Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue

Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue

Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue


Extended entries from John Kerslake’s Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue

National Portrait Gallery

By John Kerslake
London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1977


A note on the relation of the collection to British portraiture 1714-60


CATALOGUE (arranged by sitter)

Aislabie to Ayscough
Aislabie, John
Albany, Countess of
Allen, Ralph
Anson, 1st Baron
Augusta, Princess of Wales
Ayscough, Francis

Baskerville to Burlington
Baskerville, John
Bath, 1st Earl of
Berkeley, George
Birch, Thomas
Boscawen, Edward
Boulter, Hugh
Bradley, James
Burgoyne, John
Burlington, 3rd Earl of

Canton to Cumberland
Canton, John
Caroline, Queen
Chandos, 1st Duke of
Charles, Prince
Chatham, 1st Earl of
Chesterfield, 4th Earl of
Chubb, Thomas
Churchill, Charles
Cibber, Colley
Clive, 1st Baron
Collet, Joseph
Coram, Thomas
Cork, 5th Earl of
Cumberland, Duke of

Dinwiddie to Dodsley
Dinwiddie, Robert
Doddridge, Philip
Dodsley, Robert

Egmont, 1st Earl of

Fisher to Frederick
Fisher, Catharine

Folkes, Martin
Forbes, Duncan
Frederick, Prince of Wales

George I to Greene
George I

George II
George III
Gibbs, James
Gibbs, Joseph
Grafton, 2nd Duke of
Granby, Marquess of
Grantham, 1st Baron of
Granville, 2nd Earl of
Gray, Thomas
Greene, Maurice

Hales to Hough
Hales, Stephen

Halifax, 2nd Earl of
Halley, Edmund
Handel, George Frederick
Hanway, Jonas
Hardwicke, 1st Earl of
Harrington, 1st Earl of
Hawksmoor, Nicholas
Hayman, Francis
Herring, Thomas
Hervey, John
Hoadly, Benjamin
Hoadly, John
Hogarth, William
Holland, 1st Baron
Hooke, Nathaniel
Hough, John

James to Johnson
James, Prince
Johnson, Maurice

Kent to Kirby
Kent, William
Kirby, John

Lawrence to Lyttelton
Lawrence, Stringer
Lee, William
Lens, Bernard
Ligonier, 1st Earl of
Louisa, Princess
Lovat, 11th Baron of
Lyttelton, 1st Baron of

McArdell to Montagu
McArdell, James
Macklin, Charles
McSwiny, Owen
Maria, Princess
Marischal, 10th Earl of
Mead, Richard
Middleton, Conyers
Milles, Jeremiah
Mitchell, Andrew
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley

Nash to Newcastle
Nash, Richard
Newcastle, 1st Duke of

Oglethorpe to Oxford
Oglethorpe, James
Onslow, Arthur
Orford, 1st Earl of
Oxford, 2nd Earl of

Parsons to Price
Parsons, James
Pelham, Henry
Pepusch, John
Pocock, Sir George
Pope, Alexander
Price, Francis

Queensberry, Duchess of

Ramsay to Rysbrack
Ramsay, Allan
Richardson the elder, Jonathan
Richardson, Samuel
Roubiliac, Louis Francois
Rysbrack, John Michael

Sackville to Suffolk
Sackville, 1st Viscount
Scheemakers, Peter
Scott, Samuel
Secker, Thomas

Shenstone, William
Sheppard, John
Sloane, Sir Hans
Smart, Christopher
Smith, George
Smollett, Tobias George
Somerville, William
Sophia, Dorothea
Stapylton, Lady
Stebbing, Henry
Sterne, Laurence
Stukeley, William
Suffolk, Countess of

Talbot to Tucker
Talbot, 1st Baron
Taylor, Brook
Thomson, James
Thornhill, Sir James
Townshend, Charles
Townshend, Viscountess
Tucker, Abraham

Vanderbank to Vertue
Vanderbank, John
Vernon, Edward
Vertue, George

Wade to Wesley
Wade, George
Waldegrave, 1st Earl
Walker, Thomas
Warburton, William
Ward, John
Ware, Isaac
Watts, Isaac
Wesley, John
Whitefield, George
Whitehead, Paul
Wigan, John
Willes, Sir John
Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury
Woffington, Margaret
Wolfe, James
Wood, Robert
Wynn, Sir Watkin Williams

York to Young
York and Albany, Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of
York, Henry Benedict Maria Clement Stuart, Cardinal
Young, Edward

The Court of Chancery

The 'Committy of the house of Commons'
Frederick Prince of Wales
A Conversation of Virtuosis
Moravian Church

Appendix: A note on the iconography of the Exiled Stuarts

Index of Artists (available in the 1977 printed edition)
Index of Engravers (available in the 1977 printed edition)
Index of Collections (available in the 1977 printed edition)

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