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Bromide print

A print made using paper containing silver bromide that was sufficiently sensitive to light to be used for enlargements. Bromide papers came into general use around 1880 and became the most popular and widely used paper for black and white photography in the twentieth century. It is produced in a range of finishes: matt, glossy and semi-matt.

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Richard Cobden
by Elliott & Fry
NPG x127422

Jerome Klapka Jerome
by Frederic G. Hodsoll
circa 1904
NPG Ax25180

Robert Falcon Scott
by Herbert George Ponting
7 October 1911

Isaac Rosenberg
by London Art Studios
circa 1915
NPG P230

Madame Sze
by Walter Stoneman, for James Russell & Sons
circa 1916
NPG Ax39100

Arnold Dolmetsch
by Herbert Lambert
circa 1925
NPG P108

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