Sir Chris Whitty and Dr Edward Jenner

A man with light skin tone in a suit standing in gallery next to the portrait of Jenner; a microphone is being held towards him
Chris Whitty © Sadie Catt
An oil painting of a man with light skin tone, sitting by a table with his head resting against his hand; a book is open on the table with a picture of a cow
Edward Jenner by James Northcote, 1803, NPG 62, © National Portrait Gallery, London

Close Encounters is a new BBC Radio 4 series that marks our reopening. Over 10 episodes, influential Britons come face to face with portraits that mean something to them, making connections and learning more about the works that make us a living portrait of Britain. Hear why England’s Chief Medical Officer, Sir Chris Whitty, chose this portrait of Edward Jenner, and see Sadie Catt’s new portrait of Sir Chris, standing alongside his portrait of choice while recording in the galleries.

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