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A portrait in which a person is mocked or ridiculed by the distortion or exaggeration of their characteristic features. Political caricature as we know it today was made popular by artists such as Gillray and Rowlandson at the end of the eighteenth century when it was used as a political weapon.

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King George III
by Thomas Rowlandson, published by I. Jones
published 10 December 1781
NPG D12289

'A sphere, projecting against a plane' (William Pitt; Albinia, Countess of Buckinghamshire)
by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey
published 3 January 1792
NPG D12438

R-y-l Condescension - or a Foreign Minister astonished! - April 1817
by George Cruikshank, published by George Humphrey
published 15 September 1817
NPG D17897

Joseph Boruwlaski
by Edwin Landseer
NPG 3097(8)

Hon. Henry Richard Graves
by Hon. Henry Richard Graves
NPG D18085(25)

William Ewart Gladstone
by Carlo Pellegrini
published in Vanity Fair 6 February 1869
NPG 1978

Abdul Aziz
by James Jacques Tissot
published in Vanity Fair 30 October 1869
NPG 4707(1)

Prince Charles
by Mark Boxer
NPG 5920(6)

Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire
by Sir Francis Carruthers Gould ('F.C.G.')
NPG 2834

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