes a number of self-portraits. Strachey started to paint her family and friends after she was given a box of oil paints at the age of forty. Given by the artist’s daughter Barbara Halpern, 1989.

Catalogued portraits

See Elizabeth P. Richardson A Bloomsbury iconography (Winchester: St Paul's Bibliographies, 1989), pp. 265-66.

Archive Paintings Collection


Anna Scott, Duchess of Monmouth and Duchess of Buccleuch
by Jan van der Vaart, published by Richard Tompson, after Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt
NPG D10988

Richard Tompson, d. 1693
Print publisher

73 mezzotints published by Richard Tompson published between 1678 and 1679, mainly after portraits by Sir Peter Lely and some after Sir Anthony Van Dyck and Sir Godfrey Kneller. Tompson and fellow print publisher Alexander Browne were two of the first and most important publishers of high quality mezzotints in Britain. They were also business partners as art auctioneers from around 1674 onwards. Acquired from various sources.

Catalogued portraits

Richard Tompson research feature

See also Antony Griffiths ‘Early mezzotint publishing in England – II: Peter Lely, Tompson and Browne’ Print Quarterly vol. VII (1990), pp. 131-45.

Archive Engravings Collection


'James I and his royal progeny'
by Charles Turner, published by Samuel Woodburn, after Willem de Passe
published 1814
NPG D34878

Charles Turner, 1773-1857

15 mezzotint portraits of royal figures from the 16th and 17th centuries, including Queen Elizabeth I, King James I, King Charles I and Kings Charles II, 10 of which engraved by Charles Turner, 4 by Robert Dunkarton and 1 by Richard Earlom, published by S. Woodburn, early 19th century. Bound into a volume titled in ink on cover: ‘Charles Turner's Historical Engravings'. Acquired, 1866.

Catalogued portraits


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Edward Moor
by Mary Dawson Turner (née Palgrave)
NPG D17970

Mrs Mary Dawson Turner (nee Palgrave)
Amateur draughtswoman and etcher

wife of Dawson Turner, 1775-1858

51etched portraits of members of her family and circle of friends by amateur artist Mrs Mary Dawson Turner, wife of the antiquary Dawson Turner (1775-1858). These etchings were published between 1804 and 1823. Purchased from Suckling & Co., 1963.

Catalogued portraits

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Dorothy Spencer (née Sidney), Countess of Sunderland
by Pierre Lombart, after Sir Anthony van Dyck
1660s (circa 1639)
NPG D34299

Sir Anthony Van Dyck, 1599-1641

11 engraved portraits by Pierre Lombart after by Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Bound together in a volume: Pierre Lombart’s Countesses. From the Fleming Collection. Given by Mrs Mary Elizabeth Stopford, 1931.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Engraving Collection


Queen Victoria
by François Forster, published by Sir Francis Graham Moon, 1st Bt, after Franz Xaver Winterhalter
published 1 May 1847
NPG D35047

Queen Victoria, 1819-1901

20 engraved portraits of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children by various engravers after various artists, published between 1834 and 1855. Engravings bound into an album titled on spine: 'Twenty portraits of the Royal family of Great Britain'. The volumes has the bookplate of Francis Hugo Lindley Meynell inside its front cover. Acquired, 1960.

Catalogued portraits

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Album of prints by and after Thomas Charles Wageman and Michel Angelo Wageman. Given by Mr and Mrs Meech, 2011.

Catalogued portraits


John Stuart Mill
by Sir Leslie Ward
study for drawing published in Vanity Fair 29 March 1873
NPG D7685

Sir Leslie Ward (‘Spy’), 1851-1922
Portrait painter and caricaturist

54 pencil, pen and ink, and gouache caricature drawings by Sir Leslie Ward, mostly dated between 1873 and 1911. Ward, who worked under the name ‘Spy’ is best known as understudy and successor to Carlo Pellegrini otherwise known as ‘Ape’ (1839-1889) on Vanity Fair. This collection complements a set of 190 original Vanity Fair cartoons by Ward in the Gallery’s primary collection. Purchased at Sotheby’s, 1971.

