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Pencil or stick of coloured chalk or wax used for drawing. The word originated from the seventeenth century French word 'craie'; for chalk. It is now more associated with sticks of dry, powdered colour with a wax binder which give an effect like pastel but greasier.

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Charles Burney
by Francesco Bartolozzi, after Sir Joshua Reynolds
NPG D14662

Florence Nightingale
after Unknown artist
1910 (1855)
NPG D33870

Phil May
by Sir Robert Ponsonby Staples, Bt
NPG 1659

William Roberts
by William Roberts
circa 1912-1913
NPG 6135

John Piper
by Peggy Angus
NPG 6545

E.Q. Nicholson
by E.Q. Nicholson
circa 1943
NPG 6444

Sir Charles Clore
by Graham Sutherland
NPG 6465

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