Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue: Chubb

The following text is from the National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: John Kerslake, Early Georgian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1977 (now out of print). For the most up to date research on the Collection, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text. This can be accessed by following the link with each portrait’s title.

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Thomas Chubb (1679-1747)

Philosopher and theologian; tallow-chandler and glove-maker, self-educated, patronised by many prominent men; Voltaire commended him and Pope called him 'a wonderful phenomen of Wiltshire'; published The Supremacy of the Father Asserted, 1715, and among numerous other works and tracts Discourse concerning Reason and The True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

By George Beare, 1747
Oil on canvas, 29 3/4 x 24 1/2 in. (756 x 622 mm); blue-grey eyes, broad, plump face, short neck, white wig; red kerchief spread out at his throat, drab coat, unbuttoned, and waistcoat; hands holding a quill; on a table, right, an open book on a stand, a bottle of ink and two folios behind; [1] dark brown background, lit from the left.

Signed diagonally on the table cloth, right, Geo Beare Pinxit/ 1747.

A version, also signed and dated 1747, belongs to the Salisbury Corporation. [2] Chubb died 8 February 1747. NPG 1122 is likely to be posthumous.

Condition: lined, cleaned and restored, 1898.

Collections: bought, 1898, from the collection of the Rev. F.O. White of Barnsbury.

Engraved: by G. Bockman, 1747, and by W. Bent, 1786.


1. Bockman's engraving shows an inscription Chubbs Tracts.
2. Reproduced C. Haskins, Salisbury Corporation Pictures, Salisbury, 1910, opposite p.126; exh. 'Painters of Wessex', Bournemouth, 1962 (6).