Archive Drawings Collection


Eleanor Vere Boyle (née Gordon)
by Louisa Anne Beresford
21 July 1888
NPG D23146(50)

Louisa (nee Stuart) 3rd Marchioness of Waterford, 1818-1891
Amateur painter and watercolourist

Sketchbook of Louisa, Marchoiness of Waterford containing 76 leaves (of which two are later insertions) of watercolour and pencil sketches, mainly portraits with some landscapes and interior views. Probably drawn at Highcliffe in 1887 and 1888, the sketchbook contains portraits of the Marchioness’s friends and acquaintances including Eleanor Vere Boyle, the Rev. Charles and Lady Caroline Courtenay, and the Marchioness’s future biographer Augustus J.C. Hare. Given by Lady Piper, the widow of Sir David Piper (former Director of the National Portrait Gallery), in 1994.

Born the daughter of the British ambassador to the French court, Louisa Stuart’s talent was recognised by a number of her contemporaries though she received no formal artistic training. She married Henry, the 3rd Marquess of Waterford in 1842. After his death in 1895 she divided her time between Ford, the Northumberland castle bequeathed by her late husband, and Highcliffe, the Stuart home in Dorset which she inherited in 1867. She died in Ford in 1891.

Catalogued portraits

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Mark Wayner, 1910 or 1911-1980

Two albums of lithographic caricatures of celebrities, titled: Celebrities in Caricature (1931) and Celebrities Today in Caricature (1943 or before). Purchased, 2006.

Catalogued portraits

Archive Engravings Collection


John Hunter
by William Overend Geller, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
published 1836 (1786)
NPG D19254

London past and present by Henry B. Wheatley (London: John Murray, 1891) re-bound in 9 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with 1,900 portrait and topographical engravings by the MP, barrister and former trustee of the NPG, Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, 1st Bt (1859-1924). Given by Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, 1913.

Wheatley's London catalogued portraits Volume 1, Part 1 | Volume 1, Part 2 | Volume 1, Part 3 | Volume 2, Part 1 | Volume 2, Part 2 | Volume 2, Part 3 | Volume 3, Part 1 | Volume 3, Part 2 | Volume 3, Part 3

Archive Engravings Collection


Elinor Glyn
after Claude Harris
NPG D42398

W.D. and H.O. Wills, Bristol

Tobacco company

40 cigarette cards in the series Wills’s Famous British Authors, issued 1937 after photographs by Howard Coster, Bassano and others. Under the management of brothers William Day and Henry Overton Wills, the company W.D. & H.O. Wills became one of the leading tobacco companies in Britain in the 19th century and was the first British company to issue cigarette cards.

Catalogued portraits

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See Leaders of Society


King James I of England and VI of Scotland
by Charles Turner, published by Samuel Woodburn, after Francis Delaram
published 1814
NPG D9809

Samuel Woodburn, 1786-1853
Picture dealer

15 mezzotints, mostly proofs before letters, published by Samuel Woodburn, 1811-1816. The collection comprises portraits of 17th century royal figures after earlier engravings and include King James I’s eldest son Henry Prince of Wales (1594-1612), King Charles I (1600-1649) when Prince of Wales, and soldier and patron of science Prince Rupert, Count Palatine (1619-1682). Acquired early 20th century.

See also


Archive Engravings Collection


Anthony Wysard, 1907-1984
Cartoonist and illustrator

47 caricature drawings, mostly watercolour, of society personalities and celebrities from the late 1920s and early 1930s by Anthony Wysard. During the 1930s Wysard contributed caricatures to a number of popular magazines and papers including the Tatler, Strand, Harper’s Bazaar and Daily Express. Purchased at Phillips, 1990.

Catalogued portraits

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