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A process of producing a sculpture not by direct carving, but by taking a mould-making from an original which is often of a less durable substance such as clay. A cast of the final sculpture is made usually by pouring the raw material, such as bronze, into the mould as a liquid and allowing it to set.

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James Wolfe
by Joseph Wilton
circa 1760
NPG 4415

Florence Nightingale
by Sir John Robert Steell, cast by Alessandro Parlanti
NPG 1748

William Ernest Henley
by Auguste Rodin
NPG 1697

King Edward VII
by Sydney March
1924, based on a work of 1901
NPG 2019

Joseph Lister, Baron Lister
by Sir Thomas Brock
1927, based on a work of circa 1912-1913
NPG 1958a

John Hunter
by Unknown artist
1962, based on a work of circa 1785
NPG 4288

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