Discover the Tudors and Elizabethans

Explore the Gallery's Collection by the Tudor and Elizabethan period


Introduction into the Tudor and Elizabethan period (1485 to 1603), covering stories of significant changes in the country while focusing on some of the key figures in the Collection.

Monarchs timeline

This timeline will take you through the Tudor Monarchs who reigned between 1485-1603.

Tudor and Elizabethan blog

Read posts from curators and archivists about the Tudors

Conservation work undertaken on three Tudor portraits

The Chandos Portrait Conservation (NPG 1)

Exploring the condition of The Chandos Portrait using special techniques to see an impression of how the picture may have originally looked.

King Edward VI (NPG 1299)

Explore the portrait of Edward VI. He is shown in distorted perspective (anamorphosis), a technique designed to display the virtuosity of the painter and amaze the spectator.

Who do you think you were?

Answer a few lifestyle questions about the period and discover your inner Elizabethan!