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The first commercially available colour photographic process developed by the Lumiere brothers in France and patented in 1904. Autochromes are coloured transparent images on glass, similar to a slide, with deeply luminous colours and soft image outlines. They are viewed by being held up to the light or projected onto a surface. They were the most advanced form of colour photography until the development of the Kodachrome in the 1930s.

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Olive Edis
by Katharine Legat (née Edis)
mid 1910s
NPG x45530

Olive Edis
by Sarah Jane Dugdale (née Hartland)
early 1900s
NPG x38479

Lady Ottoline Morrell
by Baron Adolph de Meyer
circa 1907
NPG P1099

Augustine Birrell
by Olive Edis
NPG x7176

Ramsay MacDonald
by Olive Edis
NPG x7196

George Bernard Shaw
by Olive Edis
NPG x7208

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