Early Georgian Portraits Catalogue: Hooke

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Nathaniel (or Nathanael) Hooke (d.1763)

Author; nephew of Nathaniel Hooke, the elder (1716-96); friend of Pope and disciple of Fenelon; admitted 1702 to Lincoln's Inn; wrote, at her dictation, An Account of the Conduct of the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough . . . 1710, published 1742; Roman History . . .,published 1738-71; Travels of Cyrus, with a Discourse on Mythology, translated from the French of Sir Andrew Michael Ramsay, appeared 1739; a denunciation of Chesterfield's Letters, 1791.

68 By Bartholomew Dandridge
Oil on canvas, 49 ½ x 39 ½ in. (1258 x 1003 mm); dark brown eyes, full lips, cleft chin, grey wig falling behind his back; wine-red coat, open, with gold lace buttonholes in pairs, white neck-band, shirt ruffle and wrist ruffles, blue drapery folded over his right arm and encircling the body; two books, unlettered, one upright on which he rests his right hand, on a masonry table; plain brown background, darker on the left, a pillar, right; lit from the left.

Signed on the masonry, bottom left: B Dandridge Pinxit, the 'B' and the 'D' joined.

Identification rests on provenance. NPG 68 was not dated or engraved.

Condition: the face slightly rubbed, small retouchings and losses in the varnish up the left edge; surface cleaned, lined (twice), restored and varnished between 1859 and 1902; a small puncture in the drapery, lower left, repaired in 1887.

Collections: presented, 1859, by George 4th Baron Boston whose grandfather, Frederick, the 2nd Baron (1749-1825), a personal friend of Hooke, erected the tablet to him in Hedsor church in 1801. According to a letter of 26 July 1858 from Lord Boston to Disraeli, a Trustee of the NPG, the portrait was bequeathed to the 2nd Lord Boston 'as a mark of regard'. [1]

Exhibited: ‘NPE', 1867 (405)


No other portrait from life is now known although, in a letter dated 15 May 1740, Pope wrote to Ralph Allen that 'Vandyst has made an Excellent Picture of Mr Hook, which I hope will fall to your Lott. I will sit to him too, when we meet at your house'. [2] General Wade who offered to help Hooke's son Thomas enter the army was also painted by Johann Van Diest (see below, George Wade, NPG 1594). [3]


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